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  1. "To go along with an ipad pro" And you ask which Laptop to get? Of course the Macbook. Windows doesn't get along with iPads at all. You can be happy, that both can sync to a Cloud storage. And since you don't like Windows 10, it's even less of an alternative. But i wouldn't buy a 16" now anymore with 1,5 year old Intel Crap inside. Either buy the Macbook Air/Pro with m1 Chip, or wait 2-3 Months~ or so for the new 16" with M1x Apple Silicon, which will destroy every single Notebook-Chip from AMD or Intel. The only reason to still get an Intel Mac is, if you NEED
  2. You could even easily go down to an i5, it's 99% the exact same thing. Graphics too, if it's a "G7" Model.
  3. i'll make it short: Youtube --> Maxtech. They did answer exactly that, and showed what's possible and what not. If you're too lazy: Up to 4k videos with like 10-20 minutes, it's fine, after that 8gb will become a small problem. Of course, it depends not only the resolution but how complex your videos are. For pure private-user-stuff, it will be fine. But if you want to switch completely over, and you plan to keep it as long as possible (instead only 2-3~ years), i highly suggest 16gb Ram - "just to be save". There is no reason a Mac Mini shouldn't last y
  4. The 2016 model has the first generation Buterfly, so very bad keyboard (it feels bad, it's loud, and it fails alot. 2018/2019 Butterfly generations are better, but still feel not that great) Also, it's a 7th gen (or 6th?) Dual Core only. Quad Cores came 2018 into the 13" Pro. So the performance difference between that old Dual Core and the M1 will be out of this world. I 100% vote for the M1 Air. You can buy external storage, and 8gb Ram with unified Memory architecture should not be worse than old 16gb Ram with x86 machines. Also: Even if you need
  5. Surface Pro. The newer, the better. Surface Go (2) only if you're resistent to slow Computers. Seen reviewers, where you couldn't use the device during Updates, because the CPU is just slow. For basic Tasks however, it should be very doable.
  6. Lenovo L13 Yoga Gen 2 (Intel's 11th Gen Tiger Lake). Doesn't matter if it's i5 or i7, they are both 99% identical. Also, i5 11th Gen > i7 10th Gen here. typical good thinkpad-quality, comes with a Pen that is stored inside the Notebook itself (which is rare). Try to get 16gb Ram, since it's not upgradeable.
  7. On Updates, there are 2 different things to consider: 1. How timely and regularely you get Monthly Updates, or Major Updates? 2. For how long is a Device supported with Updates? Samsung is good with Updates, if you buy a Flaggship. Actually, one of the best. No Joke. They have been for years now. My March 2016 Galaxy S7 (Edge) only got Android 7, and Android 8.1 (2 Major Updates), while a Pixel 1 from October 2016 got 3 Major Updates. However: Pixel 1 got a little over 3 years. December 2019 it got it's last update. Galaxy S7 Edge even got March 20
  8. Oh, only 16? Yea, then it's understandable. Slow Storage is still better than no storage.
  9. Why would you want to download Apps onto the SD Card anyway? SD Card is by FAR slower than your internal storage. That would be like using a SSD for your System, but installing all Applications/Games on an old HDD. Use SD Card only for stuff like Pictures, Videos, Music.
  10. Buy a different phone. Reviewers were talking about like 4-5 hours SoT at best~ kinda with the regular S20 (from 100% to 1%). Your's seem a bit too low (but that would extrapolate to 3,8 hours SoT at 0%), but that can be normal if you're moving around too much (bad reception = Antennas need more power, or you switch between mobile cells too much). Bigger S20 models have better battery life, because they are bigger and have a bigger battery. Exynos chips since 3 years have just very very bad battery life. Btw: I have a Oneplus 8 Pro, and it runs at
  11. When i was writing on a resume (Word, Excel, some PDFs, Safari were open), i lost like 15% in 3 Hours. 20 hours seems realistic. On Zoom (native) with 60-100 People, 50%~ Screen Brightness and 60-70% Volume, it consumed once 10% in 90 Minutes, and another time 20% in 3 Hours. So that should be around 15~ Hours Batterylife with Zoom. The M1 Package can go as low as 50 mW consumption when doing just nothing, fluctuating upo to 80 mW~ When i play a 1080p Youtube Video (Not fullscreen, just Safari Window, so i can see Powermetrics), it spikes to 2w~ (like when Video starts, you s
  12. Not just Money. But did you count, how many different Models Samsung releases per Year? Or Xiaomi? It's too much work. That should be alarming for Oneplus, they release less smartphones than Apple does right now, and even they don't support it for that long. But at least Onepus devices get 3 major updates instead of 2. And Samsung Flaggships get only 2 major updates, but 4 years Security patches (S7 was from March 2016 to spring 2020~) Oh yea. Of course, at some point, they want you to buy a new one.
  13. Well, you use your Gaming PC for emulation. That has a MUCH stronger CPU than what you would find in any Windows Tablet. Also, you have an RTX 2070, which is a complete Monster compared to any IGP there. Have you tried Android emulation without your RTX? Take it out, and use your Intel Graphics, that's built into your CPU, and see how well Games runs then.
