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Network connection issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay so I'm facing some problems with my network connection. For my pc, I'm currently using a set of home plugs ( for those who don't know what these are, they plug into the mains and can be used to give an Ethernet connection across longer distance) as my pc is 2 floors higher than the router. Over the last few days I've been noticing I have extremely high ping in my games (700 consistent in CS:GO). I conducted a speed test on my pc and it said I was getting 0.07 Mbps download. I then conducted a speed test for WiFi on my phone and it said i was getting 100 Mbps. I have restarted my router countless times, unlinked my home plugs and linked them again. I'm out of ideas. Please help me!

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Can you connect your PC to WiFi? If so try that and see if its your PC or the internet.

Alternatively you could move your PC downstairs and connect it straight to the router with a cable to see if its the PC or the home plug things

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@W4ttsy16 By home plugs I'm guessing you mean Powerline Adapters? If so how new are they? Powerline Adapters work great in the right circumstances, but if you have an older home with old electrical they can have a real problem especially newer high speed models have trouble transmitting the signal through the old electrical, same thing happens with newer homes that used cheap wiring. I would as @Mr_Argon said try a direct ethernet connection and see if it still has the same result, if you're phone gets 100mbs I can tell you right now a nice pcie wifi adapter will get better than that from the same location, might want to invest in one of them if the Powerline Adapters don't work.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@SpookyCitrus I tried the direct Ethernet connection and i was getting 100 Mbps.The power line adapters are about 2 years old. could you recommend a good pcie wifi adapter?

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