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    Gaming, RGB MADNESS, Anime, Technology, Cyberpunk
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    Full Time Youtube Personality


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    Intel 6700k @ 4.0 stock
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Extreme7+
  • RAM
    Gskill Ripjaw V 3200mhz @ 2133hz 16GB
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 1080 ti Poseidon Platnium
  • Case
    Inwin 509 ROG certified
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    500gb m.2, 120gb transcend ssd, 250gb samsung 850 evo.
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    Cougar 1050w GOLD+
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    Benq 144hz Gaming @ 1440p
  • Cooling
    Air & AIO Tube Mess
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Razer Deathadder
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    FIIO e10k USB [ currently steelseries prism elite ]
  • Operating System
    Windows server 2016 64bit standard

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  1. it looks like it does, im just going to try and backup the data on my 6tb ext just got to move stuff around, wish i had formatted the drive correctly though!
  2. I installed ext2 volume manager and it mounted it to my computer but when clicking on it, it asks to format. looks like i did not set it up to a standard format
  3. looks like it wont read. but its shown in disk manager
  4. it was a single drive. No raid was used. risky i know.
  5. yes exactly. if u have a issue let me know.
  6. so i wish to sell my nas now that i own a r610 server and using it for storage and rendering. Will windows read the drive and allow me to copy the files off of it directly via sata or will i have to copy over 3tb of storage via my slow home network [ Ethernet ] i dont want to risk the drive being wiped when i plug it in to my desktop.
  7. i would suggest just formatting every drive if u want to clean each one, deleting a drive and not activating it in the installer can leave a drive that windows will detect in drive manager but not in " my computer "
  8. yes windows will still detect the other drives.
  9. So i have a failed fan on my 1080ti Poseidon its under warranty but i dont mind it being dead since its on water anyway. but I've been getting massive sag due to the beefy weight of the air and water cooler combo. Question is this. does the pcb of a Poseidon and a strix match. EK claims it does but does anyone know from experience!
  10. did not get a chance to reply. the fps issue was due to my pump not being on so my gear of throttling. thanks for the help !!
  11. ok tested it and it runs horrible. 20 fps in some games what. the hell.
  12. it refreshed immediatly so im assuming it worked. will test in game later today when i get a chance. thanks in advance!!!
  13. that is super unfortunate. thanks for the reply.