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Anyone know of a way to connect 2 nearby bluetooth headsets directly to each other for low-latency communication?

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This is kind of an unusual use for bluetooth headsets, but my SO and I both have QC35 bluetooth headsets and would like some way to connect them directly to each other when nearby (~10 ft), to basically have a phone conversation - but without the cellular network latency.


Any ideas of where to start on this?

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I don't think there is any way to do this.  A "client" device like a headset is hardwired to be found and controlled by a "host" device like a phone, PC, etc.  I can't imagine any way you could get them to pair to each other, and even if they did, I'm not sure the protocols would even work as expected (ie, send the mic of one to the speakers of the other, etc.).  If anyone knows otherwise please let me know, I'd also be curious.


I think your best bet for what you're trying to do is to connect them both to a PC and find software designed to do this specific thing, or perhaps, use "listen to" - in theory, you should be able to "listen to" each mic on the output device of the other headset by configuring them both in "Sound" on Windows, but I've not tried something like this personally.

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You could try a Bluetooth walkie-talkie app, I didn't actually read most of which you wrote so I assume that this is for local multiplayer gaming otherwise there would be a wall between you.


And I wood check and see if there's a Wi-Fi walkie-talkie app, not internet connection just a local connection, Bluetooth wasn't really designed to connect chains of things together, I mean it can but there's reason you can't use wireless frequencies that are more than capable of the task.

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I wonder how difficult it would be to have your microphone play directly into someone else's headset?


I can't think of everything up top of my head but I'm sure you can find USB pass-through and audio synchronizers.


Again the only use case I can think for this is to make sure someone else can hear you in the same room while you're playing video games with headphones.

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