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5.1 PC speakers aren't working as intended

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Alright, so this is a new issue, and I have had this set up for a few years now.

Recently my water pump in my computer was dying so finally having a free weekend I drained it, replaced the pump and refilled my loop. Water didn't get anywhere from my knowledge, did extensive leak testing and I didn't kill anything....I think.

I plug everything in, everything works great, I configure my logitech speakers to make sure they're all coming out of the right channels. and they are. So we're all good. Watch some youtube videos, and a movie everything was fine. Then I got on a call in discord. My mic wasn't working so I think I didn't plug it back in, I did, but I (thought) I unplugged it and plugged it back in, light as still off. So I unplugged it directly from the mic and fixed it, we're all good to go.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why did I mention any of that? seems like pretty useless info. Well, The thing I thought was my mic was actually my capture card and that disconnects one of my displays, which windows does not typically enjoy...at least it's not elegant about it. From that point my center channel and rear speakers just stopped working, sort of.

Audio only came out of the front two. This was annoying, but I made sure all the aux cables were seated correctly in both my sub and my PC. I opened up Realtek HD Audio Manager and it clearly sees all aux cables plugged in. even put them in different locations to see if it would allowed me to change what the output was (it wouldn't there are 3 very specific spots it wanted me to do it, orange and black)
I used another aux cable entirely, unplugged my "broken" speakers and plugged in to the front two channels to verify they work and didn't all mysteriously die at the same time.
I completely uninstalled every audio driver my computer has, rebooted and tried using the default microsoft driver, uninstalled that and made sure I had the newest version of the realtek driver for my motherboard (I have a msi x99 gaming pro carbon)
That did nothing, I uninstalled my capture card software/drivers/unplugged it thinking that may have screwed with something, that...did jack. I unplugged EVERYTHING from my computer excluding keyboard, mouse, and speakers...nothing.

The only thing I have done so far to make everything "work" is in the realtek software,[ you can disable speakers](https://i.gyazo.com/4a82e1b20072afb4c1c879575ab4fcb7.png). When I do this for my center, sub and rear, and do an audio test they work (sort of) I hear audio out of those speakers, but audio also plays out of the two front pair as well...it doesn't make any sense what so ever (the subwoofer doesn't work at all though)

This tells me this is a software issue though, not hardware my next course of action was to just reinstall windows...but I would like to avoid that because that's a day's work all in itself....though it would finally give me the excuse to get an M.2 Drive I guess.

Side note, I tried plugging in a s/pdif cable and that didn't do anything but I have no idea if they worked prior or not

PC Specs
motherboard: x99 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
CPU: 6850k
GPU 2x Vega 64
Ram 32gb @ 3000mhz
speakers: Logitech z906

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