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  1. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is basically a docker container that has an installation of Ubuntu Server in it. It does not have access to network settings and utlilities (things like ping don't work) and you obviously can't install an xserver to run things with a UI. It sometimes freaks out when scrolling through text and when altering commands in your terminal history.
  2. I'm hoping for a ruling that they have to provide updates for the duration of the manufacturer warranty period at minimum. And that is at least a year.
  3. It took years for DX11 to see any noticeable application in games, it wouldn't surprise me if it took that long for DX12 too. DX9 was the standard API for a couple of years still after DX11 was released.
  4. They have been making significant investments in driving ai and similar projects over the last year or so, I expect quite a lot of that increase has something to do with that.
  5. They're dropping DX11, not DX12.
  6. You can fire cross vegans though
  7. Isn't the line (by 'line' I mean 'the connection between caller and callee', as opposed to the telephone line) disconnected when the hook switch is opened?
  8. All motherboards that I buy do (or have some equivalent functionality)
  9. I'd just stick a USB drive with the bios on it in the back of the motherboard and press the "recover my bios" button on the motherboard...
  10. But Macs don't get viruses!
  11. The problem is that it is thicker, taller and wider than the other phones, and yet it has 15-20% less battery capacity.
  12. Anybody else notice the (presumably) LED switch ( ON / OFF / RED / BLUE )?
  13. Well played
  14. Given that I've caught Windows update ignoring group policy settings before now, this really does not surprise me. Thus far it has ignored the "do not download drivers" and the set of policies that govern download speeds of the background download services.
  15. THe i7 7700k has nearly half a GHz clock speed advantage over Ryzen, it would take a massive IPC advantage to beat it. I mean, the 6900k is usually slower in games than the 7700k. Buy the processor for your work case. It's OK for that not to be Ryzen. It's also OK for that to be a 1700x over a 6900k if you want 16 logical cores, and motherboard dependent, ECC support on a smaller budget than the Intel platform. What is important is you now have the option. Ryzen is a compelling product for some use cases. It doesn't have to be a compelling product for all use cases to be successful.