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  1. I thought the same, but a reservoir is a body of water. This is dry land, and searches for Rochelle Reservoir turned nothing to do with mining/drilling. That still doesn't answer the question of what it is.
  2. In Wyoming, is this oil production? https://www.google.com/maps/place/43°08'31.5"N+107°12'11.4"W/@43.142076,-107.203172,17z/
  3. I see a lot of these patterns in forest areas around where I live. They look man made, because they're often in squared sections of land right next to other sections that look normal. I can't tell what they are. Any ideas?
  4. 40 actually. It's one of the best cars in the world IMO, but not nearly one of the most expensive.
  5. On my previous build, I could. But for some reason, no videos will play at 4x without extreme lag. Same results with everything from 480p24 to 4k60, AVC or HEVC. I'm playing everything directly from an NVMe drive, so there's certainly no read speed bottleneck. I've tried playing from a HDD though with the same results. Previous build was an 8700k, Radeon VII, 32GB, and an NVMe drive. New build is: TR 3960X Radeon VII 64GB (same type and speed RAM) WD Black 1TB NVMe What I've tried: Updating GPU driver Updating MPC-HC Disablin
  6. I see you didn't read or retain a word of my post, so yours doesn't make much sense. But apology accepted. ??
  7. Nope, I made this thread expecting most people would have better cars than me. My car is a soccer mom car. I think it's really nice and I love it, but it's not like it's a luxury car or anything. I have no interest in shitting on peoples' cars and I can absolutely respect a car of any price. My first car was quite cheap, and I was damn proud of it, and thrilled just to have a car. So no I'm not shitting on anyone's car here, I'm shitting on their poor decisions. I expected a smarter crowd of people, especially here on the LTT forums which is generally full of intelligen
  8. I'd pay far more than I pay now just to have a car that I can use whenever I want. It's a freedom and I personally find it to be well worth the cost. Insurance is pretty cheap anyways (of course that's subjective). There are fewer companies every year because the shitty ones are ripping people off and then obviously going out of business. The type of businesses that prey on and depend on peoples' lack of knowledge/research never last very long.
  9. Something I've learned since my last car is to keep stuff portable. I wired my dash cam TF in there last time - pulled off almost every panel in the car to get the wires perfectly integrated. Also drilled through panels and hardwired a bunch of LEDs into the trunk. Took forever. Traded it in 2 months later for my RAV4, lol. I took a different approach with this car. Just gave it my standard "velcro and tactile dots all over the interior" treatment and jammed the dash cam cables behind panels the best I could (not pretty, don't care). Then I mad
  10. Fun, sure, assuming the expensive car is actually aimed at performance. I'd say buying an expensive performance-oriented car is just as stupid as paying a bunch to modify a cheaper one. Of course, if it's extra money you have laying around, then I suppose having a few toys is a "to each his own" thing. But if it's your only/primary car, I don't see why anyone would prioritize "fun to drive" over "comfortable and pleasant to drive". I mean, how discontent can one be? I build my PCs because I usually want a very specific config that nobody reputable
  11. @B16CXHatch I honestly never understood why anyone would buy a shitty older car, and then spend 5x what they spent on the car to modify it. Why wouldn't you just buy a nicer car, not modify it, and have a more pleasant driving experience? Maybe I'm missing something, but a lot of the posts in this thread are quite confusing to me. What's the mental process that brings about such an order of priorities?
  12. If you cared, you’d look it up yourself. I, personally, do not.