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Looking for a decent fan controller

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm looking for a decent fan controller. With the sun beating down on my room all day it gets hot. I have posted the fans that I'm gonna get and the case I have. I'm still deciding if I want 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140 in front and top. I will be replacing the Phanteks 140mm in the rear. I'm not worried about noise. This may seem a little overkill. 







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Phanteks makes a solid little PWM hub, should fit perfectly fine on the backside of your motherboard tray


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Even in most hot summer and very cold winter, temperatures in normal flat where normal people lives are similar (unless you're living in Siberia and -10 Celsius is very hot for you). You don't really need a helicopter. Two fans are enough for airflow. More you need if you're person who build your computer in circus style (lot of lights, fans and disco ball inside). Otherwise - as I said, two regular fans will be enough (with proper BIOS settings).

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have 3 fans in my case already. 2 of them are Phanteks that came with the case and 1 is a spare Corsair fan I had for my H100i. All 3 are full speed and having trouble keeping up. On idle, the inside of my case is 50 degrees. I actually had my computer shut down 2 days ago due to the CPU getting way to hot. This was on idle. I hate lights on PCs, hence why i'm going with Noctua fans. 

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What are your specs and load temps? 

Where are you reading idle temps? 

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