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  1. INDEX FUNDS. That's it. Anyone can buy index funds for any amount. It's shockingly easy to do.
  2. AKG K72 or K92. They're just comfortable and sound decent.
  3. Matty Matheson!!! He's larger than life and the opposite of pretentious. And I'll befriend anybody immediately for using dildo salt shakers.
  4. @IntergalacticbitsThat chair is precious and you should keep it! I know it's gonna be worth thousands one day. But right now the hype is towards minimal 50s furniture with clean lines. Just wait a decade, people will transition away from minimalism and embrace maximalism. @RGProductionsYeah the main selling point for furniture-free living is muscular health. But that can be achieved similarly through physical activity. In hindsight that lifestyle doesn't appeal to me in a sense that nobody will ever wanna come to hang at my place. And my main activity is to hang on the couch and l
  5. Yep! You got it. Actually the suggested layout isn't too bad, even if it looks ugly on paper. - The Cellier is a pantry. - The sink right next to the stove drove me nuts. But it's not an issue when you add additional countertops next to the fridge for prepping food. - There's a lot of freedom to move around in this layout. You can use the stove with your back facing the fridge. Additional countertops next to the fridge make a good prep station. And working inside an angle is quite nice compared to a really long line where you have to travel back and forth constantly.
  6. I bought OKCSC M2 headphones on AliExpress. They sound just like Grado SR60 headphones and they have a removable wire. I paid 40€ for mine on sale. I doubt they'll ever need a headphone amp or DAC (much like these Koss headphones). Your setup reminds me of the OKCSC ZX1 I almost bought. Again, no amp required. Personally, I prefer having a set of bookshelf speakers over headphones. The discomfort of wearing headphones kinda ruins the experience for me. There are so many great speakers around 100$ or 100€, but you'll need an amp and that's another 100 or 200 at least.
  7. @LiiHere's the floor plan. My budget is 10k€ for the kitchen (I think I can get away with 8k€ for an IKEA kitchen) and 10~12k€ for furniture. i51-t3.pdf IKEA isn't entirely shit. I know for a fact that that Lisabo tables are gorgeous, especially in person. They're veneered in ash and feel solid. Moreover, Pax dressers are rock solid and practical. IKEA chairs are solid and comfy. The MALM bed is surprisingly sturdy as well. The best hardware store in France is Leroy Merlin. They have a website: https://www.leroymerlin.fr/ I'd like to style
  8. I am not a fan of the SHP 9500. However, the SHP 9500 are awesome for gaming. A DAC amp would be an absolute waste of money for the SHP 9500, they're some of the loudest headphones you can buy and the sound quality is far from amazing. HOWEVER, I would settle for a good set of Sennheiser headphones. The Sennheiser 558 was so perfect in my book for gaming and music and didn't require a DAC/amp. They were everything that the SHP 9500 should have been and got 0 hype because they cost more. The Sennheiser 560S seems to be the 558 successor. But I don't know mo
  9. Alright! That was such a personal answer so thanks a lot! Ultimately, you found the chair for you. 600$ isn't a steep price if it improves your quality of life.
  10. @ToboRobotDo you need an expensive chair because you spend a lot of time at your desk? Personally, I only spend several hours at a time at most. My job is 70% in the field and 30% at home and it's pretty sweet that I get away with working 4 or 5 hour days. And I enjoy gaming on a computer monitor much less than gaming on a sofa with a TV. Currently, I'm working off of my dining table sitting in an uncomfortable metal dining chair. It doesn't seem to bother me much. I do value a dining table a lot however I don't value having a desk much, but I might buy a
  11. Thanks! I was seeking subjective experiences from people. So it seems that a desk is essential. I can personally vouch for the MICKE desk from IKEA. It's nothing fancy, but it's sturdy AF. Nothing comes close for the price, unless you buy second hand or DIY a desk from scraps. How's sleeping on the floor? Does it get easier over time?
  12. Yeah! But the place doesn't come with a functional kitchen and that costs a lot of dough. I figured that If I bought everything new and quality it would cost me about 10k€ for the kitchen and 10k€ for the furniture. And that will be all of my savings, literally . Shipping fees will bite me in the butt no doubt . @greenhorn Leroy Merlin has these temporary walls you can put anywhere. They look nice. https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/cloison-de-separation-atelier-mdf-revetu-blanc-effet-metal-l-80-x-h-240-x-p-4cm-e1505563566?megaBoost&gclid=CjwKCAiAirb_BRBNE
  13. @greenhornI'm iffy about IKEA sofas. They just don't seem all that durable and comfortable. I suppose the Gronlid and Stocksund models were alright. But it's not love at first sight. And yes, IKEA is dominating in France. Conforama, BUT and Maisons du Monde are struggling to compete with equal/worse quality at steeper prices. I'm at a crossroads between getting cheap furniture which won't last or look pretty or splurging and being broke. But IKEA makes the most durable tables, chairs and beds at the best prices. The Lisabo collection is a slam dunk in my book. And that's just one
  14. @AereldorThanks for the tips. That IKEA desk is actually genius. My space is actually pretty massive for a simple lad like myself. I have a 65m^2 (700 sq feet) with 2 bedrooms and a decent size living room. There are way too many options for sofas in France. I don't know whether to buy a boring IKEA sofa, or splurge on something godly at Produit Intérieur Brut (and sit on the floor for months): https://www.produitinterieurbrut.com/fauteuils-et-chaises/canapes/grand-canape-chesterfield-montaigu-gris=0562880 I think @harryk has the most rational approach: buy
  15. Hi y'all, I bought a brand new flat, it's still under construction. I'll move in sometime in 2022. And I don't own much stuff, just a stereo, a Switch and some clothes. I have been obsessively racking my brain on how to furnish the darn place. Furniture ain't cheap . So I found a radical solution on YouTube: live furniture free . The rationale behind this lifestyle is to improve health by facilitating freedom of movement and cleanliness. Apparently, chairs & sofas are the devil because they restrict all movement. The other benefits are $$$ and decrea