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  1. No, it was in my city on Sunday. It hasn't moved from the sort facility in almost a day.
  2. Take a look at the tracking info and tell me if shouldn't have been here today. https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?tracknumbers=732658146300
  3. If today, Monday, is day 2 then how do you figure its due here Tuesday? That's day 3.
  4. What? You're stretching. How am I supposed to know which courier they're going to use? Newegg has used at least 4 different couriers that I can remember.
  5. Except that USPS delivers Saturday regularly as does UPS. They went with one of the few couriers who doesn't deliver Saturdays.
  6. So, I ordered my new phone from Newegg on June 9th at 8:42AM PDT. I paid almost $20 for rush processing and 2-day shipping. It is now 2:28PM on June 12th and the phone still has not arrived. It's not even "out for delivery." The estimated delivery is tomorrow. The problem is Newegg uses the worst carriers. This package is being carried by FedEx, who doesn't ship on weekends. For reference, one minute after I placed this order, I placed an order on my Amazon Prime account and received the package 26 hours later. This was my final straw from Newegg. Considering I spent $20 on shipping, they coul
  7. I got mine for $150 like a year ago, why is it so expensive now?
  8. Use both, use the TN for gaming, and the IPS for movies and YouTube or whatever.
  9. 0QVE7-R6N8V-VYCAL


    May or may not work

    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. McHox
    3. lkarej


      shoulda been bad rats

    4. ARikozuM


      Should have given it to someone via PM or sold it on G2A.

  10. You'll be alright. If you're soldering enough for it to matter then invest in a fume extractor.
  11. Probably is a scam, but eBay is almost always on the buyers side.
  12. A lot of people think they're bad for devs. Some of the keys being sold are stolen, or gotten illegitimately. It's called the gray-market for a reason.