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  1. Here's my suggestion: Don't buy anything in particular or specifically unless it's part of your "just for fun" fund. For the vast majority of your investment fund, I would suggest you buy into a diverse portfolio, with the correct risk level that you feel comfortable with. You can do this in many different ways, such as a managed fund from your bank, or an ETF/roboinvestment type service. I currently use Wealthsimple (shameless plug, PM me for a reference link), which is an ETF - they have different risk profiles, and when you sign up, you fill out a small survey and it recommends one (usually Balanced). The accounts themselves vary, depending on what kind of account you want - these are typically legal differences, not differences in how the investments actually work. For example, in Canada, you can get: TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) General Investment Account (This is just a plain old account with no legal/tax benefits) etc In the US, you will have different options of course. They use an algorithm to manage day to day balancing of the portfolios, but they also have live agents available to step in and make major corrections, as well as give financial advise. The idea behind these platforms is "set and forget" - which might sound bad, but is not, really. Most people lose money when they panic during a downturn, sell, and rebuy later - at a loss. Historically speaking, a well diversified portfolio will always go up. Even if you lose money temporarily during a downturn, history tells us that if you just stick it out, and don't panic sell, you'll end up with a higher return than if you intervened. With that in mind? If you want to be hands on, you can. But most people only think they want to be hands on, because they don't or can't put in the amount of effort and time needed to properly research individual investment (Eg: buying stocks individually, etc). So, as I said, I would choose a nice diversified investment system that can handle your big investments (stuff that will save for retirement and save for future large purchases, etc), and on top of that, if you wish, take a small percentage to use as your "play fund" for investments you want to directly oversee.
  2. ZFS building and need advice

    In my opinion, I would entirely eliminate that particular setup from consideration - not worth the risk of failure at all. It would take 3 drive failures only if 2 of the drives happened to be 2TB ones from the mirrored vdev's - you're still at risk of a 2 drive total failure, if, say, 2x 4TB drives bite it. You are of course welcome to do this setup anyway, but I would still just separate the 2 types of drives into their own pools for better tolerance.
  3. So a program like that is likely storing all client data inside a single Database. This Database is contained within the folder usually as a single file - they often end in .mdb file extensions, but can take many forms. I would suggest the best course of action would be: 1. Create a file server - this can be an old repurposed desktop, a NAS "appliance" (like QNAP or Synology NAS boxes), an actual Server, or anything in between. 2. Create a network share 3. Map this network share to all of his computers 4. Copy the database file to the network share 5. Install the tax software onto each computer - point the program to the database file on the share 6. Either use another NAS, or a set of external HDD's to perform frequent backups to. Ideally, you would backup to a daily drive, and then also backup to a weekly drive, which you rotate offsite (or alternatively, a 2nd NAS/File Server hosted at his home or something) 7. Create a VPN Server at the office - this can sometimes be done by the router, if it's business grade - if not, you can set one up on the NAS or File Server 8. Configure the VPN Server to have access to the database file and the network share 9. Install a VPN Client (or use built-in) on any of his computers that will need remote access - this includes ones that might also be used locally inside the office 10. Connect to the VPN, and map the network share - once connected, this should work as if you're inside the office. 11. Point the tax software to the database file as before. Now you've got the rough outline for a plan of action - should you choose to use this proposed setup (or adapt it to your own needs). Note: whether or not you can run the tax software on multiple computers simultaneously will depend on how the software works. Unless it specifically states otherwise, I would assume it will lock the database file when the program accesses it, and will prevent other clients from accessing the file. If this is the case, simply remember to only use the tax software on one computer at a time. If you need multiple computers to access at once, you will need to ensure the software has network/multi-user connectivity options.
  4. ZFS building and need advice

    Can you explain what this server will actually be doing? Because if you're just using it as a file server, your RAM is massive overkill. Your CPU's are both overkill too, unless you plan to also run a Plex Server, or something else? Can you clarify exactly how you want your setup to work? You want to create four 2x 2TB vdevs (do you want these in striped or mirrored?) - I assume striped. You then want to take these 4x 4TB vdevs, and use them with the 6x 4TB HDD's, to create an effective 10x 4TB RAIDZ2? This is a bad idea. You are adding a lot of extra weakness to this pool by combining the mirrored vdevs into the large RAIDZ2 array. You're better off doing two separate RAIDZ pools: 8x 2TB RAIDZ2 (Total Storage: 16TB; Effective Storage: 12TB) 6x 4TB RAIDZ2 (Total Storage: 24TB; Effective Storage: 16TB) If you for some reason need to combine the total amount of storage into a single "drive", you should do so via other means. You can even run ZFS with a Cluster capable File System, though there's certainly more work involved.
  5. Is LinusMediaGroup okay?

    They live in the Vancouver/Surrey area - they are quite safe from the forest fires.
  6. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    What are you talking about? Canada has thousands of good beaches. Even in land locked Ontario, we have plenty of good beaches, including several world famous ones. Besides, if I had to choose Florida (Hurricanes, floods, swaps, heat waves, etc) vs Canada, it would be no question to stay in Canada. What exactly is the point here though? Canada also speaks English. There's no benefit to move to the US when Linus already has full reach of his US audience. Just like he has full reach of his Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, and British audiences. Bahahaha. No he won't. If you were a business owner, would you seriously incur a massive unnecessary expense that would not increase quality or decrease long term cost just because people said you should? @Huriican1 I have a question for you. Have you even ever been to Canada before? You don't seem to know very much about it.
  7. Why doesn't Linus move to the US?

