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  1. dalekphalm

    Bank Debit Card Purchases

    The actual chip inside the card doesn't contain your personal phone number, if that's what you're asking. It does have the card number and expiry date, and the name listed on the card, though.
  2. dalekphalm

    Buying your first home

    Yeah most people don't have $125K lying around. Sure - buying a house with cash is obviously ideal, if you're able to. But that's simply not a reality for most people. With that in mind, good deal. A house like that where I live would easily be north of $600K.
  3. dalekphalm

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    As long as it supports load balancing, sure - unless you're gonna do the load balancing before the router, which would also work. Though I have no idea if that'll be a good setup or not. Could work well enough though, yeah.
  4. dalekphalm

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    Yeah lol we're actually in the middle of doing a Firewall replacement at work, so I've got these details in mind! (Mind you, we're looking at a significantly higher end device...) Just make sure to do some research on specs for the Server, since you'll need enough processor power and RAM to ensure you actually hit the throughput you want.
  5. dalekphalm

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    Nah it sounds like he's talking about NGFW features, like Intrusion Detection/Prevention, etc. These are features that a normal router doesn't even have. I have listed some basic specs and prices above, just to demonstrate the kind of money we're talking about here.
  6. dalekphalm

    Powerful router for gigabit ISP + IDS/IPS

    Most (all?) consumer routers will not even have IDS/IPS at all, so you're basically looking at SOHO at the low end. You're going to be paying a lot for something that can handle IDS/IPS at Gigabit speeds. Example, the entry level Meraki MX65 is ~$850 retail, plus another ~$565 for a 1-year Advanced Security license (You can save about half the cost by going with an Enterprise license instead, but the Enterprise license doesn't have the full IPS features). So this is ~$1400, and the MX65 only has 200 Mbps throughput with all security features enabled. Let's take another example: The FortiGate 90E, which is a high-end SOHO firewall. This guy is around ~$2200 to start, and he tops out at 270 Mbps with all security features enabled. If you are just using IPS and not the other features, he can hit 450 Mbps. If you turn off all NGFW features, and just use it as a "old school" ACL firewall, it can hit 4Gbps. So, honestly, the $2500 router that you can get seems like a decent deal. EDIT: So the lowest end FortiGate NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) that could handle Gigabit is the FortiGate 200E - this guy starts at $5500.
  7. "Local calling" is I think what confuses people about Area Codes. In particular, when an area code covers a large geographical area and does not correspond with whether a call is long distance or not. Case in point: Ontario's 519 area code. This code covers basically all of Southwestern Ontario, outside of Toronto - basically everywhere from Windsor, all the way over to Orangeville and up to Tobermory. Yet, not all of that area is covered under a local call. In the age of mobile phones and "Canada Wide" calling plans, it's really less of an issue, but it's definitely still an issue for older people who use landlines. For me? I have always had Canada Wide calling plans on my smartphone, so it's not an issue.
  8. dalekphalm

    ye dont microwave popcorn for more then 4 mins

    Oh yes definitely different products will have different ranges. My point is that a popcorn bag will never instruct you to do one time OR another time. It'll always be a range. And of course popping time depends largely on the microwave's power. Keep in mind that instructions are always guidelines. On a 1100 Watt Microwave, I find 2-ish minutes is a good sweet spot.
  9. dalekphalm

    ye dont microwave popcorn for more then 4 mins

    Maybe it's different where you live, but here, the instructions typically say 2 to 5 minutes. Not 2 or 5 minutes.
  10. dalekphalm

    Avengers 4 VS captain marvel.

    You're correct - or rather, I oversimplified. Ultron infected and then assimilated Jarvis. However, Jarvis had managed to kind of back himself up to the Internet by uploading himself. Jarvis then downloaded himself into the Ultron Body to become vision. And no, Ultron wasn't in the body yet, but he had uploaded substantial portions of his base consciousnous to the body already. So Ultron is part of what makes Vision, Vision. There's a piece of Ultron in there. I should edit for clarity: Ultron as the original consciousness still existed after the birth of Vision. Since Ultron is ultimately still AI, he was copying his code, not moving it. So Ultron became Vision in a partial sense, but the original part of Ultron continued on.
  11. dalekphalm

    Avengers 4 VS captain marvel.

    Jarvis turned into Ultron (Or rather, Ultron assimilated his sexy british ass, Borg style), then Ultron became Vision, with the help of an infinity stone + lightning from Thor... and actually got a sexy ass. So basically, Jarvis is now (eh... I mean... was) Vision. Friday is the new AI that Stark Developed... Though they did an absolute piss poor job explaining that (because... well... they didn't explain it at all, really). Stark essentially brought Friday online right before the Battle of Sokovia (the final battle of Age of Ultron), but it's basically a "blink and you miss it" type moment: http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/F.R.I.D.A.Y. Spoiler alert: This is why Jarvis is played by the Actor who voiced Jarvis (Paul Bettany).
  12. dalekphalm

    Avengers 4 VS captain marvel.

    Not necessarily. Most likely, Far From Home takes place before Infinity War, just like with Ant-Man 2. *note* Have not watched Spiderman Far From Home trailer.
  13. dalekphalm

    ye dont microwave popcorn for more then 4 mins

    To be clear, Microwave Popcorn "butter" isn't bad for you to consume. It's bad to inhale the fumes. Some factory workers may have issues, since they're exposed to the fumes all day, every day. There was also one guy that (I believe) died, due to the butter... buuuuuut he also ate Microwave popcorn literally every day, possibly more than once per day. That guy was fucked anyway - no one can survive on Popcorn (Microwave or not) for every day for their entire lives. Kinds that only have those 3 ingredients don't taste like butter. Coconut oil is "somewhat buttery" in flavour. But only very vaguely - and with the amount used, you likely wouldn't taste it at all. Best to add your own butter, with those tasteless products.
  14. dalekphalm

    made the news linus tech tips

    Those are easy things for Walmart to solve. Frankly, the case is a bit of an embarrassment, since it's so easy to solve (Have the OEM just replace the front panel USB 2.0 ports with 3.0 ports, and then the case will be pretty okay). PSU is an off the shelf part, so they just need to have the OEM supply a better one - though frankly, I'm not convinced that the PSU is really going to be that much of an issue. Motherboard could be an issue - especially if that's actually the cause of the CPU issues shown in the video. Re-engineer the board - or better yet, simply use a different OEM design. Now... will Walmart actually take/use any of this criticism? No idea (probably not).
  15. It being a video game is irrelevant, in my opinion, aside from the fact that this is why no one has bothered to challenge the law yet (because if you're trying to resell something worth maybe $50, there's not much incentive to spend thousands of dollars in court affirming your right). People do stupid stuff. That's pretty much humanity for you. Agreed. Personally I stick to Steam sales and Humble Bundles, for the vast majority of my PC game purchases.