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Dr. Historic Low

Weekly Steam Game Budget Deals 02/19 - 02/25 EDITED 02/23

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

All games are under $3.00. I think I was very benevolent/humane with quite a few of these selections so please remember that not all of these are for everybody.

I'm almost certain you may find some duds here and there but I assure you these games are worth these price tags. Lots of historic lows to snag here.

I left out hundreds of games that don't even belong on Steam imo. I've gotten to where I can tell if a game is garbage pretty quickly upon researching it.


Almost all of these games are on sale until Monday February 25.





Chamber of Darkness 83% Off

Cube Destroyer 83% Off

Dissimilation 90% Off

Gnomes Garden 2 90% Off

Inner silence 51% Off

Lamm 83% Off

Linea, the Game 75% Off

Mosaics Galore 90% Off

Next 2 51% Off

POSTAL 75% Off

Royal Casino Poker 83% Off

Shotgun Legend 90% Off

State of Anarchy MoM 83% Off

Tank Destroyer 83% Off


$0.59 - $0.69


Art Of Gravity 30% Off

Barrier X 77% Off

Brushwood Buddies 80% Off

CuberPunk 2089 30% Off

Dangerous Bullets 65% Off

Fallen 70% Off

Galaxlverse 40% Off

Loot Hero DX 80% Off

Plantera 80% Off

Planet of Mubu 90% Off

Prison Run and Gun 80% Off


$0.74 - $0.89


Action Alien 80% Off

Changeover Decisions 60% Off

The Journey Down Ch. 1 90% Off

Mini Golf Arena 90% Off

Nakawak EC Edition 80% Off

PUSH 25% Off

Richys Nightmares 70% Off

Stunt Toys 70% Off

Viktor 90% Off

Wells 80% Off


$0.99 - $1.04


Avencast RotM 90% Off

Corgi Warlock 50% Off

Mutant Mudds Deluxe 90% Off

POSTAL 2 90% Off

Potato Thriller 65% Off

Remnith 90% Off

Reroll BTTT Everyday Price, HL is $0.49 back in late April of 2018

Rocketbirds 80% Off

Survivalist 80% Off

TinyKeep 90% Off

Trials of Azra 90% Off

Ubersoldier II 90% Off

Xeodrifter 90% Off


$1.19 - $1.64


Goblins and Coins HL

JASEM HL is $0.69 back in late June of 2018

Kinaman vs Gray Elephant HL is $0.50 back in late Sep of 2018

Paradox Soul HL

POSTAL Redux HL is $0.89 but back in mid Jan of 2017

Scalak HL

Western Press HL is $1.24


$1.99 - $2.09


Callys Trials HL is $1.39 but back in late Nov of 2016

Cult of the Glitch King HL

Dragonpath HL is $1.59 in mid Feb of 2018

Fatal Stormer HL is $0.99

The First Templar SE HL is $0.99

Half Dead HL is $0.79 but back in early Feb of 2016

Reginald Does His Thang HL

ShineG Has Nightmares HL is $1.19

ShineG In The Zombies HL is $0.99

Sweezy Gunner HL is $0.99

Zombie Flick HL


$2.24 - $2.69


Callys Caves 3 HL is $0.99 but back in mid July of 2016

Devoid of Shadows HL is $1.79

Suicide Guy HL

Super Mutant Alien Assault HL is $2.12




Death Waves 40% Off, Added to Steam 02/20, Recommend Adding To Wishlist until reviews are available, I'd guess it becomes $1.00-$2.00 quick

Just Cause 3 HL

Mission Demolition Everyday Price, Same Dev as Prison Run and Gun, HL is $0.59 back in late June of 2018, Recommend Adding To Wishlist




I stumbled upon these games and found them to be pretty cool and FREE. All 5 are from the same developer. They felt hidden so I had to add them here.


Frantic Dimension

Golden Hornet

Offendron Warrior

Rolling Bird

Steel Alcimus


Found another FREE game that I thought I might add to this list because it's insanely good...



Edited by Dr. Historic Low
Added a few games.
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