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  1. I looked up the idle power consumption of the 9900 k, goes from 130 to 10. Not really enough information but best case scenario it would only save like 5 Watts.
  2. Also if you're doing something like crypto mining, a energy efficient CPU could do the same job and pay for itself in a few months.
  3. Do Buy ultra power save mode I mean a Raspberry Pi uses single-digit Watts when PC uses over a hundred Watts just for the CPU. But if you're just on Reddit or watching Netflix does your CPU really need to be on at all.
  4. Srry didn't release, I was responding to myself and hit the back button too many times.
  5. I had a similar idea before, it involved a Raspberry Pi type computer built into the motherboard, it would probably only cost 15 to $20 more. Giving me the ability to do update the PC without restarting. Load os, update bios, recover bios without a cpu. Also it would give you an ultra power save mode, with the main CPU completely turned off.
  6. For simplicity's sake let's say Linux. I imagine the operating system could be cloned that is what gets updated. And in between tasks it could switch over. It would probably take less than 15 seconds and part of the operating system could still be running so you could run browsers are other programs.
  7. my internet is shitty and the download keeps crashing u think a torrent would be better
  8. i can format it to fat 32 idk how to check if my laptop supports uefi
  9. also there sosent seem to be a way to right click with this trackpad anyone know how to. i can get by with some things like copying with ctrl cv but in used to having some fourm of auto correct
  10. i just bought a chromebook, and i have 2 laptops without hard drives and wanted to fix them before bought more ssds.
  11. I assumed it crashed cuz the internet cut out we have shit internet. This is what it looks like at 6 am, in the middle of the day the downloaded can be a 10th of that.
  12. I didn't think about data, luckily she does this on her old phone. I just want to turn it off just long enough to end the chat so she probably wouldn't nitice
  13. My gf video chats in her sleep and I've been trying to figure out a way to crash it. It always crashes anyways I just wish it would happen earlier. And my appartment complex dosent let tenants access the network settings. I was thinking from the pie hole adblock video that there could be a way. Hopefully I can I can set up a virtual pie hole one my phone, and if it's not activated or my phone is off it will just default to or something.