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"Netbook Size" laptops - GPD P2 got me interested... but....

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Hi Guys,


After watching a couple of reviews on the GPD P2 Max, I immedietely got my card out and backed it on Indiegogo. The last few days I have been reading the comments a little, just to see the kind of things people say and if there are any details that come out which didn't in "review" samples, and something I didn't think about was the keyboard layout.... its US, and I'm in the UK. Having a pound sign available without alt-codes is a pretty big deal, and the @ sign being on the apostrophe key is also pretty importaint for general typing comfort... Im sure there would be other things I would eventually get annoyed about and stop using it... so unfortunately I had to request a refund.


I am disappointed, very disappointed, because I think the form factor would have really been ideal for the travelling I do.


I have a Thinkpad T480s currently, and it's hardly a bohemoth, but I really want a "backup" laptop for those business trips where I dont actually need a 4c/8t, and just need something ultra portable, with decent battery life to keep me going through long journeys, but that is capabile of a bit of heavy lifting in a pinch.


So what else is actually out there in the sub 13" form factor that's worth considering?


Thanks in advance!


(edit: price isn't a significant factor)

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