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  1. See if your Florist has any of those "waterpack" systems for bouquets. They come in the form of a "sponge", or a plastic vial filled with water, and the stems are stuck into them. This will significantly improve the longevity of the flowers. However, 9 hours in Texas Heat inside your car? I dunno man... More than a few hours in hot weather and they'll probably start to droop a little, at least. They'll probably "survive", but I doubt they'll look as fresh as when you picked them up. If you have one of those reflective sun blankets for the Windshield of a car, I'd try hiding the flowers under that, in the back seat or something.
  2. Oh I do plan on it. The modem ran perfectly fine for a month or two on that protector without issue, and I have my Server running on it too without issue.
  3. Heh - well I'll tell you what, if my Modem is destroyed from a power surge, Rogers will damn well fucking replace it for free, since they told me to take it off the protector
  4. Oh there is (or was) a forum user that did that. He Would Capitalize Every Single Word In Every Sentence Regardless Of Whether It Should Be Capitalized. And He Even Claimed That This Was Somehow "Easier" Compared To Typing Normally. Fuck me. I strongly advised him to practice typing normally - I almost killed myself typing that little bit just now.
  5. Just as an FYI, the surge protector in question is AC Outlet only. I'm not using a Coax protector.
  6. Oh yes, I get that speed (Well, not actually the full Gig, but close enough) when the Modem is working properly. Last speedtest I performed, I was getting in the range of 800 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up, with a ping of 10. And it really is that fast when the modem is working. Anyway, I'm not here to try and get you guys to actually fix my problem, since I'm back on Chat w/ support right now trying to get them to perform some line tests and maybe send another technician out.
  7. We just bought 2x DS216+II's for work and so far they're great little machines. Granted, we're not stressing them at all. They're only being used as a long term Archive device. True - but keep in mind, for those that care, Synology tends to give a longer warranty for the same "class" of product (Eg: 3 years vs 2 years for the DS216+II vs comparable QNAP NAS boxes. Most of the QNAP boxes only carry 2 year warranties (though they do offer extended ones up to 5 years total). You have to get the larger enterprise/SOHO units generally, to get the 3 or 5 year warranty from QNAP.
  8. Wait so this was your personal laptop? Why was he touching the BIOS at all on your own personal laptop? Why didn't you just do the work yourself?
  9. Oh agreed - but it works both ways too. I made a post on Facebook once, and I was talking about a pay cheque (spelled just like that), and one of my American FB friends "corrected" me saying something like: "It's spelled Check btw" Heh... she got a world of verbal hurt after that, after a bunch of my other friends corrected her that, since I'm Canadian, the spelling I used was not only correct for Canadian English, but also was the original spelling for British English too. If you're an American, I'm not gonna give you shit or tell you you're wrong for spelling things using American English (Except as jest between friends, perhaps). What does bother me, though, is Canadians spelling things the American way. You had English lessons your whole adulthood and you still can't remember that there's a "u" in colour?
  10. So I've been having tons of issues w/ my Gigabit Cable service over the last few weeks (Gigabit download, 50 Meg Upload), and one of the things the Rogers Support Technician mentioned (kind of off hand) was that plugging a Cable Modem into a Surge Protector can cause sync/connection issues. This - to me - sounds absolutely idiotic - maybe if you have a shit surge protector that is defective? But a properly working one? Anyway, the Tech had me unplug the modem from the surge protector and plug it directly into the wall outlet - which, of course, did not solve the issue I was having. So, I was curious: Is that a real concern that can cause issues, or was he talking out his ass?
  11. Not off the top of my head - I don't remember. The best software was a paid program you had to buy, from what I recall from when I was more into this stuff. I'll try and dig up a suggestion or two, but you could likely find the information online easily enough.
  12. The TL;DR is that it's a monthly subscription service, similar to Vessel, that allows you to access and watch content early, before it hits YouTube. It has other perks, including a private subforum. If you donate monthly to the forum already, you generally get Floatplane Club for no additional fees. It's a way to support LMG, and it allows them to make more money per view from you (Since your YouTube view is worth less than a penny per video).
  13. There's a term for this: addiction
  14. You could try asking another tailor, rather than dudes on the internet who have likely never custom tailored anything in their life.
  15. Err... No. At least, not in the way you're thinking. You certainly can die from too much caffeine, but usually only if you either have a ridiculous amount (more than 6 pops), or if you have a heart condition. However, dude, jesus fucking christ, lay off the mountain dew.