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  1. A thick ass smart watch with a day battery life and a reflective screen is such a compromise in 2019. I'm glad there's some pebble-like options creeping back out there.
  2. I personally can't survive in Michigan so I don't know how this phone will fare.
  3. On a more humid day (don't do this if you live in a dry place) a good air compressor will successfully transport every single dust particle from your PC to the air in your shop in about 1 and a half seconds. Electric vacs and canned air don't have the power to remove as much dust as compressed air can without manual cleaning.
  4. The fact that people who put almonds in cookies are allowed to vote is terrifying. 

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      As a victim of the marginalized pineapple on pizza-kin, this post offends me 

    2. Syntaxvgm


      @STRMfrmXMN I love pineapple on pizza. But I don't bake other people pizza, then hide pineapples inside of it where you can't see it on the top and serve these unsuspecting fools "regular pizza" like "chocolate chip cookies"

  5. My experience with this (and reading about it) was long before 1809, I since haven't tried it. IIRC enterprise and LTSB wont ignore it, but other editions will. This of course, could have been changed. I'd seen some complaints about the same thing when I was researching the problem at the time, and I moved on to other solutions. Some of those threads were related to businesses, and the only answer was "well then why are you not o n enterprise" which never had any of these problems at any point. There was a reason most of the early windows 10 "fixes" were registry edits, not GP edits. Also, some problems with updates overwriting those registry settings makes that a bad idea. Whether or not this is still a thing, it seems pretty apparent to me MS was trying to prevent that large crowd that never updates from doing that, making MS look worse when patched problems still get posted on social media and stuff. Since they've done a lot worse on testing before releases lately, it would take a problem that was maybe solved in a week and get them bad PR for months if they didn't force as many users as possible to update.
  6. It does, however it does it less NOW. 8 still does it to me. I restart for an update, think Im cool, forces me again when im afk the next day- though one problem they've fixed is it used to be you'd sleep/hibernate and the timer would still count down, wake it up, walk away and get the "15 minutes fuck you" warning with no prior warnings, now it actually resets it to 1 day most of the time until it's delayed too long. Keep in mind that you can usually put it off for a day or whatever if you click so, but it gave you a prompt that if you ignore (or are not there for) itll just update now. The same thing for the forced upgrade to 10, which was unacceptable in every way, seriously. It is not the user's fault they've designed it so it even ignores group policy. And yes, it will do it during a render job because those take hours and you dont watch it- in fact the taking solong part is why it's such a big deal, you don't let something compute for more than a day, checking it every few hours, to lose it all to a windows forced update and NOT get mad- it's basically the really time consuming things it gets you on. Funny thing, I once had a desperate sounding phonecall of this exact reason "how do I stop it" on 8. Ofc that was then setup properly, which is much easier on 8- always update on restart and never force restart. I will acknowledge that I'm referring to early 10 and 8/8.1 (never had problems with 7, it was all optional anyway, which meant everyone was 2 years outa date), however I configured systems/moved some to ltsb pretty early on so I really only have like one computer that's still on 'vanilla' 10. It's still malicious. Force update by default is not a bad thing, but not even allowing for a setting? Ignoring GP? Come on. In fact, I'd 100% have less of a problem if they allowed LTSB to have a single sale license, because tbh it's the perfect version of 10 and there'd be SOME remedy for the less-than-power-user types who need an OS that treats them like they have important shit to do. The problem with this behavior of fisting updates with no lube (importantly with no way to turn it off) for the standard user is they will get mad and find a way that fix it that usually involves entirely disabling updates, which defeats the damn purpose and causes other problems they blame MS for (like UWP not working). There's a million apps for this, and most of them do just that- kill it entirely. The "disable all updates" option in 7 was on like most personal computers I saw - full control of the system while it's on is all people really want. Before they didn't want to wait, but these days you don't really have to. When in 7 you could keep updates and just toggle the restart behavior, people just took a meat cleaver to a scalpel problem because "my computer wont tell me what to do". No option to disable updates on restart but an option to disable forced restarts seems ideal.
