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  1. Dude - I have close family who are involved in that world. Men are highly sought after for Ballet and Cheerleading, due to the fact that socially it's considered "feminine" or "girlie", and therefore very few men are interested in doing Ballet to begin with. I'm telling you, straight up, that if you're trying to go into Ballet, Cheerleading, Classical singing, or Music Theatre in general, that as a man, you have a significant advantage, as you're a highly desirable and scarce resource. I don't entirely understand your point here. The reason why the wedding cake thing even became a thing is because regular everyday people want wedding cakes. Regular every day people DO NOT WANT TO BE DRAFTED. So, you're unlikely to find a woman fighting for that particular right, because most of them (rightfully so) don't want to die in some shithole country halfway around the world from where they live. Is this a double standard? You bet. I'd say that women should be part of a draft, but I'd say the more ideal outcome would be that men are no longer subject to a draft, and military service becomes voluntary. Though to be fair, there are a number of countries THAT DO DRAFT WOMEN - Israel probably being the biggest example. Huh? Everyone knows white washing is bad. It's ended people's careers. It's not a double standard because: 1. You don't need to be ethnically japanese to be an expert in the traditional japanese style of sushi. Anyone can learn that. 2. You *do* need to be ethnically japanese, to play a character who is ethnically japanese. To do otherwise is white washing, and is considered at best, mildly racist. As to whether white washing is actually illegal? I don't know if anyone has sued over it yet. But if it ever actually went to court, it might well be considered discrimination, depending on the specifics of the case. Sexism still exists my friend (both sexism against men and women). I was never claiming otherwise. I was simply pointing out that your Ballet thing is totally false, so... you know... just pick better examples, dude.
  2. dalekphalm

    DDOS Protection for a Dedicated Server

    If hosting your own game server, I'd start by being more selective with giving out the server info. Only do so to people who are your friends and you know won't fuck you with a DDOS. Second, if that's not possible (or the info is already out there, and the ship has sailed, so to speak), then I'd consider perhaps using a proxy. Have your Server Info point to the proxy (either domain, if you have one, or IP) so that when someone "connects" to the server, they're actually connecting to the proxy first. The proxy then forwards the info to your actual game server, and should obfuscate the real IP of your server. Of course, they can still DDOS the proxy, but it's easier to get a new IP on a proxy, etc, then it is to deal with your home connection. However, I think step one should be look at what firewall you currently have, and consider installing a proper hardware firewall (like a Cisco ASA, Ubiquiti, etc), or if you can't afford one, install a server firewall, like pfsense. Keep in mind that an edge firewall is going to work the best (edge firewall meaning it's the first device in your chain, outside of a modem).
  3. For the most part, you're highly incorrect. Men so rarely apply to either of these, that in most schools and teams, they are highly sought after. In fact, in some cases, their standard of entry is lower than that of a female, because they're in such short supply. That's true, but a lot of countries don't have a draft, and it's been like 50 years since the last US draft. Point being, 50 years ago, women did have less rights in the armed forces, and that's changed significantly since then, even if there's still some barriers. There's a difference between portraying an ethnically specific character, and hiring someone who is an expert in a particular culture's food. In Canada, at least, if a restaurant hired an actual Japanese-ethnic person as their sushi chef, and passed up a better qualified white applicant - that 2nd person was discriminated against, and that is illegal. I don't think so. In fact, I haven't even stated an opinion about this, but rather have just pointed out corrections to some of your misunderstandings. If you want to point out double standards, or hold people to pointing out discrimination where it exists, or whatever it is that you're trying to argue for - cool. But use facts that actually help your case.
  4. dalekphalm

    are my measurements right?

    Yes - though by how much depends on the specific variables, including how loud/echo-y the room in question gets.
  5. dalekphalm

    are my measurements right?

    That might be fine. But I would also test spreading them out to cover a larger surface area of the wall, with small gaps between them. By spreading them out, you'll reduce the amount of sound that just bounces around your walls.
  6. dalekphalm

    are my measurements right?

    Seems right. My suggestion: If you have limited panels, not enough to cover the entire width of the wall, you have 2 ways of installing them: 1. Concentrate around where the sound is going to be loudest - make the panels dense and close together right where your TV or computer is. 2. Space them out evenly across the entire wall (Eg: Your wall is 12 feet long. You have 4x tiles to place width-wise. You space the tiles out every 3 feet). Option 1 is good if you're doing streaming or something and want to limit noise coming out of your room. Option 2 is good if you want to limit noise coming into the room. You may want to try both, and see which appears more effective. Alternatively, if you have a lot of the 2 walls not covered width-wise, you could take one of the 6 vertical tiles, and move it into the horizontal. (This would change from 6 tiles high to 5 tiles high - use the saved tiles to spread the width wider).
  7. dalekphalm

    What are your best moving tips?

