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    Computers, Coding and Photography
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    Check out my photography here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexwilsonphotography/
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    i5 6600k
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    MSI Gaming M3
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    16gb Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA 1060
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    NZXT Phantom in Red
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    1 WD 1tb, 1 Hitachi 230gb, 1 SeaGate 1.5tb
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W 80+ Bronze
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    Samsung S23B550 and S24D300 (Both 23.6")
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Cooler Master QuickFire TK TKL
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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma
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    Skullcandy SLYR
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. I'm curious what everyone here uses. As well as what you like or dislike about each piece of gear you're using. I just picked up a broken 50 1.4 for $120 and fixed it (focus ring issue). My kit: Canon T3i Canon 18-55 IS II & 55-250 IS II Kit lenses Canon 24mm f2.8 Canon 50mm 1.8 & now the 50mm 1.4 Canon 28-105 USM (original one from the 80s/90s.)
  2. Ayy, I just got the broken Canon 50 1.4 that I ordered off of eBay to repair and just finished repairing it. I'm so happy right now. Got a $350-400 lens for only $120. The glass doesn't even have any streaks either.

  3. This is my baby at the moment; 5 Series Sport by Alex Wilson Photography, on Flickr Back of 525i #2 by Alex Wilson Photography, on Flickr It's a 2003 E39 BMW 525i and I love it. It's in great condition, has 150k miles or so but runs super well. Been trying my best to take care of it and keep it very nice. Only non-factory items is just an upgraded radio which I wish I could have the old radio back but with bluetooth or AUX, I looked up a retrofit or two but it seemed to be a lot more money than I wanted to spend, but maybe I'll do it eventually. Also it need
  4. I tried doing this with Lightroom 6 before, it was extremely slow. I definitely DO NOT recommend unless you absolutely have too. Even when I was hardwired to the network and the NAS was hardwired as well. It was fairly slow especialy, when trying to cull through the photos. I usually edit off an external HDD with USB 3.0 and haven't had any issues so far. I try to backup the entire HDD to my NAS every week or so and then I have the NAS backed up to Unlimited Google Drive via RClone every Sunday at like 4 AM.
  5. I second Tony & Chelsea for sure, they've got a great channel.
  6. I whole heartedly recommend waiting for the Canon Pixma Pro 100 to go on sale again, they're amazing and super nice. The prints are great and a ton of pro photogs I've heard of use them or the bigger brother (the Pro 10S I think). Edit: Nevermind the Pixma Pro 100 deal is still going, they must've renewed it. Basically they sell the printer for $399 to you and then you get it, cut the serial number and shit and send in the mail in rebate, and you'll get a $250 debit/gift card. The ink for these is quite expensive, around $115-130 for an entire set depending on where you get it, bu
  7. 8/10, the photo is super cool and I love the bokeh in the background, you nailed the focus on the cat's eyes. However I think the photo would look a bit better if the lighting was more regular rather than just on the left of the cat's face. I really like it though! 365 Project #5 by Alex Wilson Photography, on Flickr
  8. Check their feedback and also if you pay with PayPal you get a money back guarantee. Regardless, eBay is a buyer oriented site because any claim against a smaller seller basically takes them off the map.
  9. I got a take home algebra 1 quiz and need to score highly on it, can someone let me know if the problems look correct?
  10. I love it, I preach it honestly. I'm forced to use it at school since we use iPads with Google Apps for Education, but it's the best thing ever. It's so seamless I share something on my iPad to people and we go to a computer lab and we just pull it up on there without issue, no passing around a thumb drive and no combining people's edits. It's just so simple and the history feature is so helpful if someone deleted something a long time ago, you can bring it back. I usually use it for anything I want on all of my devices at any given time. I also backup super important things to it like, backup
  11. I just got the CC version activated and it's absolutely amazing. It's setup so that whatever page you have selected in Dreamweaver, shows up in the web preview and it auto updates every time something changes.
  12. Would you be able to PM this as well? Dreamweaver and Premier would be awesome!
  13. They're both shitty, there probably basically the same just pick one and you'll get what you pay for. I'd recommend a better keyboard in the $80-100 range.