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    DigitalHermit reacted to NeatSquidYT in Why all the hate for Ubisoft?   
    Unfinished games on release, awful optimisation with the engine for both consoles and PC, UPlay and lack of innovation
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    DigitalHermit reacted to handymanshandle in I attempt to settle probably the biggest argument on this forum: FX misconceptions   
    After seeing what I would probably consider as the worst fucking flame war, I really wanted to start clearing up misconceptions about the FX series.
    Anyways, here goes nothing and a probable permanent ban.
    1) The FX can't game/s poorly.
    Fact: No. Stop right there. The FX can game. And it can game well. In games that are poorly optimized (something along the ranges of CSGO or Arma 3) it's gonna lag behind even the Core i3s from Ivy Bridge days. In games that are properly optimized (Dirt Rally, Grand Theft Auto V, Just Cause 3 to name a few), the FX series will easily keep up with a Haswell and get within backstabbing range of a Skylake i5 while typically being a bit cheaper.
    2) You need separate coolers to cool the FX-8xxx!
    Fact: This depends. If you're overclocking, yes. However, if you aren't, then you don't really need one unless a bit of noise bothers you. In that case, I'd highly recommend something along the lines of a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or a Cryorig H7. However, I'd personally recommend an aftermarket cooler, because it never kills to have a better cooler than stock cooler.
    3) The FX runs hot!
    Fact: It dissipates more heat. That does not mean it is hotter. The FX-8320's and above's TDP of 125 watts means it's pumping some heat into the case. The FX-8320/70e is a special exception as its TDP of 95 watts means it really doesn't pump more heat than an i7-4790.
    4) Motherboards for it cost too much!
    Fact: If you're getting a nicely OCable CPU, you're obviously planning on a decent motherboard. Saying that you need a great motherboard to run an FX-8350 at a 4.5GHz OC is like saying that an i5-4690K needs a high end motherboard to get a good overclock. It's kind of a "Well, duh." situation. That being said, if you're approaching really expensive $300+ territory, go Intel.
    That's all of the myths I can think of at the moment. If you've got anything decent to say, comment. I will get moderators here if things get ugly.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Minsekt in Things to do on pc   
    i do watch porn if im bored.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to NeatSquidYT in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Moondrelor in Experiences with non-techies   
    Holy shit dude... Learn to multiquote...
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MayorPotatoSalad in iPhone 7 Leaks 'Confirm' Apple Abandoning Headphone Jack   
    Now I am never going to consider getting an iPhone... thanks, Apple, for making things simpler for me...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Sauron in Would You Rather, Day 297 - Destroy em All!   
    ANY vehicle?

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    DigitalHermit reacted to Real_PhillBert in Would You Rather, Day 297 - Destroy em All!   
    Some soldiers almost certainly did pick up STG44's but the simple fact is they were too little and too late in the war to make any difference. The numbers with which they were fielded make them pretty insignificant, regardless of how ahead of their time they were. 
    The same could be said for the ME262. Amazing aircraft, but too late and too few. 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Whorax in Would You Rather, Day 297 - Destroy em All!   
    See below
    And let's not forget about the first assault rifle that was nothing short of tremendous at the time--the StG 44--as well as their MP 40 submachine gun. While the StG 44 may have come too late in the war for the Nazis, it was still an incredible firearm. I've watched documentaries where Allied soldiers would pick up MP 40s from fallen Germans because they preferred it over the submachine guns they were given to use in the field, and I wouldn't be surprised if Allied soldiers picked up fallen StG variants as well.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Moondrelor in Experiences with non-techies   
    What about Chinese?
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    DigitalHermit reacted to LeapFrogMasterRace in Dear Razer F*** You!   
    Please don't hate on razer