    That would entirely depend on your tolerance to cold. Southern Canadian winters are typically not that much worse than your typical north eastern or midwest winter. Certainly there's nothing equivalent to Florida/Texas/SoCal up here, but Winter is awesome, and skiing kicks ass, so I wouldn't want to live somewhere with no winter anyway.
  8. Download speed suddenly now ~1.5mb/s and won’t change

    Interesting - my guess is that it's simply doing a "speed test", which would measure your effective internet connection - this is, however, not necessarily the same as your actual rated speed package. For example, your ISP is extremely unlikely to sell you a "124 Mbps" speed package - it's just an odd number that's not typical. Furthermore if the speed measurement changes at all, then yes it's definitely just doing a speed test. With that in mind, that's a useful tool and not a bad thing at all. Your effective speed is more important than the rated speed (although if there's a large discrepancy, you should complain).
  9. Download speed suddenly now ~1.5mb/s and won’t change

    So, just to clarify, your Powerline software has no way to tell what your ISP connection is rated at. If it's saying your "connection" is rated at 100 Mbps, it's likely talking about the physical interface on the Powerline gear having a 100 Mbps port on it (as opposed to a Gigabit port). Your actual package could be anything. This would be listed on your Bill, or in your Online Account. Either way, 100 Mbps = 12.5 MB/s, which would line up somewhat with the speeds you're used to. I would call, and complain that you're suddenly seeing a huge drop in speeds. I would ask them to perform line tests and investigate the connection on their end. They may need to send a tech out, if the problem is the cable or the node near your house.
  10. It feels like culture has stagnated.

    He still uses the N-word. Though maybe not as much, because culturally, there's been a slow shift away from using that word by People of Colour. That really doesn't prove your point. Culture is not going to shit, anymore than it went to shit 10 years ago, or 20, or 40, or 80. One generation or another has always thought that "right now", culture is going to shit - regardless of what year "right now" actually is. Isn't that an improvement? That actually goes against your argument. Okay, let's tone this down a bit (or else we're going to get the thread locked anyway). Feminism is not what "killed" Star Wars. That was writing. Rey is no more a Mary Sue than Luke was, or Anakin from the prequels. Her being badass and good at everything has nothing to do with the fact that she's female. Mark Hamill disagreed with TLJ because the direction is very different from what George Lucas was (or would have) going to do. George has spent literal decades giving Mark insight into the Luke character. That makes total sense that he'd feel that way. But that has nothing to do with Feminism or Political Correctness. Yeah... no. I couldn't disagree more. Political Correctness can go too far - no argument there. But there's a difference between "Being respectful and not using offensive terms when you don't need to", vs "being overly PC for every little thing". Doom Eternal outrage? What outrage would that be? From my limited googling, some minority of people are outraged about the "Demon could be offensive" joke... Why do we give a shit? That has literally nothing to do with anything and doesn't represent normal people. Also, I call bullshit on this "outrage" actually changing the sales numbers by any significant degree. The game was gonna sell a shit load of copies regardless, since the previous game was a smash hit. Most of the edge lords who claimed that the joke/"outrage" would get them to buy a copy were already going to buy one. Welcome to the internet. You get to year the whining of Alt-rights, incels, SJW's, extremist feminists, MRA's, straight up nazi's, and trolls, all the time, even though they're all just a tiny segment of people regular folks simply don't give a shit about.
  11. Download speed suddenly now ~1.5mb/s and won’t change

    First, we need some clarification, because it seems like you might be mixing "Units" of measurement here. A quick recap: MB/s = MegaBytes per second Mbps or Mb/s = Megabits per second An easy way to remember is: Big B = Byte, little b = bit. 8 bits per Byte, and there you go. So when you're downloading games in Steam, are you getting 10-15 MegaBytes (MB/s) per second, or 10-15 Megabits per second (Mbps)? Big difference. Second: What is your internet connection rated at? (Listed in Megabits per second) Third: This still happens when directly jacked into the Router via Ethernet? Most likely it's a line issue with your ISP.
  12. 100 Gbps Network Speeds

    I just wanted to make a clarification. 100Gbps = 100 Gigabit per second, not GigaByte (or GibiByte, for that matter). Still a huge number, but much smaller than what you've listed. 100 Gbps = 11,920.9 MiB/s (12,500 MB/s)
  13. It feels like culture has stagnated.

    There's still plenty of "non-PC" comedy - even on Netflix. Just look at people like Dave Chapell - they're still doing "edgy" jokes about racism and LGBT, etc. As for Amy Schumer stealing jokes... not a new problem, my friend. As long as there have been comedians, there have been other comedians stealing their jokes. Art is subjective, yes. The David statue might be considered perfection by some - and others might find it bland or plain. There's really not much else to say about that. Plus there's plenty of artists that don't do "contemporary" art styles, and stick to classical styles.
  14. It feels like culture has stagnated.

    Strongly disagree. There's plenty of amazing music out there to discover - both Mainstream and more indie. TV and Movies? Never been better. We have amazing art pieces, great action movies, and such a wide variety of content. With TV Shows like The Expanse, Handmaid's Tale, The Orville, etc? Comedy has also seen a resurgence with platforms like Netflix, where comedians can make a real living and get way more exposure then ever possible before. Art? Art is art and will always evolve and change and morph but will always (like it always has been) be personal preference based on the aesthetic taste of the viewer.