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Phone cases that cover up buttons (rant)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Is it just me or is it impossible to find a mobile phone case which doesn't cover up all the buttons with rock hard plastic? There are so many nice cases but all of them make the buttons totally unusable.


Have you found any brands which provide proper access to buttons? I'm moving to an Honor 8X at the moment and the only cases which seem to provide proper button access are "Happy L" (looks awful) or wooden cases like "Roseflower". All others cover up the buttons. I wouldn't mind if the material was super soft as they describe but it never seems to be.


Thanks for reading.

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Thats why I manualy made the holes for the buttons when I got such case.

Also why I dont have any case on my current phone.

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Usually premium cases like Spigen cases have nice buttons, but they are expensive too, and the range of phone models covered is small.

So try to pick the best case for the phone you can. Ringke is also good, the volume buttons are nice, but the camera button is kinda stiff on my case.

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I never had an issue with soft silicone cases, or cases that cover buttons with softer black rubber. Clear plastic cases that cover everything can be annoying however. 

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I found one for an lgv40 thinq that covers the buttons but they're still easy to press. it's one with a rubber "case" (this is the part that actually goes around the phone) and a plastic shell to go over most of it. however, I don't know what brand it is.

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