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  1. Nvidia Announces Titan V (Volta!)

    But he doesn't believe in scientific research
  2. Where I live in southern Germany, a movie ticket is between 10 - 30 euro depending on the length, popularity and if it is in IMaX or 3D. Then you can add another ten euro for snacks and drinks per person.
  3. Let's look at it the other way: if movies cost ten times as much as video games per hour of entertainment, maybe they should reduce the price of watching a movie to be more reasonable.
  4. Because Noah Webster wanted to be a special snowflake.
  5. AluminiumTech's OS Support List

    CentOS 6.9 and RHEL 6.9 are in the "security fix only" production phase and due to enter EOL at the end of 2020 CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 (current release 7.4) are currently in the Feature and Bugfix production phase (planned EOL in 2024).
  6. Should i wait for my OS before building my pc?

    You can install Windows without a license key. There is a very small button which allows you to skip entering a key when in the initial Windows configuration.
  7. You'll probably find what you need here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd-networkd
  8. Hasn't Microsoft Wallet been flitting around since the late 90s as a way to store payment methods? I'm not sure if anyone actually used it though. I guess this is part of their push to get people to interact with the Microsoft store in ways other than removing the icon from their task bar
  9. Or in the next GTA game, they could hide ˋre-do missionˋ behind a paywall /shudders
  10. heise.de is a reliable source for technology news, and that's where wccftech got it from.
  11. Some real-time data transfer protocols are quite time-sensitive, in particular in combination with encryption. I know some people who do system administration for companies who had customers that, for example, couldn't use SMB shares because of a time-shift between client and host.
  12. That's just going to get you suspended or excluded (and possibly facing criminal charges) unless you get permission to do so.
  13. Can't you just open a terminal and type "cat /proc/cpu " on OSX?
  14. So I can basically grab some bronze foil, stick it on the shroud, and call it an "Assassin's Creed" edition?
  15. Experiences with non-techies

    Was it a slide presentation? edit: I keep forgetting that this forum doesn't automatically append consecutive answers, sorry