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  1. this hardware is basically useless for chia farming because you want to have at least one NVME SSD for that. Having space is the easy part of chia farming, plotting so you actually have anything to farm is what takes time and most importantly takes an absolute ton of space on a very fast SSD. With this system you cant even use the full speed of a SATA SSD because this system is so old that its still running with SATA 2 instead of SATA 3 so everything would run at half the max speed if you install any SSD´s The reason why you can get this system so cheap is because nobody
  2. generally it sounds like a NAS could be a good thing for you. What you need to keep in mind is that its probably still the best to work with video files locally and then move them over to a NAS for storage or if you get 10G LAN have the video files on an SSD. Generally it sounds like what you need is what i currently have here, the question would just be how much storage is gonna be your end goal. what you could so is build a system based on any low power CPU like an i3 10100 or some lower end Ryzen CPU´s buy two large NVME SSD´s that have the size you need for you
  3. what exactly is the thing you want to experiment with and why do you need an old outdated server for this? JBOD means just a bunch of disks which you could have in any PC without the need to buy old server hardware.
  4. yes that is the prefered orientation unless all your fans are blowing out the front which is very rare.
  5. id depends how many people are supposed to play on it and if you pregenerate a lot of the world. it could work but it wont be a great experience.
  6. the advantage of going with the i3 10100 is that it means you are on a socket that gives you the option to upgrade to much higher end CPU´s if you ever feel like you need more power or if you maybe get a good deal on a used CPU. A system with the i3 10100 can run below 20W at idle easily if you dont add any fancy stuff. Personally i am running the same CPU but with a 10G NIC and an HBA so i can attach more hard drives so im idling at around 40W instead. Also note that a quite system and at the same time being a rack mounted system are two things that basically neve
  7. the best way it to get uninterrupted airflow so through the cooler to the exhaust fan and out of the case. though as long as you got a good airflow you will probably not notice any difference at all but be aware there is no such thing as bouncing back when it comes to air movement it always means there are turbulences which usually slow down the air flow
  8. you dont really need any kind of stand alone firewall, any router has that functionality build in.
  9. it would still not make a difference with more RAM, also keep in mind that link aggregation does not mean you get 4000mbps in bandwidth, it means you get 4x ~1000mbps but you can only use them if you connect from 4 clients at the same time and all are using the full 1000mbps of one of the ports. i learned that the hard way when i upgraded my network and learned that my synology will never transfer faster then a 1G NIC will allow unless you use the experimental multi stream SMB protocol. That was the moment i decided to upgrade to a unit that has 10G Ethernet and learned that m
  10. i guess the 3,5mm jack is a combo port so if your headset has two 3,5mm plugs you need a cable that combines two plugs into one. this is a common thing so there are plenty of these available.
  11. you wont benefit much from the extra RAM, that CPU will be holding you back before the RAM will.
  12. your order of operations is a little backwards here, usually you first decide what you want to do with the server so you can then research which hardware fits your needs and as the last step you buy the hardware. There are no general info videos or posts about servers because everything is very specific to the OS you are going to use and the things you wanna do on the server.
  13. honestly for what you want to do with the NAS you could probably get away with a simple external HDD that holds a copy of your data. If you want to do more with your NAS like also making these documents available outside of your network or maybe even running a plex server in the future i would recommend to spend a little bit more and get a small system with an i3 10100 in what ever case fits your needs. The CPU is very efficient and supports quick sync so you can do hardware transcoding in plex if you ever feel like it and because you will use normal PC components you would al
  14. If the passmark score would be everything that matters we would all be using old Xeon CPU´s for our rigs but because this is not the case this is only done by people who want to run applications that benefit from massive parallelization and a lot of RAM which the majority of people dont do. You dont even know what you want to do with your server so the most important question for you should not be which passmark score is higher but instead of "general fuckery" is supposed to be and if general fuckery benefits more from many cores or from high single core performance.
  15. its a very easy way to burn money but if thats what you want to do just buy any of the servers you listed above. If you want something that actually decent and useable but something like an i3 10100 with the cheapest motherboard and case you can find and you will probably have better performance then anything you have posted.