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  1. If a robot can mine natural resources and use them to build another robot, does that count as replication?
  2. Why should there be a difference there? As far as Ubisoft is concerned, they want the game to have long term goals, to keep people playing. If you unlocked everything after a few months of play, and literally maxed out every class under every faction, would you not get bored of it, with no further progression possible? For Honor is a multiplayer game - the whole point is to keep the user engaged and playing as long as possible.
  3. Short answer: No Longer but still short answer: Call your ISP, complain, get them to do line testing and see if they can fix the problem.
  4. I have some questions for you. 1. How old are you? 2. Why were you punished? 3. How long does the punishment last? 4. Will you still have access to the internet while performing homework, etc? 5. Have you tried talking to them, in a calm manner, like an adult, and working out a way for you to get internet back?
  5. Nick, I must say that I quite liked the Corsair One review thumbnail. It was clean, and stylish, without being silly. I hope that trend continues
  6. Hey man, we're the vast majority Still not quite fixed.
  7. lol true, it's mostly for "hookups". But occasionally, serious daters will use it.
  8. Can you please fix the formatting for that quote?
  9. Oh I know. But they got scammed. 100%.
  10. Virtualizing FreeNAS can still work - and with ZFS too. Your main concern is having a secondary SATA controller, or using an HBA, to physically pass the disks directly to FreeNAS. You need a VM software that allows Device/PCIe passthrough - not every software supports this. @Spike199421 running FreeNAS Corral in a VM is fine for testing, but honestly, because it now supports native virtualization, you're still better off running it as the Base OS and virtualizing any other OS you need to run (Eg: Linux or Windows Server).
  11. If you own an Apple TV, you can use iTunes for digital movies - though you won't really be able to store them on a NAS in any reasonable way. There are ways to store the Library on a network drive, but it's a bit annoying to do. If you don't own an Apple TV, UltraViolet works on most Net-Top Boxes, like Roku for example. Personally, I rip all my DVD's and Blu-Rays to my NAS, which runs Plex Media Server. I can then use any computer or a Roku or a Chromecast, etc, to watch those videos over the Local network. If your monitor doesn't support HDCP, a lot of things are just not going to work very well. Is your Monitor analog only, or just very very old?
  12. Yeah but you're just buying an expensive piece of paper. That real estate agency has no legal authority to sell plots of land on the Moon. Seriously...
  13. My first question is why the hell are you "searching" on behalf of someone else? Show them how the app works: Done, bam, they can search themselves. I mean... finding a partner is such a personal choice, even ones you might think are good may not be quite what they want. Seems like wasted time to have an unnecessary "middle man". As for your remarks: 1. Hipsters are in. Deal with it. 2. Leftist Feminists are also "in". There's a lot of them. Some of their beliefs are fine, some are extremists. Judging everyone by the term "feminist", as if that's one cohesive group, is stupid. 3. Trans people consider themselves females. As long as they don't hide the fact (eg: it's not listed anyone at all on the profile), then who cares? MTF transgendered people, especially post surgery, are generally speaking, difficult or impossible to tell from naturally born females. Even "downstairs" looks "genuine". If that's not your thing? Cool. No different from super skinny or super fat or whatever. 4. Couples looking for a third partner to join in the fun. Cool. Everyone has their own thing they want. 5. Overweight people do that, because of the exact reaction you just had. Fat people have a hard time with dating - and online dating makes things very superficial first. 6. That one is annoying for sure. Many dating websites have strict rules against that - a picture can only have one person in it, etc.
  14. Technically, the Outer Space Treaty deals with Governments, not private entities. It could be argued that those entities are subject to the treaty, as long as the country they're registered in or operates with, has signed the treaty (not everyone has). But in theory, a company could (if it had the necessary funds) cut ties with any government that has signed the treaty, and use that as grounds to claim extraterrestrial property. The USA doesn't own the Moon, so I hope that's hyperbolic Besides, Russia was the first country to land anything on the moon - just not people. Anyway, the Outer Space Treaty covers the moon, so technically no country can "own" it.