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  1. I forgot the infinite warfare trailer was still top 5
  2. Syntaxvgm

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    yes Taller= longer arms = comfortable typing position is further away. Plus I used to have an 18.4 inch goliath of a laptop and it's by far one of my favorites I've ever owned Saying a product category that doesn't match your subjective desires (but is liked by others) is stupid and selfish
  3. Syntaxvgm

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    I can deal with black bars on the top and bottom way more than on the sides for some reason
  4. Syntaxvgm

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    Yah I pretty much want it for all workstation stuff. Gaming I don't care, but other stuff I really miss it, it's hard to even get good productivity monitors that are 16:10 these days.
  5. Syntaxvgm

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    8:5 is a reduced fraction. It's been referred to as 16:10 for many years for a reason- it's 16:9 but taller and it's more of a variation on that- like if it was made in a void it would be 8:5. 2:1 is not 18:9 btw. 21:9 is the only aspect ratio that's a lie, all other ones I know of are near perfect ratio to resolution matches.
  6. Syntaxvgm

    17in, 3lb, 19hr Laptop LG Gram

    why? Think of it like 16:9 but with room for a start bar and a window title bar. 16:9 shit is fullsceen in windowed mode. It's great and the only reason I moved from 16:10 is it's just hard to find. One of my all time favorite screens is the old 30 inch apple cinema display that's 2560x1600
  7. idk. Somewhere technology related with a decent amount of traffic and a place that loves circle jerking about PR disasters. PCMR could be one, idk.
  8. Syntaxvgm

    NVidia Losses half of its value

    Wallstreetbets summarized the current market conditions quite well earlier this week
  9. this is the kinda thing you post to the right subreddit. Shaming corporations on social media is the only way to get them to right their wrongs these days.
  10. Syntaxvgm

    Russia threatens to ban Google

    oh as if he's subject to these rules
  11. I have 3 "power man" psu (fsp unit) and an apevia atx-wa1100W left. I have to use one of them until I order a couple new psus ina  week or two, at this point I think I'm just choosing what scent the burning will be 

    I have a few server psus that would work with some adapters, and I have some likely, but some of them are the low quality adapters I know tend to catch fire (look at shorting sata adapters, same concept) 


    NEVERMIND it's an INTEL case and ATX unit, which OF COURSE means the bracket doesn't line up with actual atx screw holes. IT's off my about a mm 



    I'm not even sure if I should drill press the pins out and flip the psu and make new holes or just like buy a new case. It's heavy ass solid case with a lot of drive sleds, but it also sucks for air flow. I already have to buy a new psu so idk. 


    thing is, the psu that came in here (this is an ssi case) is NOT ssi and does not fit in the clamp, it's atx, but maybe with ssi holes? 

    edit 2

    Shims lol
    Not as much of a fire hazard as it looks. 

    So I'm probably just gonna use the included psu, I need to order a good 24 pin extender and a sata chain that's actually high quality. Then I probably need an eps extension, it's like 4 inches. 


  12. Disk one

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **Head seeking sounds**

    Disk two

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **Head seeking sounds**

    Disk three

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **Head seeking sounds**

    Disk four

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **Head seeking sounds**

    Disk five

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **Head seeking sounds**

    Disk six

    **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **EEEE! GRRR!** **Whiiiiiiiiir!** **EEEE! GRRR!****Whiiiiiiiiir!** **EEEE! GRRR!****Whiiiiiiiiir!** **EEEE! GRRR!**


  13. they only stopped that one time, earlier they didn't. Fuck china. Below a read if you didn't already. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/tiananmen-square-massacre-death-toll-secret-cable-british-ambassador-1989-alan-donald-a8126461.html