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  1. Didn't it? Correction: Not F2P, but they changed their monetization system by reducing the cost of entry with a $20 "Starter Edition". So, you can either buy the "full" game for $50, or you can buy the "Starter Edition" for $20. The Starter Edition has a different (slower) system of unlocking operators. I must have confused that with it going full F2P (or I was thinking of a totally different game, perhaps). Either way, my bad.
  2. I agree that the claim that Siege is a "small game" is certainly not accurate. Though, how exactly do you measure a game that has since switched to a F2P model, which will inherently attract more players that aren't willing to pay for a game? It's a difficult comparison to make in any circumstances. Though I could definitely believe ~15m copies sold before F2P model, and an additional 5m players attracted via the F2P model. These are plausible figures for sure.
  3. Well, for example, to get the Ubisoft digital sales figures, he literally took the Steamspy figures, and doubled them, because "Ubisoft marketed the game a lot". Yeah marketing the game a lot will increase sale figures, but that's entirely, 100% baseless.
  4. @LAwLz I just wanted to point out that your BF4 vs Siege stats are not comparable. IF we agree that the Siege stats are accurate (14.5m estimated copies sold - despite the author of this figure straight up admitting he guessed some of the numbers, and made up others), then we must also agree that the BF4 stats you provided are simply wrong. Why? Because for the Siege stats, the primary source for most of his non-PC stats is vgchartz. Sure, that's fine. We do know that the site isn't 100% accurate, but it's a good ballpark. However, if we use vgchartz for BF4, you can see that total sales estimates are also around the 14m mark. And supposedly vgchartz doesn't take into account digital sales? (Since the Siege sales figures article listed totally separate sales figures for digital distribution on all platforms) http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=battlefield+4 If this is correct, and vgchartz only takes into account physical retail copies of the game (sold via the likes of GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, etc - for all platforms), then the 14m copies sold for BF4 is actually potentially under-represented by a large degree. I don't inherently disagree with your statements - though I personally feel that having a Woman in BFV - crippled or not - is a total non-issue - but I wanted to correct this misunderstanding about the sales for BF4 vs Siege. So BF4, at worst, has about equal sales to Siege. But if digital is not actually represented, then BF4 sales would actually significantly outweigh Siege sales. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, though, and assume it includes digital sales, and that sales between both games are roughly equal.
  5. Specktrumglasses opinions

    Here's a list of a bunch of different ones (try not to mind that it's on buzzfeed xD) https://www.buzzfeed.com/anamariaglavan/the-best-places-to-buy-glasses-online?utm_term=.nqG1ObNeg#.nhaOxzpA7 Zenni Optical is one that I hear recommended a lot. To be fair, I'm unsure whether they all ship internationally outside North America.
  6. Specktrumglasses opinions

    I don't see the value, when you can buy prescription glasses in person at a Glasses Shop for the same/better price, and you get to try them on in-store. You can even get Blue Light filtered lenses just like Specktrum. If you're going to buy glasses online, I'd just go to a discount e-tailer, since they still have designer brands, etc, but are a fraction of the price.
  7. Span vs. Raid 0 for Gaming?

    Haha well I appreciate a person who just wants to dive in a say "fuck it". Please let us know how things go
  8. The Uber car has multiple Lidar and RADAR systems, in addition to visual cameras. The dashcam footage - as far as we know anyway - was not used by the AI subsystem at all. Still, as @mr moose pointed out, that dashcam used by Uber is, quite frankly, garbage. I refuse to believe that what we see in the Uber dashcam footage, is the actual real-world conditions. I can believe that perhaps it's not quite as good as the crystal clear footage we've seen in the other smartphone/dashcam footage others have posted, but at such an insanely drastic difference, I'm not trusting that the Uber dash is depicting reality.
  9. Setting up a nas for video

    As long as the formfactor is the same, yes, you could swap them all out.
  10. New router making me want to scream...

    Haha no worries man, we all have the occasional brain fart
  11. is LTT anti-Linux?

    As @M.Yurizaki points out, the OEM edition of Windows has a specific definition, that is entirely legal for regular people to buy. Besides, you think Dell is paying $99 for their OEM license? Hell no. The big OEM system builders get massive discounts over the copy you can find in store. Anyway, even the link you gave me, most of them are significantly cheaper than the $145 Euro you listed from the Microsoft site. But that's besides the point, really. Ultimately, my point was that there's a reason why it's a good idea to include the cost of Windows in stuff like Scrapyard Wars or other build guides. Want to use Linux? Awesome - your build is either $100 cheaper, or you have an extra $100 to spend. I would certainly be qualified, both by employment, and by education.
  12. Connecting my existing network to DVR

    Why do you need a laptop to check the Router? Typing in the IP Address on any computer should do the trick, assuming router #1 and #2 are on the same subnet (they should be, unless there's more to the setup then you've explained).
  13. Switch Decisions - Need Advice

    I was gonna say, if the OP doesn't actually need any management functions, get one of the TP-Link unmanaged switches, with the correct number of ports. They're my go-to brand for unmanaged switches.
  14. Connecting my existing network to DVR

    Does the DVR have any Video Outputs on the back of it? If so, you likely need to change the Static IP to suit your new network setup. Likely the subnet is wrong.