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Does the gtx1080ti Posiedon and Strix share the same pcb - EK waterblock question

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So i have a failed fan on my 1080ti Poseidon its under warranty but i dont mind it being dead since its on water anyway. but I've been getting massive sag due to the beefy weight of the air and water cooler combo. Question is this. does the pcb of a Poseidon and a strix match. EK claims it does but does anyone know from experience!

Faith: WIP

Cpu: intel 6700k

RAM: g.skill ripjaw v 3200mhz 16 18 18 38 2n 32gb 4x8gb

MB: Asrock extreme 7+

GPU: GTX 1080 TI Poseidon Platinum Asus ROG
PSU: Cougar 1050W 80+ gold

Case: IN WIN 509 ROG [ black red ]

Cooling: Barrow Fittings, Block, 360mm x 60mm rad, 18w d5 pump, 210 res, EK blood red premix. Poseidon GPU block


SETUP: BenQ 27" 144hz|BenQ 28" 1080p VA 60HZ|Corsair Strafe RGB|Razer DeathAdDer Chroma|ATH IM70|E10k Olympus 2 amp|DX Racer King



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They do look very simmilar, find a picture of the stryx card (buildzoid did a on pcb analysis on it) take the cooler off the poseidon abd compare the pcb. They must be nearly identical. However a support bracket might save you from the gpu sag. The easiest one is a piece of acrilic/petg tube between the gpu and the bottom of the case or psu shroud

CPU: x5680 xeon OC4.2gHz, Motherboard: Asus P6T, RAM: 48gb corsair 2400 mHz, GPU: gtx 980ti, Storage: Samsung 950pro 500gb, samsung 860evo 500gb, 2x2Tb HDD, Case: Lian Li PC O11 dynamic, Cooling: very custom loop.

CPU: i7 8700K, Motherboard Asus z370i, RAM:16gb corsair rgb 3600, GPU: EVGA Gtx 1080ti SC Black, Storage: samsung 960evo 500gb, samsung 860evo 1tb (M.2), samsung 860evo 500gb. HDD - 6tb, Case: lian li q37. Cooling: on the way to get watercooled (EKWB, HWlabs, Noctua, Barrow)

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