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The way I activated windows is confusing the hell out of me.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm not really asking anything, I just want to share this.


So a little bit ago I asked for help.

I have gotten a hard-drive and somehow am able to login cause it has windows on it, while my computer hasn't got a activated windows.

I forgot my password, so I asked people if I was able to remove files from it, then boot it up as my main and be able to log in to have a activated windows with full customisability and of course, no water-mark.


I pretty much came to the conclusion it would be too much work for something that might not work and decided to try and delete everything on it.

I tried to get all perms and deleted perms from other stuff to be able to remove windows from it.

It kept saying I need perms from something so I gave up and put the hard-drive away.


Now I've been on my computer for hours and still no watermark.

I was like, alright.

Let's just check this out.


And there it was, my version of windows on my hard-drive that always had a non-activated windows was suddenly activated.

I did absolutely nothing.

This secondary hard-drive came from a stock Dell computer, people told me windows would be stuck on the motherboard.

Then they said it probably wouldn't work if I tried it on my computer cause it would be freaking out over seeing a new motherboard.


And now without getting the key or anything, I have activated windows.


Although it's supposed to be a one time use windows which also is supposed to be stuck on the motherboard as people have told me.


How did this happen?

This is really confusing the crap out of me.


Well, at least I got what I wanted.

I'm now going to enjoy the customisability and the lack of watermarks.

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If the PC has Win10 activated on it at any time in the past, the MS servers remember this and can recognise it again. As long as you have the right version of Win10 it could activate itself. Only part I'm not sure about is what I wrote certainly can work on a fresh install. If a "used" install with previous key, could that conflict? I dunno...

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