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  1. They probably just used: ping -t (Replace IP Address w/ the IP of your Gateway) This just pings your router infinitely until you stop the command (Ctrl + C). This is run in CMD.
  2. Well, you didn't specify you were talking about the 448 variant specifically - you just said there was never a 2GB variant. I apologize, but you also weren't specific. The "quotes" you made just now imply a more specific response then you made. Never the less, I apologize for assuming what you meant.
  3. Actually you're both wrong, in a sense. There was a 2GB variant of the 560 Ti, but not of the 560 Ti 448 core version. The 448 core version had 1.2GB (1280MB) of VRAM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_500_series#GeForce_500_.285xx.29_series So if the eBay listing is for a 2GB card, they're either mistaken, and it's a regular 560 Ti, or they're lying and it only has 1280MB of VRAM.
  4. I agree, I think it should go 16 to 19, then 20 to 24, etc. Of course, most "age range" polls are pretty bullshit and have too wide a range. Why not simply allow people to select their actual age?
  5. LSI 9211 and 9207 both come as "HBA" cards by default and shouldn't need flashing. I personally have a 9207-8e (8e meaning 8 channel - or 8 "SATA ports", and e meaning external - the connectors are on the outside of the PCI bracket). There is an 8i version, meaning 8 internal connections. Now, these are actually in the form of 2 SAS multiports, but you can buy breakout cables that turn one SAS multiport into 4 SATA connectors.
  6. You're getting robbed. Do you live in a rural area or a city?
  7. The exact process varies. There are several different methods, not all of which work for every card. You should have found a guide before buying it. You can try one of th guides for another card (like the IBM one above) and just substitute your own files. That might work. Or it might not. Or it might brick the card. Make sure to backup the existing firmware and bios before attempting, in case you need to revert.
  8. Just because she didn't realize what he was doing, doesn't make it okay. We need to be clear, so that we're not normalizing his actions. What he did was wrong. He just got lucky that she didn't clue in.
  9. The steps would be somewhat similar, but the OP would need to track down all the firmware/bios files, etc, and confirm which exact utility he needed to run them. Considering that the card the OP mentions is not popular in the NAS/Home Server groups, I doubt he's going to find what he needs. Did you purchase that HBA without doing prior research? You might have ended up with a $30 paperweight. I'd try to sell the HBA you bought, and buy an actual proper HBA or a known good RAID Card to flash, instead. Anything that runs the SAS2008 chipset is great. Examples are Dell H200 (I have one of these, recently flashed to IT, but flashed back to IR due to using it in ESXi), IBM M1015, LSI 9207, etc. Dell H200's can be found for pretty cheap on eBay (not much more than you paid), and can be flashed to IT firmware without much difficulty (Just don't try to flash it inside a Dell server). IBM 1015's are pretty cheap too, and there are way more guides for flashing them (Very popular with FreeNAS guys).
  10. You made an error in your poll. You have: 25-30, and then: 29-40. You've got an unnecessary overlap that will simply make your stats unreliable. Edit 29-40 to be 31-40 instead.
  11. Some people don't like babies, or kids, or children in general. You don't. Who cares? Move on with life. Don't be an ass to your cousin, but don't volunteer to spend time around the kid. Just grit your teeth and push through when you have to be around the kid. Part of being an adult is sometimes having to do something you don't like.
  12. First, let me be clear: I fully 100% support legal and responsible recreational use of marijuana. With that in mind, maybe you need to stop smoking it, if your willpower is that low that your desires outweigh rational thought. You need to accept that what you did, you did because you wanted to. Your friends might have given you the idea, but deep down you said "yes, I wanna rub my junk against her ass". Accept that, and then you can move on to properly dealing with the shame you feel. You can attempt to apologize if possible. Otherwise, strive to do better, to be a better person.
  13. Agreed - Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, but it doesn't create desires that didn't already exist before. Same with weed. @a e s t h e t i c a s drinking or toking isn't an excuse. You did it because on some level you wanted to. With that in mind, what did she do when you tried to "grind" with her? Did she resist? Did she join in? Did she just stand there while you humped her leg?
  14. First off, no, you did not "ruin your life". Though hopefully you didn't go too far to the point that she would consider it sexual harassment. If she felt sexually harassed or even assaulted, there could be legal consequences for your actions. If you know who the girl is, and she goes to your school, I would approach her politely, and just be honest. Tell her you apologize for what you did. You didn't think through your actions, and you will learn from your mistake, etc. Second: Your friends are goddamn morons, and, really, aren't good friends. Forcing yourself upon another, male or female, is 100% unacceptable in a free society. It's morally wrong to do so. And just because the "down syndrome" kids were "getting some" doesn't mean jack shit. You basically let your friends peer pressure you into almost assaulting someone. Not good. You need to think long and hard about: 1. Whether you can remain friends with people who would tell you to do such a thing, and 2. Why you allowed yourself to do such actions. While they may have some small responsibility for planting the idea, you, and you alone, were the one who decided it was a good idea. With that in mind, we all make mistakes sometimes. If you get the chance, apologize to her. If you know mutual friends, try to get it passed along that you're sorry and wish to apologize in person. But if that's not possible or she doesn't wish to speak to you, then wear your shame and bare it, for you earned it. It'll fade with time.
  15. Depending on your needs, a native SATA Card will often top out at 4 ports, but you can find ones that go higher. If you get a SAS HBA (SAS can run SATA drives using an adapter cable), you can go as high as you want, realistically. 16-port cards, I've seen higher even (though the prices usually make it cheaper to buy multiple smaller cards).