    That would depend on which province. Several provinces have Rent Control laws, including Ontario and BC. These laws state that you cannot raise rent more than a certain percentage (announced each year, tied to inflation), and you can never raise rent more than once a year. You also generally have to give minimum 2 month's notice. There are exceptions - say, there was a huge unexpected repair, like a flood that damaged every floor - they can apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board (the government regulatory body for renting) to get an exception so they can raise the rent more. But they have to prove it's financially necessary, so it's not just automatically allowed. They can only jack the rent price up if you move out, and it's back on the open market - in that case, they can set the rent price at whatever they want. Typically, if your landlord keeps jacking up rent to the point where people move out, it's done because the rental market is hot, and they can get a lot more money out of a new tenant (one who isn't used to paying the lower price), whom they can charge a lot more, compared with whatever the current tenant pays. This is less common in places that have rent control, because the amount they can increase the rent is limited and generally not in high enough jumps to force someone out.
  8. dalekphalm

    DDOS Protection for a Dedicated Server

    Honestly I'd do a google search and see if there's a local data centre in or near where you live. If so, many of them offer their own flavour of DDOS protection - and typically they don't care what kind of customer you are, as long as you're not doing anything illegal. You might have to rent a proxy or a VPS as part of the deal though, to route the traffic. Definitely worth looking into.
  9. dalekphalm

    DDOS Protection for a Dedicated Server

    There really isn't going to be a practical solution for home-hosted DDOS protection. Certainly there are products that advertise this, but consider how DDOS protection works: It filters out bad requests and just lets good traffic through. That's a ton of bandwidth and data it has to sort through. Good DDOS protection, like Cloud Flare, works well because they have huge data centres to process and filter traffic as fast as possible - and even with these services, some slowdown still happens - it just minimizes the impact so the site doesn't go down completely. Example: Whenever LTT gets DDOS'd, the site still runs, but it runs like crap and is slow. A regular firewall can already do what Cloud Flare does in a basic sense: Use rules to determine what traffic is allowed, and drop the rest. The problem is that your connection itself would likely get flooded, and even if the firewall drops the ddos connections, you get overwhelmed anyway. Cloud based DDOS protection works by running the traffic through their much larger and more powerful connection first, then passing it finally to the actual web server.
  10. I'd like to point out that men are fully able to participate in Ballet and Cheerleading. Both have a long history of male participants. Granted, there's a certain social stigma associated with men in both, due to long standing sexism and gender bias. As for your Asian Themed restaurant... that doesn't compute. How, exactly, is an Asian themed restaurant discriminatory? Also, same with the Armed Forces? Many nations, including the US, allow women in basically all positions, including Combat positions (though to be fair, the US only recently lifted the last few prohibitions). Over 200,000 women served in the US armed forces during the recent Iraq/Afghan wars, and many saw action. As for your last comment about Japanese chefs - if I was a fully qualified and traditionally trained - yet white Canadian - sushi chef, and you chose a lesser qualified Japanese sushi chef, you could get sued for discrimination over that.
  11. Both DVD and Blu-Ray have licenses associated with them. Microsoft used to eat the cost, but their telemetry showed a vast decline in people using their 1st party software for this task, so why eat the cost? Some of the free software out there no doubt just ignores the license fee and doesn't pay it - something Microsoft would likely get sued over if they tried the same.
  12. I think you grossly misunderstand the point of the disclaimer. Either that, or you just haven't been a member long enough to know how any of these politically charged threads end up. The short answer is that they almost almost devolve into a political flame war, with different people taking sides and slinging mud at each other. The disclaimer was simply that: keep your personal political opinion out of it, and discuss the facts of the story. It's not some grand conspiracy by the mods, nor is it "virtue signalling". It's them saving themselves time by reminding people to obey the forum rules. DuckDuckGo.com You're welcome.
  13. dalekphalm

    Surround sound videos

    Oh in terms of practical implementations, it's pretty sparse. But Surround Sound and Stereo are not explicitly exclusive, in my opinion. Because with Binaural stereo, you can accurately predict direction and distance of sound, despite only using 2 sources. Never the less, the developers of Hellblade making a development error/oversight because they didn't properly engineer their audio is neither here nor there. Either way, I digress.
  14. dalekphalm

    Bad Bananas - The Banana is going extinct

    Business practices of some GMO companies aside, some companies are douches - regardless of their industry
  15. dalekphalm

    Small company data storage and backup

    I recommend this solution as well. 1. It's probably the most cost effective, when considering hardware, warranty, support, and initial cost. 2. It's the simplest option 3. It's easy to configure and manage 4. You can call QNAP or Synology for basic user/administration support My suggestion: 1. Buy 2x identical NAS's (2-bay is probably sufficient, though get 4-bay unit if you want future expandability) 2. Buy NAS grade HDD's - Seagate IronWolf, WD Red (non-pro is fine), etc - I'd suggest 4x 8TB or 4x 10TB drives (2x per NAS) 3. Install 2 HDD's per NAS. Configure both NAS's for RAID10 4. Setup the primary NAS as your File Server - share one or more network "shares" as needed. Configure users and permissions, etc. Configure snapshots/file versioning, which protect against accidental detection. 5. Setup the second NAS as the backup. Configure as the Backup Server. 6. Setup the second NAS so that the primary NAS will backup data to the 2nd NAS - set retention policies as you see fit. The 2nd NAS can live in the same building, but ideally, you want to install the 2nd NAS off-site - at the Boss's house, or if there's a second office, etc. This will protect against fire/flood, etc.