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  1. It's so crazy. And they're supposedly directly part of Digital Storm which is a company I wouldn't expect to do shady crap like this. I mean, not even a response of "we're sorry we can't build any PCs because graphics cards don't exist", which would make sense. We had to file a dispute with the card company to get our money back. I'm starting to lose faith in LInus's ability to choose sponsors. I was one of the many who said as much when Raid Shadow Legends showed up as a sponsor and Linus said a bunch of stuff he clearly doesn't believe about it.
  2. Banned because I happened to check the forums today. Sorry.
  3. Banned for calling yourself senpai. How rude.
  4. Banned because I wanna summon you now. I have no idea why, but it sounds powerful. Can you beat Bahamut?
  5. Banned for being so easy to talk to.
  6. Well, my dad already disputed with the bank. I was just very confused because you know, this is a company parented by Digital Storm, and DS doesn't seem like a company to hit radio silence.
  7. KageSong


    Sent a friend request
  8. KageSong


    Ah, a Fennec, you'll have to meet my friend Foxx. He's my Canadian cultural liaison.
  9. KageSong


    Well, I hope things get easier. I'm bad at judging appropriateness, so if I miss my mark, I apologize, but if you ever need an ear, DMs exist. Listening and giving a damn is about my only single good quality.
  10. Banned for focusing on the smaller picture.
  11. KageSong


    Looking at it, it's probably me. I've never really been good at message boards. Scared to socialize even online. Alas, I've run out of interesting things to bring up :(. This has been the most involved conversation I've had in... ... ... ... some amount of time.
  12. KageSong


    Well, at least I never claimed to be very smart.
  13. KageSong


    I think that's what I tried to do, but it just nested your quotes inside of eachother.
  14. KageSong


    Our record players all broke over time and I haven't pulled the trigger on a new one. Lakes are the best to sit by and watch the sun/moon. We have a pond down south that I like to run away to. (I don't know how to split the quotes sorry lol)