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  1. Syntaxvgm

    How to get job at linus tech tips?

    They're a huge internet presence, and everyone wants to work there. You'll have to get their attention somehow. Show up at their office. Wear something attention grabbing. Since they're into tech, wear tech. Make a loin cloth out of GPUs or something. You'll want to show that you're ready to unbox stuff, so carry an open box cutter in your hand Since Linus is always yelling in his videos, you need to yell louder, and never stop yelling. The door will be locked and they wont let you in. Wait behind parked cars for someone to go in and bust in behind them. You want to go straigt to management- Linus is upstairs, so that's where you want to go. Shove past anyone who tries to stop you. This is a good time to start yelling in case Linus is in earshot. When you're upstairs Linus might lock himself in his office. It's ok, there's a giant tempered glass window on his door, but if you've prepared you have one of these hanging on your gpu loincloth https://www.amazon.com/Petutu-Emergency-Escape-Safety-Breaker/dp/B078ST9NX6 Once you've broken the office door window, you need to gain Linus' favor, so try a sexual favor. Don't ask, just do. I don't know what your size is but I'm 99% sure you're larger than he is, so use your size to your advantage. While attempting to do him a favor, tell him all of he wonderful thing you can bring to the company. Remember: Do not stop yelling! This is how NIck Light did it
  2. The US population is 325.7 million. 74.2 million of that is children (under 18) leaving us with 251.5 million. About 32 million are estimated to be illiterate leaving us with 219 million. Not taking out the number for people who would be unable to comment due to mental retardation another circumstance, 4.3 percent of people able to comment made a comment on one viewpoint on this niche issue to the fcc. 136 votes were cast in the 2016 election, and that means an amount equivalent 6.9% of people that cared to vote for the presidential election left a comment specifically against net neutrality. A population about the size of Michigan or three times the size of puerto rico left a comment against NN on the FCC site. This is more fake anti NN votes than copies sold of Halo 3 in its first year. I have yet to meet a non tech person that understood what NN is, and I'm asked all the time. This is in addition to real anti NN comments and pro NN comments. That doesn't sound like believable numbers.
  3. Syntaxvgm

    Candian rupees

    Also Indian money, equally worthless.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh wait im running libssh oh fuck
  5. image.png.70d2156ddad80d5c9ac5fbfedd4bbdb4.png
    When you just take a glance and ASSUME it's 80mm, because why would it be 92mm, the 2$ bill of fans? 
    I'll just diy a gasket if I think the fan is good enough for the application. 

  6. every time I take peek inside Voat, the reddit alternative 

    Image result for pepe


  7. Syntaxvgm

    Video idea: the AliExpress(Or other) computer

    Doesn't that just take a firmware trick? I know they used to do this with external hard drives. Usb stick that waas like 8GB, shows up as 1TB or something, some weights. People see it shows up and they can copy to it, leave a good review before they find out. My other favorite for like usb drives is using rejected flash chips that die almost immediately- but not before working for just long enough for a good review or missing a return window.
  8. Syntaxvgm

    Cube PC concept design

    I know this is so close to absolutely sick. As it is might as well stick blue leds in and put it into my 2005 all acrylic build.
  9. Syntaxvgm

    Cube PC concept design

    for airflow, with a shroud a re fence card will do fine here, but I'm not sure if the bottom is also supposed to have an air gap, that one onthe back is not big enough. The connectors I noticed too, but it seems theres no wires inside the design, perhaps to oversell how clean it looks. There are right angle connectors, there's also the possibility of running it over the intel frame buffer like you would with an egpu on a laptop (kind of like optimus), which would be just...terrible.
  10. It turns out it takes about 9 days to deliver memory from a newegg warehouse about an hour and a half drive from me. I'm not sure if I blame fedex or newegg for using fedex. 

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    2. TVwazhere


      I've had newegg be able to send thing from NJ to NY in 2 days (not the city) and even from CA to NY in 7. Sounds like a Fedex Issue

    3. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      Sometimes things come to my state, leave the state again, and come back to where it was originally. Or ship from my state, go to another one and make a new trip. Strangest thing... They do it within a day usually though so I guess I'll hand it to them. 

    4. WereCat


      It took Amazon 8 days to ship me item they had in stock. 

      It only took 2 days for it to arrive from a foreign country. 


      They also once sent me item from Germany to Slovakia that went trough a France. 

  11. Syntaxvgm

    RTX and who are these people?

    I just ordered a friend a kick ass PC, but we're just dropping a used 970 in it. Was 110$, 125 with shipping. He'll probably upgrade in a while to another sub 200$ option. It's really where its at.
  12. Syntaxvgm

    RTX and who are these people?

    Pretty much. If I had more time, I'd make a website and youtube purely dedicated to medium/ "tuned" benchmarks.
  13. Syntaxvgm

    RTX and who are these people?

    I'm just gonna attack this one small thing here- NVENC is just a solution if you're looking to stream only. It's really not great great when it comes to quality vs bitrate, which is terrible for archiving videos. It's much better to cpu encode your recorded streams. This can also be a problem if you simply want to stream and record different settings as well- a lot of people stream with NVENC and record with CPU encoding of some kind. I can archive game footage at about 1GiB an hour with CPU encoding at decent quality. I've yet to find a way to do that with NVENC. This is why I have a dedicated streaming and recording PC, I don't want to record everything in high NVENC bitrate and dump into handbrake all the time. (that and I record up to three players) When you're looking for a "streaming PC", you're looking for a couple of extra cores to help you cpu encode. (Smarter thing is just to use your old hardware though). I always thought you should have 2 more cores than you need to game comfortably anyway- export that video or render that blender while gaming.
  14. Anyone know where I can get an Antec Three Hundred in decent condition? (NOT A three hundred two)



    turns out Performance-pcs still had 4 in stock, which is mind blowing since the case is more than 10 years old, which is about when I built my first fully custom pc in one (previous ones were upgrades to prebuilts). I called to verify there were not three hundred twos. 

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    2. Syntaxvgm


      @King Poet yah it's not something you think of. It wasn't a particularly sought after case other than being a good deal for a basic not gaudy case at the time, and most people dont buy used cases on ebay due to shipping unless it's like an original dframe or something. For being the part that really can be used forever even more so than the power supply, it's often really the most disposable. 

      My next step was to make a WTB in the classifieds and shill it everywhere. 

    3. King Poet

      King Poet

      Yeah, it was classy looking for the price. We had about 30 of em.

    4. Syntaxvgm


      I would have kept it much longer if the inside was black too or a darker grey tbh. I really liked it regretted trashing it. The two version had a curved front and I didn't want to go with that so I never got another. 

  15. Syntaxvgm

    Any other writers?

    whats going on here I'm missing the joke