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Swap Ryzen 7 for I7 4790 with cash??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was offered to exchange my ryzen 7 1700x system with 16gb of ram and an Asrock b450 motherbored

for a B85 motherbored from MSI with an I7 4790 with 8 gb of ram and a big cooler from phanteks

the PSU in both systems is identicl, The storage is the same (1tb hdd, 120gb ssd), but I have an RX 580 8gb and will swap for an r9 290x which I don't mind much

because I have thermal issues with the RX

He will give me 200 dollars plus a 2TB WD hdd

is it worth it??

sorry for my bad english

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That's like a side grade on the single core side and a huge downgrade on the multicore side for you.  Not worth it.

VashTheStampede 4.0:

CPU: AMD Threadripper 1950x | CPU Cooling: EKWB Liquid Cooling(EK-Supremacy sTR4 RGB - Nickel, EK-CoolStream SE 280, EK-Vardar EVO 140ER Black x 2, EK-XRES 100 SPC-60 MX PWM (incl. pump), EK-ACF Fitting 10/13mm - Red (6-pack), EK-DuraClear 9,5/12,7mm 3M, and Scarlet Red Premix) | Compound: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut | Mobo: Asrock X399 Taichi | Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GBs (2x16) DDR4-3200 | Storage: Crucial MX500 500GB M.2-2280 SSD/PNY CS900 240GB SSD/Toshiba X300 4TB 7200RPM | GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 1080 8GB AMP! Edition(Replacing with a Radeon VII | Case: Fractal Define R5 Blackout Edition w/Window | PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W 80+ Gold | Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Keyboard: Ducky Shine 7 Blackout Edition with Cherry MX Silent Reds | Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS | Headphones:  AKG K7XX Mass Drop Editions(Replacing with k712s) | Mic: Audio-Technica ATR2500 | Speakers: Mackie MR624 Studio Monitors



CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G(Temp/Upping to a Zen 2 Ryzen 7) | CPU Cooling: Wraith(Dark Rock Pro 4 when I get the 3700x or 3800x) | Compound: Thermal Grizzly Kryronaut | Mobo: Asrock x470 Taichi | Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GBs (2x8) DDR4-3200 | Storage: PNY - BX500 240 GB SSD+Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB 7200RPM | GPU: PowerColor - Radeon RX VEGA 64 8 GB RED DEVIL | Case: Corsair - SPEC-DELTA RGB | PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W 80+ Gold | Optical Drive: Random HP DVD Drive | Operating System: Windows 10 | Keyboard: Corsair K70 with Cherry MX Reds | Mouse: Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Speakers: JBL LSR 305 Studio Monitors(At some point)


Prince of Dark Rock:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | CPU Cooling: be quiet! - Dark Rock Pro 4 | Compound: Thermal Grizzly Kryronaut | Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawki | Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws V 8GBs (2x4) DDR4-3200 | Storage: Crucial - BX200 240 GB SSD+Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB 7200RPM | GPU: EVGA - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB SSC | Case: Cooler Master - MasterBox MB511 | PSU: Corsair - CXM 550W | Optical Drive: Random HP DVD Drive | Operating System: Windows 10 Home | Keyboard: Rosewill - NEON K85 RGB BR | Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite Destiny 2 Edition 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I had an idea to Sell the CPU,RAM,MOBO,CPU COOLER, and get a ryzen 5 1600 with a mobo and 8gb of ram, I think I would make some profit 

or I'm just day dreaming?

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Sounds like a total scam, keep what you have already.

A girl who loves to love.

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