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  1. Syntaxvgm

    I met Linus at Guildford Mall Today <3

    I'm sure it depends. Some techy people are not exactly known for picking up on social cues. Plus a lot of his fans are young teens, and you know how they can be/you were at that time. I'd bet it's all about how and when you're approached at these sort of things. I sure know in the same place I would not like it.
  2. Yah it's basically llike a range of accounts, not all of them. I imagine it's some sort of database fuck up affecting a certain ID range.
  3. Syntaxvgm

    Details for Intel 9th gen notebook CPU's surface

    As long as it's not a i9-9900popeyes
  4. Both were rest for me and others. I had my profile on private too.
  5. I've seen this talked about in a few places now. Basically what's happening is Origin is defaulting your privacy settings so that everyone can view your profile and it uses your real name, even if you set it not to. I've just checked mine and sure enough, it was changed to these settings. I know I didn't have these settings as recent as last month. http://www.4gamers.be/nieuws/68121/1/Opgelet-Origin-geeft-mogelijk-je-echte-naam-weer I'm not sure how widespread this is or why it is happening, no statement from EA yet too early, but it does seem to be happening.
  6. Cool maybe they can make this macbook not suck would like macobooks as good as the old ones.
  7. The only thing I found wrong with his video is that on the Content ID disputes, they very rarely are successfully disputed for smaller channels or even some larger channels- in fact they are pretty much auto denied for a lot of CR holders. People who are large enough to rely on ad revenue but small enough not to matter are sucked dry by this. There's a working theory that with some channels that "work with youtube" (have some kind of partnership, have at least talked to a rep before) and things like the channels that upload stuff Jimmy Kimmel, they pretty much have the benefit of the doubt or may see manual review. But again I'd like to stress that disputing content ID usually does nothing from what I'm able to gather, but I have little personal experience here. I've been told in some cases even auto CID is up to the claimant to approve disputes/appeals for most channels, but I do not know if that's true. If it is it explains the mixed experience- where some seem auto denied and some seem to work and have some sort of manual review. But that I do not know. I basically suspect that the same forces are at work that file DMCA takedown requests in places like google- it might be entirely automated for some companies who hire third parties to protect their IP- like WMG. It's certainly all automated in a lot of cases, it would not surprise me here. They could in that case just be denying everything where others actually review it.
  8. It amazes me that people accuse @LinusTech of this kinda shit or even blame him when we hear a new story every day of how broken youtube is, mostly because of changes to their content ID system. Youtube is out of control, the tail rotor stopped moving and they're just riding it down until it's basally a place to watch shit like Jimmy Kimmel and not user created content like the original "broadcast yourself" slogan. It's probably going to be reborn as this new corporate friendly thing- instead of replacing network television it will become the new version of network television. Of course it's automated. I would assume FSM had this shit on content ID as a lot of people simply reupload and monetize videos (happened to lmg many times I think) and it's literally shitty enough that if you do not content ID your content, you have a higher chance of getting your own content hit. I mean it wasn't even LMG that had the ID in the system it sounds like, just FSM. The mistake was assuming everything would continue to be bad like youtube always has been, not this new level of what I personally would call platform destroying- if it's kept up. I have no idea why anyone would give LMG shit for this. Even before this recent content ID problem people's own voice, videos of static, or blank videos would be hit with content ID in tests. Do people just not assume it's youtube being the raging refuse fire that it always has been?
  9. I've played it a bit and I think I'm addicted.
  10. Few hours ago I took the Browns to the Super Bowl.
  11. Syntaxvgm

    Reset Button

  12. Syntaxvgm

    Intel Core i9 9900KFC

  13. Syntaxvgm

    Reset Button

    you must have put it on the wrong pins in general, not backwards. That's not how switches work. Make sure to identify the right pins and use a flat head screwdriver to test it.