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  1. The IP in this case isn't just the concept of the game, it's Art assets and so on, but also the code. There are very few products that are a complete green meadow development from companies with pre-existing code. If you were to come into possession of the code for a game, you would very likely also gain access to code that is in the current games of a developer. You could argue that Windows 95 was a niche product that has been discontinued for over two decades , but it would not surprise me if parts of Windows 10 build 1709 contain code from that era (compare the control panels). Microsoft can't give you access to that code.
  2. Even if they have a clause in the eula that would permit this, it would not be legally binding in the EU as private contracts cannot contradict laws. That's why steam has different eulas and ToS for Americans and Europeans.
  3. I can see them being used for htpcs that are completely passively cooled without needing a cubic foot of radiator sitting on the cpu.
  4. Next Scrapyard Wars

    "But can it play Crysis" All hardware that came out after 2010 is banned. FreeGeek is off-limits (because otherwise that's all they would use). Bonus points for using hardware released before 2007 (when Crysis was released) in the final build. The aim is to get as close to 60 FPS at a certain graphics setting (TBD) as possible.
  5. Yeah, Musk has always been that guy who tries to run before he can walk. Trouble is, that he seems to manage it more often than not...
  6. And, if someone explicitly sets up a PIN to control access to a service then the provider should actually require it.
  7. Which one is better to learn, Java or C++?

    Python is quite easy to pick up due to its very human-readable code, however its error messages aren't always the easiest to understand for a rookie.
  8. Quite a few people are having issues with Windows feature updates (1703,1709) not completing the installation with Samsung nVMe ssd as boot drives. They see an 0xc00000bb bug check when the upgrade reboots (cannot access boot device). This is one of the pages I found when trouble shooting the problem myself https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/08485ba0-f69f-483b-861e-238f161dabee/problem-with-upgrade-to-creators-update-on-nvme-disk?forum=win10itprosetup Here is an article on CNET https://www.cnet.com/news/windows-10-fall-creators-update-hits-install-snag-for-some/ Is that the error message you have received?
  9. Does it have a Samsung NVME SSD as the system drive?
  10. "Count Dankula"?! He should get jail time just for having that name.
  11. Except if they're looking over your shoulder, you'd probably notice them doing it.
  12. There are plenty of plastics which are as clear as glass with high refractive indexes though (and they can be given scratch proof coatings too).
  13. WD My Cloud drive contains a backdoor

    Embossed in stainless steel
  14. Having got bored of competing with the rest of the market, Google decides to compete with itself instead.
  15. WD My Cloud drive contains a backdoor

    Yeah, if there aren't any policies defined for IPv6 or the router/firewall isn't programmed to handle IPv6 then they just let everything through (that isn't just TP-Link goofing up though, I've seen Cisco kit do the same thing)