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    DigitalHermit reacted to Kenna in Look at my Grandpas speakers I found.   
    Hello there guys, i am currently staying in japan with my grandma. My grandpa who has been deceased for about 10 years now, was into his classical music and audio gear, One of the rooms in my grandmas house, was sourcely used by grandpa for listening to his music, and until now i have never been really intrested in it( Iam 18 now).
    THe speakers he had are are a pair of Tannoy stirling HE speakers, and i personally think they are the best speaker i have heard. I will admit that i have never really listened to expensive speakers only headphones. The speakers are paired with a Mccormack power drive dna 0.5 a and a quad66 preamp and cd player.
    My grandma being the lovely lady that she is said I can have it all, if I organise and pay for shipping back to Australia where I live.
    What are your guys thoughts, is this something I should do. Again I have very little knowledge about speakers.
    The speakers weigh 23kg each, the amp another 15kg ish and the speakers have a volume of 85 litres.

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    DigitalHermit reacted to Sauron in Look at my Grandpas speakers I found.   
    Frankly I wish more modern tech looked that way - without costing a fortune
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Real_PhillBert in Would You Rather, Day 297 - Destroy em All!   
    Well they did but they didn't. Those appeared much later and in almost non-existent numbers. So they are difficult to really count. 
    The MG42 was indeed an excellent weapon.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Yummychickenblue in Would You Rather, Day 297 - Destroy em All!   
    If I choose an animal I can transform into Lynda Clarke and destroy ISIS.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to BlazingGunnerFTW in Experiences with non-techies   
    You: DO NOT delete system32
    Them: (clicking the delete button)
    Them: Now my computer screen is black
    You: 4rfeijofdszuhyjlbnaefhj80=4rthn2ujm.lhnuiofdrvweanhjuiko[g4wjhubinmk34tgwr3hunjiolZ.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to soup in unreliable guns   
    Thats why you would take them from people you had killed, that they had been using, not ones 'lying about'.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Charger in unreliable guns   
    it's not a bad idea but once it's known it I would assume they would start planting rigged mags and ammo
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Jurunce in Jones "Chipotle Pineapple" soda - Worst Flavor Ever?   
    Hello. This is my first review ever.
    So the reason why I am reviewing a beverage flavor is I wanted to share my thoughts on this "Chipotle Pineapple" flavored Jones soda as I am in fact drinking one next to me at the time of writing this review. So is this is the worst flavor? Let's find out

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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Charger in unreliable guns   
    afaik the stens were designed to take MP40 mags... and from that one documentary that I watched, this caused problems...
    The idea isn't that horrible to be honest since getting ammo to your spec-ops troops behind enemy lines is a pain in the ass... much better to source it from your enemies...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to mikat in Experiences with non-techies   
    solid slow drive
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Qub3d in According to Palmer Lucky, Your crappy PC is the biggest barrier to VR adoption   
    The headline comes from this paragraph:
    Frankly, I agree. The whole "ballpark" fracas was a bad move, but I'd rather have exceptional VR if it is only a 30% price increase when considering a computer investment with the Rift. I dunno, what do you guys think?
    As a counterpoint, though, a commenter on the Ars article said the following: 
    Which is a valid point. Would it be better to have good VR that is out of the reach of the majority (putting it at risk to never go mainstream) or would it be better to have an average product that many could have, even if it results in a stigma like VR in the 90s?
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from ripanotha2013og in Apple's iPhone 6S Plus smashes its Android competition in AnTuTu's 2015 Top 10 chart   
    Meanwhile, with Remix OS out, I'm waiting for how i7 4790ks will bench on Antutu and Geekbench...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to ManOfDisguise in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Erased(Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi) episode 2 was great. People are saying this anime is gona be a really good one and so far it seems to be going that way. I kind of wana read the manga but then I will spoil the anime for myself and won't get any surprises out of it. Should I read the manga or just go anime only?
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    DigitalHermit reacted to ripanotha2013og in Apple's iPhone 6S Plus smashes its Android competition in AnTuTu's 2015 Top 10 chart   
    He has a somewhat valid point. Run Word and I dare you to tell me that that thing uses more than one core.