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S10 Plus screen resolution

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I just got a Galaxt s10 plus and I was wondering if anyone had any insight about which screen resolution I should choose. I knw since the S8 came out there are three settings. HD, Full HD, and QHD. I can kind of see a difference between full HD and QHD but I wanted to knw if anyone can see a performance/battery life difference between the two in every day use. So far this phone is amazing. I've had all three Pixel phones before this and had an S7 edge that I liked the hardware but not the software on. The pixels have always had some performance issues due to lack of RAM or bad hardware decisions made by google. I liked them a lot and usually prefer stock android. However, I can't believe I'm saying this but Samsung's One UI is near perfect! Interested to see if anyone has a preference between the two screen resolutions and any thought on the phone if you have one. Cheers!

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The higher resolution, the more you're battery life will suffer as the GPU now has to render more pixels rather than just upscale. FullHD is all I would recommend. 

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I would recommend QHD. That's the resolution you paid for, and i think it's plain stupid for Samsung, to set it to FHD as a Standard.


I had this feature on my S7 Edge, and i noticed pretty much zero Difference in battery Life. It was so low, that i probably would have had to make tests in order to see any difference.

It was however difficult to see the difference.

If you CAN see the difference, set it to QHD and enjoy the best Display on the market - or at least one of the best.



It is true, that a lower resolution will lead to lower battery consumption, however this only changes how much the GPU has to render.

the Display itself will consume the exact same amount of Power, because there will still be ALL subpixels in use. I mean, even if you could use a 2x4 resolution, and just see 8 big blocks of Color on the screen... GPU would have to render only 8 Pixels, but every single Subpixel will still be on.


That's the reason, setting the Display resolution to FHD will lead to almost no noticeable battery savings. The main battery drainer, the Display, will not consume less. Only the GPU has to work slightly less, which makes too low of a difference.


A different thing if the Display itself would be a FHD / 1080p Screen, because then there will be lower Subpixels that turn on.



How about a little test? Use a few days / battery charges with FHD, and a few with QHD, and see the difference in battery life for yourself, and let us know ^^

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