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  1. I would . Top is three out (two are at 3/4ths as it is running through a radiator) two in so negative pressure. Bottom is four in (two at 3/4 because they are running through a radiator) 1 out so positive pressure, extra air will leak out any gaps and that perforated panel at the side of the expansion slot covers, rather than sucking air in those same gaps/perforations,. As these are unfiltered dust will be sucked in too (there are those that say positive or negative air pressure makes no difference [EG Carey Hollzman despite his years in the business I do not feel he is not correct on this
  2. Did Linus buy that camera at the shop with the big windows.

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      Big windows?

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      "Big windows? "  They saw him coming

  3. What Louis Rossman? More two people in the "same industry" than buddies. No warranty anymore if you use ANY repair shop that isn't an Apple store.
  4. RAID is a Redundant Array of Independant/Inexpensive Disks basically a RAID combines disks to either increase speed or to increase 'safety' There are several 'types' of RAID 0. 1, 10 etc To increase speed what happens is the first half of information is written to the first disk the second part of information is written to the second disk this is called striping and is used in RAID 0. Although this increases the speed it is very dangerous as if one disk is 'lost' all the data is useless and with two disks the chances of one failing are doubled(ish) . To make the
  5. Perhaps the easiest method is to detach the BIOS battery for 10 minutes this should fully restore your BIOS to defaults (remember to set date and time etc properly). Looks really easy to do on yor notebook Ignore his weird accent it is English honest( mind you his English is better than my hoogiemcwhifer) Good luck.
  6. Most problems can be fixed by 'turning it off and on again', however the circuitry still has 'juice' available to it. What you should do is switch off then GIVE SUFFICIENT TIME FOR THE CAPACITORS TO DISCHARGE [1] before switching back on. [1] Obviouslly this won't work with CRTs as they have capacitors that can hold charge for months.
  7. Make sure there is nothing in any of the drives (music CDs, thumb drives anything) set the BIOS so that the one and only drive in the Boot order is that which contains the Windows installation files . In the 'old days' when a system tried to boot if it failed it would go into the next item in the boot order but with the advent of ten (see assumptions, more rather than less info please) the system does not run through the boot order in the same way Now the Bios may think it has found a drive, if it discovers any sort of file system, and the system just waits there waiting on some
  8. Connect two similar batteries in series (ie + to -) -> double the voltage. Connect two similar batteries in parallel -> -> -> double the capacity.
  9. What is meant to happen is that a block of addresses is assigned by the IEEE to a manufacturer. MAC addresses were initially meant as a unique identifier but the method to spoof MACs being relatively easy, and manufacturers reusing MACs [1] has meant sometimes machines on the SAME network subnet have two devices with the same MAC and everything goes to 'a big ball of chalk' (this happens more often than some administrators like) A MAC address is of the form 10-C3-7B-CF-B2 [1] When manufacturers deliberately re use MACs they try to send the items to a vastly different
  10. Each and every IP addy (of the form ) is made up of 4 octets each of which can have 257 values so 257X257X257X257 which is around 4000 million, individual addys. But there is also something known as NAT (Network address Translation) whereby as far as the ISP is concerned all computers on a network have one IP and every computer on that network is assigned (by the router or... an IP in the range 192.168.???.??? or 10.???.???.???. ) To combat the very thing you are thinking about this system IPv4 is being replaced by IPv6 (coming soon . It has been coming soon for at least th
  11. Nope. Cases help direct airflow to where it is required so quite often the airflow is actually 'better' with the side closed than open
  12. As you can't move to colder climes you will just have to live with fans etc. Cases help direct airflow to where it is required so quite often the airflow is actually 'better' with the side closed than open Never have more fan(s area) out than in . If anything have more in than out, gives positive pressure which helps restrict dust ingress to the machine. The fans in will already be moving less air as it is blowing air through the radiator. Two in through a radiator does not equal the two exhaust so perhaps the two in through the radiator+one unrestricted intake in against the t
  13. Just because some of the items are working does NOT mean the power supply isn't bad. A power supply tester only tests voltage at no load it does not put a load on the system. Better to test the system with a "known good" power supply I'm afraid your going to have to do the whole trouble shooting thing. Try the first post here
  14. Seems others have been here before and after much research have found all the Dodge bodies for the Slash are Rams and all the Charger bodies are for monster trucks unless you can find something else that floats your boat it looks like the self vacform route is the way to go. Don't think this is really the type of forum you want, it is more of a Computer/gaming type forum. Hobby electronics (in this case) mean electronics as a hobby rather than using electronics in a hobby
  15. soup

    windows 10 home

    No you didn't. What you paid for was a license to use Win 8 on one machine.