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Microsoft "Lifecam Studio" Not working for video

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Posted · Original PosterOP

so i reformatted my PC after dealing several issues that just couldnt be worked around or fixed.. After setting everything back up i realize that the light on my webcam was always on. eventually i realized it was because my pc was defaulting to the wecams mic as my main mic, and it was always on because of the "hey cortana" feature being enabled. usually its on my main mic where i can turn on or off my mic amp and therefore turn off my pc and all programs from being able to hear me if i so desired.. so i fixed that. and i go to setup my mic to be used with streamlabs obs, and i notice that its not working. so i try it with the stock camera app in windows and its not working. so i unintsll it and reinstall it, delete drivers, reinstall drivers, try different usb ports, front and back, i do everything i can to trouble shoot the issue and the ned result is that this cam, after the reinstall does not work.. i have no idea why. Everything ays the camera is working fine. it is showing up in the devices list both in the imaging devices and in the sound devices. it is in all the normal lists of attached hardware and everything says its working fine. but its not. there is no picture when i try to use any app that uses that webcam. 

anyone have any ideas? ive posted about this before with no luck. im hoping someone new sees this and knows what the deal is..

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