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  1. thekeemo

    Please Reply if you are an Engineer! Few questions

    Look outside the engineering field to doctors and lawyers and it kind of makes you go "meep" I didn't say it was a decent pay. Just not a great pay when compared to some other fields.
  2. thekeemo


    MSI because gigabyte and especially Asus hate honoring their warranty
  3. thekeemo

    Project Rainbow-corn (Unofficial)

    Yep also the extra fans are really not that useful
  4. thekeemo

    Project Rainbow-corn (Unofficial)

    thermaltakes watercooling gear doesnt have a great rep?
  5. thekeemo

    Please Reply if you are an Engineer! Few questions

    not unless you work for yourself otherwise its mass layoffs and low pay for you
  6. thekeemo

    A good deal?

    e already has it and for VR which is becoming a thing it matters
  7. thekeemo

    Will this cable fry my CPU?

    its a standard there is no other cpu power cable it should work
  8. thekeemo

    An ASUS ROG GTX 1080 8gb STRIX costs about....

    What country? But right now they are overpriced globally.
  9. thekeemo


    If you can get an amazing deal on a used one go for it otherwise meh
  10. thekeemo

    is this right? rx 470 on 32bit

    64bit isnt a thing yet
  11. thekeemo

    is this right? rx 470 on 32bit

    The 32-bit is referring to the Color Depth/per pixel of the driver not the panel which is usually 6-8bit and for RGB
  12. thekeemo

    "Usagi" build log

    Warranty wise evga -> MSI ----> Gigabyte ---> Asus -> asrock Number of dashes count This is for USA For Canada flip evga and MSI For international flip gigabyte and asus
  13. thekeemo

    GTX 1070: MSI vs. EVGA

    avoid the strix for warranty reasons evga has slightly better warranty but its close enough to where I can say get the one that matches your color scheme better and the clocks given are irrelevent now