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    Corsair M95
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    I cant hear anything?...

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  1. FWIW, my space mouse pro has been excellent. It's been on my desk for ~18 months now, I'd certainly buy it again. I kinda want to upgrade to the enterprise version for more buttons, since I'm a bit of a macro button guy. The only issue I've run into with the 3D mouse is some occasional weird software incompatibilities with Creo. Sometimes (maybe 5% of the time) I'll open a drawing and the right click menu's will popup and disappear in about a third of a second. Obviously rendering the right click menus completely useless. I did some googling and it seems this is some w
  2. It really has. If I hadn't watched him grow up, I'd be hard pressed to say it's the same dog.
  3. This weekend marked 1yr since Murphy has been with us, he's grown a ton in the last year. 8 weeks, 18lbs: 14 months, ~110lbs:
  4. I have always been a 911 fan, so my dream is a 992 Carrera S. But when the GTS comes out, that will probably take the cake for me. Something I can occasionally take out, but also enjoy simply staring at it in the garage.
  5. As an engineer who's worked in Ag for ten years, none of this surprises me in the slightest. The amount of information sent back from equipment is staggering.
  6. Finally got around to doing a receiver swap on the 16" rifle. Replaced the standard forged upper and lower, with ADM UIC receivers. I figured it needed to be re-zeroed/zero confirmed with the can anyway, so now's a good time. Also, while I was at it I pinned the gas block, which was a first for me. Trying to make these two rifles as bomb-proof as possible. On a related note, drilling through titanium sucks a lot haha.
  7. Finally got another mount for the razor in, so I plopped it on my 16" rifle.
  8. Still can be hard to find, and prices are still very high. Not as bad as it was a couple months ago, but not a ton better either.
  9. I think so. It's a bit older game now, but they just released a remastered version on steam last year, and my nostalgia made me do it. You play as an alien invading earth in a super cliche 1950s world. Lots of dumb humor.
  10. Right now, Destroy All Humans. I just love throwing cows at tanks.
  11. Picked up my new Rugged Razor this afternoon! Sadly the rifle I'm building for it wont be ready until the rail comes back in stock.
  12. Got a message from my FFL yesterday afternoon that my stamp came back for the Rugged Razor! Sadly I wasn't able to get over there yesterday, but I'll pick it up this afternoon. I'm very excited!
  13. The VP9 series are excellent guns, you would certainly not be disappointed with them.
  14. This is a tough question to answer simply because there are SO many options. How large of a gun are you willing to carry? Some people dont want to carry anything more than a micro gun, others are willing to carry a lot more. I daily a Glock 19 at 175lbs and 5'11" with a large or XL glove size, but I recognize that most people dont want to carry a gun that large. Your best bet is going to be to go to a gun shop, preferably one that has a range and rental guns, and try a bunch of things out. But if you're looking for a good place to start, consider the HK VP9SK, HK P30S
  15. After 7-1/2 months, my 12" LaRue barrel is finally here! I mocked it up with a Midwest Industries barrel nut that I had laying around to get a good measurement for the handguard length. Once the handguard is in, it'll finally be a functional rifle! Please disregard the slightly over the top 3 chamber comp, it's a mount for the suppressor that I'm also expecting to arrive soon, well as soon as one can expect the federal government to approve a form 4 anyway, this rifle will likely never be shot unsuppressed. **Disclaimer: I have an