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  1. Shouldn't this be a=(${ip///./}) to make an array out of it?
  2. I could have sworn it was only with two cables but I may have been thinking about something else. As for the markup issue, welcome to enterprise pricing, where the companies know that the customer has really deep pockets
  3. And they gave it the output solution to run 8k monitors, which is currently only a thing on nVidia's 5000 dollar workstation card.
  4. In London they're more expensive than black cabs and the tube, and take longer than black cabs and the tube.
  5. And if they could get it to work with freesync too, so that short drops in framerate don't give you a headache, that'd be cool too.
  6. That's not a usp for Windows phone though. Android and iOS both have VPN capability in the OS too.
  7. OK so I'll buy a 5000 dollar graphics card to do that instead then. Oh wait, my boss won't pay for that when there is a 200 dollar option that'll do the same job.
  8. If I were doing video editing work with 4k footage, I'd buy an 8k screen.
  9. And I don't see where that developer support is going to come from when there is practically zero ROI for the software development. The company I work for recently developed new versions of our mobile app. Before doing so, we checked the operating systems that visited our website and forum. Less than half of one percent of mobile devices that had visited the site in the last year or so were running a Windows Phone OS. Given that market share among our customers and sales partners, why would we ever even contemplate investing time and money into a platform that has no users? The hardware in the devices is great. The few times I've had a Windows Phone in my hands I've quite liked it. But I wouldn't buy one. I'm invested in the Android ecosystem. I have Office 365 on my Android phone. I can have outlook on my Android phone. Heck, I can even put Cortana on it and install the Bing search app if I want to (first party microsoft apps for android). I just haven't seen a USP for Windows Phone that would make me feel like it would be worth changing from Android to Windows. As for the claim that Microsoft is taking Windows Phone seriously, and is committed to its future? How many times have we heard that exact same line about gaming and Windows? How many times have we been disappointed or puzzled at the approach chosen by Microsoft? I can't take Microsoft at their word anymore. I don't trust them enough to do so. I trust that Google and Apple are in it for the long haul. I don't get that feeling about Windows Phone.
  10. In some games having unrealistic or missing adverts ruins the immersion (car racing, football, rpg).
  11. Up until a while ago I was under the impression that AotS was just a tech benchmark. I didn't realise that it is actually a game.
  12. Technically without a battery CMOS settings will not persist and the system clock gets buggered So not totally off the mark there.
  13. It was a tech preview for industry people. Something along the lines of "this is stuff you can use to do things with your software". Not an end-customer preview where they say "this gets a bazillion fps in some games and costs half the price of the competition".
  14. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is basically a docker container that has an installation of Ubuntu Server in it. It does not have access to network settings and utlilities (things like ping don't work) and you obviously can't install an xserver to run things with a UI. It sometimes freaks out when scrolling through text and when altering commands in your terminal history.
  15. I'm hoping for a ruling that they have to provide updates for the duration of the manufacturer warranty period at minimum. And that is at least a year.