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  1. what exactly do you want to run on this server? if you want to run plex and need transcoding go with an i3 10100 if you dont need transcoding get any lower end ryzen CPU
  2. how fast is your internet connection? for so many servers you will run out of upload before your CPU becomes the limit.
  3. while we are at it i would also highly recommend unraid for your use case of storing movies. in case of a failure of more then your parity disk you would at least still have the original data on the disks that are still alive thanks to it not being a raid.
  4. how many people are going to play on each of the rust servers? you dont really need a lot of performance for these servers unless you are playing with hundreds of people at the same time.
  5. that is a question only you can answer, are more accurate colors important to you or not?
  6. what movies are failing exactly and what are the specs of this system?
  7. that depends entirely on your use case, for games it will be fine for a while.
  8. a quick google search tells me most people use openvpn when running windows server so i would give that one a try first.
  9. unless you have your own production to make custom parts for super cheap prices there would be zero reasons to go with your build instead of DIYing something.
  10. what operating system are you running? some have functions like this already build in or have preferred ways of doing this, for example under unraid most people use wireguard but i think you can also use that without unraid.
  11. if you got a plex pass the obvious solution would be to simply swap to a CPU that has an iGPU like the 10400 or even just an 10100 both will transcode over 20 1080p streams at the same time easily.
  12. it depends on what exactly you wanna do, how many cameras and what resolution?
  13. not offense but if the company is running on such a tiny margin that a relatively small expensive of a few thousand is literally the death of the company you probably dont have a viable business model. Typically upgrading IT infrastructure and end user devices is something that pays for itself over the efficiency improvements and time saved by not waiting for old systems but if the money for that is not there the business does literally not have the money to stay in business. Either the owner is scraping as much as possible into his own pocket as long as it lasts or the
  14. you dont really need 2000€ when you build a purpose made system instead of trying to do everything with one inefficient system. an i3 10100 cost less then 100€ a motherboard also less then 100€ 16GB RAM can be had for 50€ and a case is somewhere between 50 - 100€ depending on what you want. This system would easily handle plex, all normal NAS functions and even one VM easily. That would mean you can use the current and inefficient system for everything else and only start it when you need it.
  15. it looks like you have to decide then what you really wanna run and how much it is worth it for you. You could serve that basic plex and NAS function easily with an i3 10100 which alone will idle below 20W and run everything else on another system and fire up the VM´s on demand. personally over 100W idle would be a huge no go for me as 1W of electricity being consumed 24/7 for an entire year costs me about 2,50€ so idling your system would be 250€ a year while its doing absolutely nothing at all.