  14. The Huawei M5 has midrange hardware. So even the Tab S7 series will give you a much better performance in Games. If it will beat the A12 from the iPad, good question. Benchmarks like Antutu say yes. But Game optimizations from 2 different OSs might reduce the difference Also iPadOS is just better optimized than Android is. Only way is, to just try out a Tab S7 series model. If that's not faster than your iPad, literaly NOTHING will be - except a bigger, faster iPad (iPad Pro for example). Tablet PC: Forget it. Windows is even less optimized, and not e
  15. Don't worry, there are no "versions". It's always the exact same Product with international Software. When you start it, you can chose between dozens of languages, of course not only German but also different English types. As long it's shipped to your place, it's fine. I also agree, the Tab S5e is the best for movie watching. Edit: But a UK-Version is in a different Listing: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Galaxy-SM-T720-Black-Version/dp/B07PJZSDB6/ref=psdc_429892031_t1_B07NR4CGPL But here again, it's a "T720", so it's the same device. Those "V
  16. Try Antutu Benchmark maybe. But there can always be some different optimizations going on depending on Games. But there is nothing better and faster than the Tab S7 series right now. Qualcom Chips are a bit behind Apple's chips. I believe, it should be slightly better than the A12 with Gaming. But the last Gen's Tab S6 should already be slightly below A12. iPad Pro 2018/2020 with also the 2 year old A12X (stronger version of A12) beats the living hell out of the Tab S7 in terms of Graphic performance. The iPad Pro 11" is also not 4:3, but rathger 4,3
  17. At that pricerange, AND since you're considering a Dell XPS, you should absolutely consider an M1 Macbook. Air, or Pro, they should go for the same Price, or even cheaper (with similar SSD + Ram size). They both will be faster, longer battery life, better Trackpad, and better Display (if the Dell Laptops have a the Full HD Screen). But you need to decide, if you prefer Windows over MacOS, or if there are other aspects. But just looking at both Notebooks objectiely for basic College Stuff, Video editing, coding etc, i think even the Macbook Air is the better Overall
  18. It would work, just not with the biggest multitasking. But even as a Multitasking-freak myself i believe: A Student is fine with 8gb Ram (with some swapping). But at that Price, take a Look at the base Macbook Air M1 ($899 in Base version) Always silent, Faster than every Windows competition at that Price, 8gb Ram on the M1 Air can do more than on any Windows machine. Also: Very good Display with 400 Nits, 100% sRGB and DCI-P3, 90%~ AdobeRGB, and good calibration, the best Speakers in that Pricerange, and keeps it's value better. Oh yea: 16:10 screen gives i
  19. Which phone is it? Android 7 does not have a Dark mode. It came with Android 10. In Android 9 it's possible to do something in developer options. Android 8 and older, nothing kinda. Either you have luck because your Phone manufacturer has one included (Huawei, Samsung etc), or you could try something like this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=systems.maju.darkmode Other than that: You're out of luck sadly.
  20. That's a very wrong conclusion there. That's not how Ram works. You can't run out of memory under Android. Even if you had 3gb Ram, you could NOT run out. It will NEVER be "full" with 0 mb free. As soon a certain threshold is hit, Android closes an older Application, so you can run your current one. If you open that closed App again, it will reload, instead "beeing already loaded, ready go go". Checking free Ram on Android for this question is like opening your Fridge over and over again, just to check if the light really goes off if you close the door. That's
  21. I don't think, that's what he meant. The 13" Pro only had access to a Dual Core, while the 15" not only had a Quad Core, but also a dedicated GPU. So, 13" vs. 15" was a pretty good difference, and the 15" with Quad-Core CPU would still be quite useable today, compared to a Dual Core model.# Still: Both of them would be far behind an M1. So, to answer the original Question in this Post: Since the M1 already beats the 2020 Pro models, even trade blows vs. a Macbook Pro 16", it's only natural, that it would completely destroy any 2015 Macbook Pro in terms of Performan
  22. Intel Specifies the Max Temperature of this Chip at 100°C. So, as long the temperature is 2-digits, you're 100% perfectly Fine. 40°C, 60°C or even 80°C, absolutely zero issues. HP hopefully choses to let the CPU get 10-20°C hotter during webbrowsing, but instead having the Fan off, or as low as possible. Noone wants to hear a Fan, when it's not really needed.
  23. The thing is, most Gaming Laptops have like abysmal low Performance while not on Battery. i've seen some, where the GPU Performance drops down to <20% while not plugged in. And i really do not mean "by 20%".
  24. Pocophone F2 Pro - comes with a Pop up Camera. Pretty much the only thing that comes without a Notch or Punch Hole (but trust me, it's REALLY not disturbing at all. Oh yea, Zenfone 7 Pro is also pretty good. Sony Xperia 10 II is okay, if you get it below 150-180 bucks. Otherwise it's way too expensive for what's inside. The Sharp has a Notch. if this is fine, every Punchhole will be fine too. But if you want to look yourself for phones, take a small Rule: Don't buy ANYTHING that came out 2019 or earlier. 2020 Devices only, becau
  25. HTC is irrelevant since at least 2 years. HTC U12+: It's a 2 year old device (that alone makes it a bad choice), and probably at the end of it's Update cycle. From what i see, it's not a special Camera, only 6gb Ram, stuck at Android 9 (we have 11 now), not a big battery, and old design with bezels. HTC U11+: Same thing, just 3 years old. So even worse camera, worse SoC, worse design. If you can find them NEW for <150-200 bucks, you could think about that. But only, if you're a diehard HTC Fanboy. Otherwise.. I see no objective reason to buy HTC