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  1. Hi All. if this is the wrong spot let me know My ASROCK H81M HDS motherboard, probably about 7 years old now, (at least im suspecting motherboard) wont power on. I was on my pc as usual, went out, and came back to my keyboard not working (plugged into usb 2.0 ports), but everything plugged into USB 3, such as my mouse, external hard drive, and phone on front usb 3 were fine, moving my keyboard to usb 3 worked fine I thought this was weird, so I restarted my computer and it boots fine, no errors, but usb 2.0 on motherboard is still dead. so I turn
  2. Id say its possible but youd need your computer on and the extra load on your computer. just buy a cheap gigabit switch and you'll be fine, you can get them for under $20 from Amazon
  3. I think it will be similar to phones and pcs even, Apple is in its own little world, with Windows for PC and Android for phones also having their seperations, unless Android or Apple suddenly died, I dont think so Each company wants its users to wear its tech and they give the best features and operations with that, even though Samsung uses Android they have their own watch os and give their best features there, Apple with Apple, there is also obviously Googles Android Wear that would work pretty okay with every phone
  4. If the gpu is putting out alot of frames it can actually hurt the cpu performance causing stuttering and lockup, you will have to most likely lock your fps at 60 (if it reaches that with a 1650 depending on settings)
  5. The difference would be marginal, most power from the screen would be used on resolution and brightness Seeing you have intel integrated graphics they have a control panel you can open to make a custom resolution and refresh rate
  6. 950, so it will definitely not be drawing much power even when gaming lol, perfect for basic 1080p games he would be getting into
  7. Thanks! To those suggesting parts, The 9100f is perfect as its not "only" for Web surfing... slowly getting him into some gaming, im able to reuse spare parts at the moment (hence spare gpu) so all I need to buy is the cpu and motherboard which are on a deal atm in aus, hes getting a decent computer for less than the price of a cheap monitor The differences in power usage are also useless to our living situation, i was purely just reassuring it was compatible as I couldn't find an answer set in stone
  8. Is the i3 9100f natively (not needing bios update) with a b365m motherboard? Planning on a cheap web surfer for my stepdad, I have an old gpu to go into it
  9. You wont be able to really with the 570 for the kind of games that will use more than 4gb, so 4gb is "enough" I have a Rx580 and can play any game at 1080 with tweaking
  10. If youre sticking to 1080 60 you will be fine, you may find on higher end games you will be turning down some graphics settings to keep above 60 but you will be able to play just about anything with tweaking
  11. If youre plugged in via ethernet then you're not on WiFi?? Do you mean your actual internet drops out? I think you're getting confused with "WiFI" and just generally your internet service, you can call time warner to see if they can discover and issues on your end / send a tech out, or potentially just swap out your modem/router as it could be causing issues, when you have a drop out try to restart it and see if it comes back online, if it does its most likely that
  12. I think theres a reason why "gaming" mice exist and not "gaming" trackpads you can buy for a pc
  13. UWP, having the same games on Xbox and PC is amazing The PS3's cell processor was such a double edged sword, it was very powerful and alot of the later releases still had so much visual depth, but that was usually only for platform specific games, as it was so hard to optimise for
  14. Old Console hardware had their own specific way of working, aka not the same processing architecture, instructions, as today, and then on top of that the way that the games were developed and stored on their also very specific code, theyre all programmed differently, and stored mediums such as cartridges, and the way it had to read those mediums Its not as simple as "just translate the code to run better", there essentially isnt "code" for the old consoles that can be easily translated for computers, then theres the optimisations for the old hardware, the way its compiled for that