  7. By malicious I mean no way to delay restarts easily, delayed impending restart methods that were simple kept getting patched even in 8, and not being able to even buy the fucking option (ltsb) unless you're making a volume agreement. So fuck anyone but enterprise users. By malicious, I mean force restarting fuck all your rendering, fuck your work. By malicious i mean you don't even have to acknowledge the warning for it to restart on its own in 15 minutes. Take a shit? Enjoy your lost render job. Forcing this to stop with simple apps breaks a lot of installations that use uwp. It also forces people to get angry and just all disable it entirely (thats what most easy to use apps do) so now you got people not even getting updates when if they had the fucking option to never force restart they wouldn't care. SSDs are a thing, no one has to wait an hour anymore. It's malicious because 90% of people don't know how to make their computer not force update when they're doing something really important. It's one thing to force it when you restart, it's another to not even be able to delay it, or set an option so you can delay it. I mean it even ignores group policy now. How is that NOT malicious? Fuck I was once interviewing someone for a job and their laptop force updated during the skype call. That is a malicious disregard for the user in every way. Not even getting into the forced updates breaking shit. Not a problem for you and me, but others had to pay for repair. Fun related story- During the time when they were forcing people to 10, I had a windows 8.1 machine for a while that existed entirely in a VM, but then I started moving it between a vm and a physical laptop. After entering a second key, it soon deactivated again (understandable) so I just used whatever the most popular kms tool was at the time. Since it was cracked, I didn't think I had to worry about it moving to 10 (which it was to be the only pc I kept on 8 ). Well one day I came home to it being forced to 10 tried to roll it back with the built in option but it wouldn't, (might have to do with crack) and I just used a drive image a took a few days before. It had a legit 10 key and everything. Had I not bought a bunch of 8 keys and used the free update for 10 keys, I would have tried to see if I could do that instead lol.
  8. I'm gonna have to side with Dr mac here. With 10 and 8 both now, there's a lot of steps involved to delay or defer updates indefinitely, where with mac it never forces me to restart or move to anything new by default. AT MOST it will pester me. Systems I have that are not on LTSB or a customized version of 10 have had problems with large automatic update changes many times now. Default 10 doesn't allow customization of auto updates almost at all, and actively ignores group policy on it. LTSB has all the options and will accept group policy, so it's pretty clear how malicious MS's stance on this is, since they made a version that you can control.
  9. For anyone that want this case like I do- One tip to making builds like this is to cut the sleeving off of the PSU cables, makes them more agreeable and separable to go around things. If you want to really go for it, you can actually just shorten the cables. It's quite easy if you take your time and dont be stupid. I've done this because traditionally, I've used 1u server power supplies that I'd already have to open to place a quieter fan inside, and those come with longer cables. The quieter fans are jank, once I worked with a 750w? unit that really needed airflow because I was using a lot of its total load, and I basically cut holes in the side and crammed multiple slim and quiet 40mm fans instead of one loud one (in push not pull. Super sketch). Those 40mm fans just have a tone to them that makes even quiet ones are quite noticeable. My switch got a 5v 40mm noctua fan that I really had to power down quite a bit, and it's still the loudest thing in the room, though a much more acceptable low drone. To be honest, consider a build with external power. Bricks only go to the 300w range(and you'll need a dc-dc converter) and some of the enthusiast dual gpu laptop crowd used to link 2 together to get enough power for overclocking, so there's parts for that out there. One thing I helped someone come up with on a forum long ago was a high powered 1u unit- just used that as a brick. Took the essential power (from rails) over a few cables they soldered to it, in a thick rubber sleeve and connected it to the case with some connector they bought from digi key (I was only responsible for suggesting the idea and helping find a good connector, they did rest). Those loud 40mm fans are way better shoved behind a desk or something, and it's still portable- you can cram that in a backpack easy. It's not really much bigger than a fatt laptop brick.
  10. I haven't been here in a while 


    1. Den-Fi


      That is exactly how many brain cells you've avoided killing.

    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp
    3. Syntaxvgm


      I'm pretty sure I've logged in a few times and hit clear as well. 

  11. I dont care. Before there was NO option for this, AMD or NVIDIA. It's stupid, because it's an artificial limitation, yes. I am actually able to force this on the linux drivers. Since the first 1440p screen I have waited for fucking integer scaling. And no, it's not up to date, but the 1080 is still my newest GPU.
  12. TBH I'd rather deal with the potential of a battery fire than another Chrysler. Burning to death might actually be a preferable alternative if my income were high enough.
  13. YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS! This should have been an option 10 years ago, and it's nice to see that AMD and NVIDIA are actually getting to it.
  14. hot-take.jpg


    1. pizapower


      Vampires hate her.

  15. New from nintendo a Switch that doesn't switch for the price difference of a dock. 

    Take all those cool features of the joycon like hd rumble and motion controls and throw them away, because developers wont rely on something without a full attach rate- you'd have to set this thing on a table to use joycons that way. 

    But is it avaible in that awesome neon blue or red that's on the joycons, you ask? No, dull turquoise. 

    1. TacoSenpai


      Yo I gotchu