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  1. Oh awesome - didn't realize there was a standalone version.
  2. Haha it's a sad day when I'm the one with the most common sense
  3. Power distribution

    Yeah it's definitely not common with residential circuits. Though commercial sometimes it's more common w/ 20a and 30a 120v circuits.
  4. PC sleeping frequency

    There should be no problem at all doing this. The OS does not "deteriorate" during sleep. You may find that you want to restart your computer occasionally (say, once a week or so, if you leave it on all the time). But whether you put it to sleep 5 times a day, once a day, or never, won't have any real impact in this.
  5. I would appreciate a standalone package, with all the violence and mature themes removed, available at a discount w/ bulk pricing, for schools, educational institutes, libraries, etc. Bonus points for a VR mode.
  6. Learning to drive ( poll )

    Also, it shouldn't need to be mentioned, but, here's a list of things NOT to do. Don't: 1. Text while driving - even at a stop light 2. Drive while intoxicated/impaired (high on weed, drunk, impaired by certain prescription drugs, etc) 3. Tailgate (Leave at least 3+ car lengths while in city traffic, and at least 2 to 3 seconds delay while in highway traffic) I seriously had an argument on this forum with some user who drove a truck and defended tailgating people, because he could "see farther" because of the high vantage point of the truck. Like that fucking matters if the guy in front of you decides to break suddenly because an animal ran onto the highway?
  7. I heard about this when the game was announced - honestly I'm glad they added this mode. It's a very interesting development. It could be a very useful tool in certain forms of Education.
  8. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    Even if it was already setup, if you had to reinstall Windows - especially if you had to swap a major component due to failure, it would often pick your computer up as a "new" machine, forcing phone activation. Plus I did PC repairs for many years, personally, and at various businesses - and this was incredibly common back then. Now a days, I work in corporate IT for a Library, so I've never needed to do a phone activation since then.
  9. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    Yeah I'm in agreement with @Atmos. When I read the phone activation statement by them, I was not confused in the slightest. Maybe you've never dealt with the phone activation system before? It was much more common to need to use it back in Windows XP, and to a lesser degree, Windows Vista/7. I've never had to use it with Windows 10. Agreed - I would be super INCREDIBLY shocked, if this wasn't what they were talking about.
  10. Not exactly. It would be like, if in your example, the car thief was standing behind you looking over your shoulder, as said random person told you about the flaw. It would be one thing if individual users were notified (I realize such a system is likely improbable if not impossible) about said exploit, but what is actually happening is not comparable to your example. I get what you're saying, but it's not quite the same thing.
  11. Yeah. Even if any of us were doctors, it would be unethical to diagnose your condition over a forum lol. If you can't make an appointment, just go to a drop-in clinic or the hospital. Needless to say, your eye balls should not feel like they are being "stabbed".
  12. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    While I largely agree with your points: Re: phone activation. I’m 99% sure they’re talking about Microsoft Phone activation of the product key. In such a case, neither the seller nor Kinguin would get your phone number. You would have to call Microsoft and perform a standard “over the phone” activation sequence.
  13. Why your first thought wasn’t “hey I’m in pain and it’s unusual - Let’s go to the doctor immediately”, I will never know. What’s with this forum and people asking questions that should CLEARLY be answered by a doctor, at the hospital/clinic/doctors office?
  14. I wholeheartedly disagree. They should be taken to court, instead. Use the legal system. In this case, it's pretty clear that they've broken at least US and Canadian Law, and probably just about every developed nation's computer crimes laws.
  15. Power distribution

    Between my server gear, and running a gaming desktop, plus miscellaneous stuff like a printer, network gear, monitor, etc, I'm probably pushing close to 15A. Granted, the Gaming Desktop has since been disassembled, so there's more to spare now.