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    Just a Crazy Cat

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    The wacky beaches of the Gulf
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    Not Telling
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    Drawing, building computers, messing with computers and folding/boincing the crap out them, painting, and hiking.

    Slight computer and eletronic part hoarder.
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    Just a crazy gal who likes building computers and messing with them for fun. Actually like anything that I can take apart and build.

    Associate degree in CS. Plan to later work towards Bachelor degree.
    Certifications I have: Security +
    Certifications I am working on: HAM Technician, Linux + or RHEL base cert
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    I mess with Linux, or more like fix user issues. Aka, folks breaking comm cords.


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    1950X (main), 1900X (2nd), Xeon E5-2670V3 (3rd)
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    GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz 32GB, Corsair 3200MHz 16GB, GSkill 3000MHz 8GB
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    1080Ti FTW3 & 1080Ti SC Black (main rig), 960 FTW (2nd rig) and 1070 Hybrid (3rd rig)
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    Case Lab TX10, Define S, Case Lab SM8
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    Samsung 940 Pro 256GB (main) and Crucial M4 512GB (2nd), Seagate Baraccuda 3TB, Intel 120GB SSD (3rd) - got a 8TB WD Purple and 10TB WD Helium HDD to install
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 1300W in main rig, Corsair AX1200, Corsair AX1200i
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator X27, Dell 1200P 32inch, Overlord 1440p 27in, LG 1080P 22inch
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    Noctua NH-U14S (main), Noctua NH-U14S (2nd), Dark Rock Pro 3(3rd)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
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    Sennheiser HD598BE
  • Operating System
    Mint Mate 18.3 (kernel 4.20.8), W10 LTSB (stripped down), CentOS 7

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  1. Two speed drawings done for this weekend.


    Sea eel monster and a derpy eel doggo because one chap on Discord got that silly idea of sea doggo in my head after seeing the eel monster.





  2. Though, what I want to know, are these remakes base just on the OG Diamond and Pearl. Or, will it have the addition of the Platinum areas and features? Legends looks interesting but I will wait for reviews after its release.
  3. Also, for giggles, I may just print out what ever I model.


    Though, also this upcoming weekend, need to sit down and get this calibrated in before doing any printing.



  4. So, a week or so back, took the dive and bought a VR headset.


    Whole reason for it, 3D modeling.  Not for gaming, nope.  3D modeling.


    Also to get myself back into drawing and concepting again (my lazy butt not been serious doing any of that in years), I will be doing speed modeling on the weekends.


    Each weekend, a different theme.


    To begin off, if any of ya think of a theme, post here.  I may get around and do up a model base on that theme.  Fair warning, I am no pro at this stuff so don't go expecting some high end models.


    *puts on hardhat, more smacking controllers into headset*

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    2. Ithanul


      On 2/24/2021 at 6:43 PM, seee the state im in nooow said:

      huh. Blender, Maya, or which?

      (also which headset did you get?)

      Adobe Medium.  It is 3D modeling software specifically for VR.


      Currently free at the moment on Oculus.  Hopefully in time the software is ported over to other stores as well.


      The headset is a Oculus Quest 2.  Went with it because of price and no need of base stations.  So far really enjoying the VR.  So, I may later get a more dedicated headset with base stations.

    3. Jtalk4456


      17 minutes ago, Ithanul said:

      I done a bit of gaming with Beat Saber.  Which I find quite fun and gets me warm before doing my daily workouts.


      Just some fun speed sketching to learn the software and figure out techniques.  Plan is to later to try printing out some and figure out a process for modeling up 3D prints and doing proper STL in-built supports.  The 3D printing is for later.  Still have to calibrated and tune the EPAX E10 I got.


      A horror theme is mostly plan for one weekend.  I have one of my sketches I did of a little horror creature and be neat to 3D model that bugger up.


      Starting off organic since seems easier to do with Medium.  Though, seen some guides on how do hardedging in that software.  So, may later take a shot of doing up objects as well.


      Which, this weekend theme is an object.  One of my buds I play MHW and chat about 40K with gave idea of doing a toaster.

      But, toaster with 40K parody meme going on.  xD 



      your plan doesn't have enough 3d printed tenatcles in it, i suggest revising your strategy to fix this oversight

    4. Ithanul


      On 2/26/2021 at 5:26 PM, Jtalk4456 said:

      your plan doesn't have enough 3d printed tenatcles in it, i suggest revising your strategy to fix this oversight

      The one little horror I drawn has tentacles.  


      Plenty of eyes and some tentacles.



      If wondering, yes, that is fully done in ink.  Faber Castell brush pens.  I'm far more comfortable with ink than pencils.

  5. Yes, the Pent is coming up in a few months. By what the official Pent website states, that will be 5 May of this year.
  6. Been a busy (was overseas for a few months). Move into new place and all that jazz. I should be a tad more active here in the coming weeks. Still a bit busy in irl atm.
  7. Got the MC server I run upgrade to 1.16.1.


    Now the fun of exploring the Nether.



    I still dislike these buggers though............I say go burn in hell fire, but they already fire, so go dunk into an ice lake.


  8. Bought a new headset to use with my phone and working out. Bone-induction ones from Aftershokz.
  9. Those folks probably loose their minds if they came onto a base. It been 100% mandatory way before the majority States or cities declared such. Heck, even our bases down range have similar guidelines, as well with restrictions at the gyms (some going as far as closing up the gyms). Also, funny you mention Florida. I put it like this, the military has declared stop movement into that State, along with a few other States and cities. Or, if going there, mandatory 14+ day quarantine, especially if coming from one of those States. The base I worked at was act
  10. Going to be traveling for a bit, so new laptop since my previous one was getting on in age. If wondering, it is Dell G5 15 with the Intel 10750H + 2070 Max-Q + 16GB RAM. Now to find a good laptop case for this one.
  11. Don't feel bad. I get mistaken for a dude in person a good bit. So, I'm use to it. Plus, I'm not really bother by that.
  12. Since I will be gone for several months and be traveling, new lappy as my previous laptop is quite up there in age now.





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    2. cbigfoot


      same PSU dell has had for years 240Watt.  I got the same system but the SE so has AMD All the way!!!

    3. dogwitch


      ok looking at mine compare to yours. it  folds way different

    4. Ithanul


      Was eyeing the AMD one, only reason I didn't go that route: no spec out with a GPU higher than the 2060 or 5600M.  If I wanted the RTX2070 Max-Q, I had to go with the Intel one.  So far, the laptop is handling everything I throw at it, so I'm good for another several years again.  Big upgrade though from my previous laptop which was a measly i3 with no dedicated GPU.

  13. Oh nice, did not know Persona 4 Golden was coming out on PC.


    Now, to hope that later Persona 5 Royal gets a PC release.

  14. Finally, Journey is on Steam.





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    2. Velcade


      This looks like an interesting game, I'll have to check it out.

    3. Jtalk4456


      ok so i got it free on ps4, got in and it's just walking around so far and i stopped. I'm not one to diss a game for being beautiful and emotional, story driven, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not my personal gaming style. I appreciate the art here, but in 10 minutes of the game I found myself just bored. Does something happen in the game beyond walking from point to point in the desert?

    4. Ithanul


      There some minimal tense moments later (though, at one point I had a new chap following along with me and well, I was laughing my butt off at a certain point with what happen to said individual), but the game is not super action base nor does it really tell you anything.  So, the game is not for everyone if ya not into point to point walk style games.  Personally, I just like the game for the music score at parts and the environment.  Plus, the game is super short.  One run usually only takes me around two hours to do.