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  1. lol. TBH I don't think they want to go back a week and edit old posts whenever the roll a video to youtube, as simple as it sounds. I really dont see the problem, but I don't watch them on YT much.
  2. If you're suggesting floatplane videos should have the youtube clickbait titles and thumbs, please ingest 30$ cyanide then 3000$ cyanide.
  3. I have never related my gun ownership to my game console ownership. The federal government wont throw my in prison for putting a vertical grip on the wrong size of game console.
  4. if you successfully connect any console with CFW to PSN without some kind of up to dat workaround, it may get banned. This is a fact. Mostly it would prevent you from even connecting. This is the same with XBL You know this, and you also knew that linux was not only official when it was released, but it doenst connect to psn anyway so how would it get you banned? I stand by the jackass thing. You knew what you were writing.
  5. ITT People who've never had consoles banned from XBL or accounts on PSN for same thing.
  6. TV is not suitable for gaming though, I think it's the gaming specifically?
  7. JAPAN

    Not really a good place for that. I'd instead look for unique gaming stuff and older region locked games in used stores if you're into that sorta thing.
  8. How to Tell my parents my phone broke

    "My phone broke" 200 can get a great used phone. I spent about that much (US) on a phone 2 and a half years ago, still using it haven't cared to upgrade.
  9. Image result for furiosa

    British soldier, 1943. Colorized. 

  10. COD2 and (WAW I guess) one of the few games to actually cover Stalingrad and have MP levels with it. I think cod2 even had a woman side character, I remember as some servers modded the model to be playable in mp. I mean if you did that same thing but made the female character a main character or the one you played it'd be cool, you dont have to jam Furiosa in a ww2 shooter though.
  11. Man yah my mother was in hospice. After like 2 terrible years of her barely being able to eat or swallow, painful breathing, struggling...just like one day she took a turn and was gone within a coupe of days. After all that time of knowing she was going to die and there was nothing she could do about it, nothing she could even do to live normally during that time. In her case sometime 2015 her cancer was back and had spread to her brain, but targeted radiation seemed to be working. She found out Mid janurary of 2016 that it was back and it was terminal. She died about 2 and a half months later. She was 47 I think
  12. I edited to clarify, fast since the announcement that it was back and terminal. Like little more than a month ago