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  1. Man. I really need to replace my bulbs. They seem really awful. Have thought about doing a conversion to projectors. Or just throwing in a pair of better H7 bulbs.
  2. It's more of a package deal to me when it comes to engines and displacement. Some cars you really only want a smaller 4 cylinder in, where as others you want the V8. All depends on the occasion and whatnot (along with your wallet).
  3. Banned for having fewer than 100 posts.
  4. Alright. Question. We all know that every engine out there burns oil. But how much is acceptable? How many miles do you have to drive before you need to add a liter/quart of oil?
  5. Bought myself the Sennheiser bluetooth neckband for the IE8-series of in-ears. Using them for my old IE-80, and wanted bluetooth for work and private. Edit: Couldn't bother taking, and uploading a picture.
  6. I seriously thought that it was a relative from Yvonnes side...