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  1. The 990 pros are awesome! You really don't have to spend more. To me, headphones are kinda like watches. You want each one to be unique and perform for different occasions. The 990 is like a Rolex. It's kinda overhyped and deservedly so. What I'm saying is that the 990 is a versatile, sturdy pair of headphones without much or any flaws. But if you want a more colored headphone for indie rock, jazz and folk music then the OKCSC M2 I'm using right now will put a huge smile on your face and they're dirt cheap from China. You're better off spending money on ot
  2. Yeah! They feel like having springs under my feet. Very bouncy. Also, the color scheme is secretly genius. All my clothes are either blue or that mustard yellow. And I have a red watch. I'm so color matched
  3. IMHO, there ain't much of a gap between $60 and $100 headphones (especially if you get closed back headphones). - The Sennheiser HD 280 probably performs the best out of all headphones under $100. However, they clamp really hard and feel uncomfortable. Hence why I wouldn't recommend them at all. It's a shame because they sound really, really good. - The AKG K92 is a great pick if you value comfort the most. They're only $60 and sound pretty darn good. TBH, it's hard to tell them apart from the ATH M40x or M50x. They sound so similar and you have to focus hard to pinpo
  4. Everyone's hating on the PT Cruiser. It's kinda deserved because when the car was new, Chrysler jacked up the price because people were buying them like hotcakes for the "fUnKy dEsIgN". But PT Cruiser is just a cheaply made Chrysler product with many cut corners. Interestingly, PT Cruisers seem to hold up their value better than most cars on the used market. Which is ironic considering that a 2011 Ford Fusion which is a great bulletproof car that's comfortable and drives superbly well sells for less.
  5. TBH any phone will do! I have the Moto G8 Power. I do all of those things with ease and the 5000 mAh battery is nice to have. The modest specs of the G8 Power don't bother me yet. HOWEVER, the G8 Power is chunky and heavy. The Samsung A51 is a better bet! It fits in the hand better. That's something nobody cares to talk about. And the screen is awesome too. Not a bad phone TBH.
  6. That's a two hour drive at most. Not a big deal TBH. It just seems daunting when you're not driving long distances frequently.
  7. That's a really good price for what you get. So... you get a pass! Visions is a magical place for speakers and headphones. I can't say that enough. You'll never find what you're looking for, but you'll get something amazing for the price. I mean, the NAD Viso HP50 for $100 CAD is burglary. You can mix with that headphone. It's perfectly neutral.
  8. AKG all the way! I had the K92. Loved em'.
  9. Frankly, I don't care as long as I don't fly United or Air Canada.
  10. Refurbished PCs. The cool thing about those is that you can always upgrade them later with a low profile GPU for a decent 1080p experience.
  11. I replaced my iPhone 7 with a Moto G8 Power. The phone doesn't look like much on paper, but the performance is more than adequate. The speakers and battery are most impressive. The camera is surprisingly good too. I'm sticking to budget phones going forward.
  12. I regret buying an iPhone 7 used 3 years ago to save about $150 bucks compared to new. The battery was degraded (87%) and the screen had some deep scratches when I received it. Sites selling used phones are so shady about the condition. They have letter grades and vague descriptions. Only buy used if you're guaranteed a new screen and battery. I know Apple does that and you can save a few dollars compared to new, but not much.
  13. Bruh! I wanna see a Bluetooth exciter speaker module come to market (again). I have seen one many years ago, but it never caught on I guess. It's basically a moving magnet you can stick on a flat surface. The surface becomes the speaker. Exciter speakers are criminally underrated. They only cost a few dollars. They sound amazing when glued onto the right type of material, like really thin and light plywood you can buy for a few bucks at the hardware store, or literally just cardboard. The issue with exciter drivers is that they don't end up being that aff