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  1. Intel with VEGA graphics?! Debunked

    Maybe not this time http://www.tech-critter.com/2017/10/alleged-image-of-intel-chip-with-vega.html?m=1 Apparently somebody who works there is called Vega, and they won an employee of the month style award.
  2. That wasn't really so much of a bug though, more like a bad implementation of the "help" feature.
  3. Intel Core i9-7980XE Hits 845W at 4.9GHz

    Not to mention how hot the vrms and the rear of the socket will get. It isn't just a question of how much power the vrm can deliver and remain stable, but how hot that much current will make them and the peripheral circuitry and thus how much pushing that much current will affect the longevity of the motherboard.
  4. Other than the monthly sub you don't have to spend a penny of real money in WoW to progress though.
  5. So we're going back to Screenshots and screensharing via camera pointed at the monitor?
  6. So I could draw a nazi-styled mickey the mouse and Disney would have to let me do it?
  7. Because distracting drivers is such a great idea...
  8. The rebates were only granted if less than 5% of devices sold used "competitor's" products.
  9. I'd say that especially flagships aren't durable - those bezels that eveybody has got rid of give rigidity and help dampen the effects of falls.
  10. Windows 10 does not offer feature updates within the first 30 days of a fresh installation.
  11. They need to get their custom apps redone though. That won't be cheap.
  12. I just bought an RoG Strix 1080ti OC for 750 euro. Reference Vega64 is 650.
  13. Time to go back to the green team after 6 years of AMD :)

  14. I agree that this is highly unlikely to happen in an official apple store, but lots of people go to third party repair shops.