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  1. there is no correlation between emailing files and downloading them directly from someones own cloud. for the emails its just the sender that will wait till the file is uploaded and the receiver gets it from the email server which is usually fast. With own cloud we would move all files transfers directly through the internet connection of the one that person that is hosting it. If multiple people access files at the same time they will all slow each other down and everyone is waiting longer, that is not true when they access the files they received via email. on top
  2. yes that would be ok, these are Megabits, if you want to convert to Megabytes you need to divide by 8 so you would get a bit more then 2.3mb/s for your upload which will be fine for smaller files but if you wanna have stuff like a few gigabytes of video files on there and people will access this they will have to wait a while.
  3. before you dive to deep into this make sure you have a fast enough upload speed for this. Anything below 20mbit/s will be so slow you can basically not do it at all.
  4. i power them directly from my motherboard because it has pretty solid on board audio that is rated for high impedance headphones so from the PC side it will be no problem but the laptop is gonna struggle or ill just need to crank up the audio.
  5. that one seems very good to me and if i feel like i need it i could still put a headphone amp on the output but i guess for a few calls here and there this should work.
  6. Hello People, im looking for a solution to use my headset and mic which are both using normal audio jacks for both my PC and my laptop. I dont need to use them both at the same time i just wanna be able to easily switch between them when i need to join some meetings in teams on the laptop. So the idea is to get a device where i can plug in my headphones and mic and connect this to the PC and Laptop. My headphones are Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro and its the 250ohm version so maybe i also need a headphone amp to get loud enough sound from the laptop?
  7. durability is no issue with any SSD till now unless you run them in a data center and constantly write to them.
  8. there used to be a version from an older AMD card that was called the eyefinity edition and it came with 6 DP outputs maybe you could find a used one of these as well.
  9. since we dont know the prices its hard to tell what is best for the price. generall NVME is faster but you probably wont notice the difference in normal usecases.
  10. that would make no sense at all because it would mean you need a totally customer motherboard with totally custom cooling solutions just so you have a system that can not be upgraded or repaired if something breaks. it would offer zero benefits while having a ton of disadvantages.
  11. Hello People, im currently looking for a SATA SSD or two to use as cache drives in my unraid system and obviously the Samsung QLC SSD´s are also showing up in all the search results. Looking at a 1TB drive they are only about 10% cheaper at most then the same drive as TLC but they are worse is basically every aspect so im wondering why anyone would even buy them for this price and also why arent they 25% cheaper when they can use 25% less chips to store the same amount of data?
  12. that is not a stain that is the hand sanitizer dissolving the plastic which leaves behind stuff like this. unfortunately there is no way to easily get it back to its original look. Beside this you should also take a look what exactly is in that hand sanitizer, acrylic is not really that easily dissolved, there must be something in there beside regular iso propanol.
  13. if you wanna start with a fresh windows anyways why no just reinstall windows after building the new PC?
  14. the difference is we may know AM4 is gonna get no new CPU´s but we know the upgrade path he would have will give him a huge performance boost and allows for up to 16 CPU cores and PCI-E 4.0 With the Intel platform we also know there is exactly one more CPU generation to upgrade to but the performance is not expected to be a huge leap forward and the majority of motherboards especially at the lower end doesnt allow for PCI-E 4.0 at all.
  15. while the Intel CPU has slightly better performance overall the big question is what you wanna use this system for and what the other components are. With an Intel system you will buy basically a dead platform that has reached its end of life and the 10000 series is for now the fastest you can get with the new CPU coming a bit later but they are not expected to be a huge leap in performance. Also the intel system will limit you to PCI-E 3.0 if thats important to you. With an AMD system this CPU will be slightly slower but the CPU comes with a better cooler and the platfor