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  1. You can raid them in Software RAID. Not sure I'd trust my company's data to a Windows software RAID though. A SAN really wasn't an option though?
  2. Not really irony, salts don't often have the same properties as the original element. You have phosphates in your bones and teeth and they don't catch fire.
  3. If loading screens are anything like the playstation or Xbox you'll get maybe an hour of actual playtime in skyrim if the battery is only going to last two and a half hours.
  4. That's nothing more than what should be the bare minimum in performance gains given the age of the Sandy Bridge platform.
  5. And that the user experience was really important. The iPhone 7 wouldn't have needed an extra adapter to connect to the macbook pro in the Jobs era.
  6. They only did that last year with the Wraith cooler which is competitive with highly popular third party solutions in the 30 dollar price bracket.
  7. Amd will probably be boxing the Ryzen cpus with the Wraith cooler. If they boxed it with a water cooler it would add another 100 bucks to the price and perpetuate the idea that amd processors run too hot.
  8. The wraith coolers were air coolers.
  9. People posting on company social media usually sign the message with their initials.
  10. In Germany we have to be given three attempts at replacing or repairing the goods before we have to issue a refund, and the buyer has to give us those three attempts before they can sue for damages. After 6 months the burden of proof shifts from the vendor/manufacturer to the customer, too. Giving a refund earlier is purely a good-will gesture by the vendor/manufacturer.
  11. I'd be ok with that trade-off, if I'm honest. nVidia needs to eat a slice of humble pie after releasing the 1080 with a 799 msrp.
  12. It might have got lost in the thread, but are there any known configurations that have this issue?
  13. The memory controller costs more and it makes the motherboard more expensive because of the extra traces and power delivery needed.
  14. Also I would assume that many insiders run the build in a vm, which would usually only have one display