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  1. theoretically a core 2 quad q6600, is 4 cores, the motherboard theoretically will support it in terms of the lga 775 socket, but look at this link https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/Processor-compatibility-issue/td-p/3350076 if there is no new bios update, your options on cpu support are very limited
  2. goto10

    PS4 mods

    rockstar abandoned gta v for ps3 back in 2015 basically, because the dlcs they wanted will not fit inside the ram available on the console the current state of the game, if you have seen, people streaming from xbox directly, the game runs at 10fps more or less the console can't keep up with the load mods means more textures, more resources that the console doesn't have old skyrim and fallout uses a old engine in use for the last 15+ years, the mods you see for these games are not that big, but big enough to still fit and don't completely kill per
  3. if is so old that doesn't have the 8 pins and i bought a psu 7 years ago and it had those 8 pins, is at least 10 years old, change the psu, capacitors inside it might be near to explode anyway and ready to kill the psu anyway, so better change it some cheap corsair or evga psus will be more than enough for your needs, a 500w unit is more than enough for the 150watts you will need to power that pc the cpu uses like 70 watts, the 1050 another 70 plus the rest of parts, 500watts is perfect for you, way too much, but no 430watts psu these days is decent, so 500w is the new
  4. almost all gpus do this noise under one circumstance or another, some have a hard to hear noise, others sounds alot louder, you decide if the noise is unaceptable and ask for a refund ad find another without the noise or accept it and live with it, is your decision but don't get surprised if it happens again with another brand, even nvidia have this problem from time to time, lets see if intel gpus end up having it too one thing is important here, be sure that the noise comes from the gpu, if the source of noise is different, change gpu will not fix anything, be 100% su
  5. that one on the picture, i think it is not what you need, if we follow color standards and pinout that is a 5v molex to barrel converter but the pin location should give you 12v with that pin configuration it theoretically should work using this to connect to a pair of male molex connector, and avoid cutting the molex female connector on the psu, should be doable but the simplest method is buy the product on the last picture you shared both should work but the already built one is simpler to use
  6. the best performing one depends on what you want to do, how expensive the engine is, what type of tools they already have and the support it asks from the current hardware people have on their pcs there is not a single perfect game engine that fits all the needs some game engines are meant for single player games in small very detailed environments, other game engines will load as fast as they can the new maps when you pass by flying or driving but will take lots of time to load interiors of buildings new engines might be friendly with new hardware, directx1
  7. so, you saw i made a typo, and based from there i see you have free time, and need to pick a fight with someone, nice to see a second person to not only not explaining how to do what op asked nor giving a opinion on the matter, just come and complain, because, why not? very helpful your reply
  8. the noise you describe is called coil whine it happens when as you mention a game with high framerates is being played some manufacturers use come elements on the electric design on the motherboards that are really noisy, is in general terms normal, it happens to most gpus but some are really noisy, some manufacturers might respond under warranty for this noise and replace your gpu with another, that might or might not be as noisy as your current one you decide if you return it as faulty or live with the noise, but is a component in the electrica
  9. almost all of my ram kits never are listed on the manufacturer website, i never had a situation where any of them doesn't work what i had is problems with overclocking but xmp works almost always, well always for me, so i am not saying not to do it the way msi is telling you, i am saying that i buy knowing that most manufacturers are in the amd side and will not give you much problems the always for me is referred to other people who indeed had problems running xmp profiles on their motherboards, so you are right on trying to find a kit that is known to work
  10. do you have access to the router/modem? i would try first to change the wifi channel, set it on 9 or 11 see if that affects positively the connection for both devices
  11. most of these cameras are quite good but not fast when focusing and not great on the night, but definitively usable, i am looking on one of these where i live, but a older model, it definitively looks very decent
  12. i always find sad to see that a person with lots of money, that likes to show off and doesn't have as much common sense as he or she thinks he has comes to a forum to express opinions really thinking that whatever they do is what others have to do, not taking ito account pros and cons, just go and do whatever you want, doesn't matter if t works or not when it doesn't work, they come saying that program a or game x are to blame for not working with their configurations with your order of ideas just buy 4 titan rtx or wait for titan rtx super, nvlink them in
  13. if you have to choose, and 4g is more stable on your location, i would terminate that dsl service and live with it, i have friends that use similar connection on similar situtions and i understand why you want and need more, but i bet those copper lines they offer you are basically rusted/rotten and speeds come and go so is basically useless here is the video
  14. 4g speeds and ping are erratic to say the least a local connection not evn on 20mbps is probably a bad adsl connection using old copper if no isp where you live offers coaxial or optical fiber ftth, i understand why you ask for this linus made a video where he found a service that allowed you to do what you ask, join two connections to make them work as one as for doing it locally, order the pc to use both simultaneously, windows by default chooses one adapter and moves internet from there and ignores the other, same for wifi, if is connected to
  15. for video editing 8 cores are better, even if the stupid adobe suite wastes 1 or 2 cores is better if budget is limited, the 3600 is a great option if your friend feels limited, remember that next year we should have a r7 4700 beating both cpus mentioned, so buy a decent otherboard that will support that one in the future and meanwhile find the cheapest one you can and he will be happy with that wahtever you do, don't buy intel, the rumor is that in january more or less they will release i9 10 cores 20 threads and from there all will be multithteaded, so cur