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    4770K 4.4 Ghz
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    32 GB 2400 ADATA
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    two 512GB MX550 Raid0 + 16TB NAS
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    Razer naga 2015
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    V-Moda M100
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  1. as you pointed out these parts are only really here to be the top in gaming, and if thats not your need you got plenty of great other options. and the way I see it is AMD should be able to price there top class CPUs with a premium they win in every category, how is that not worth the cost. they are priced with in reason of intel while beating them so if someone was going to spend $600 on a 10900k or $380 on a 10700k (Newegg prices) AMD has faster options in the $550/$450/$300 prices (for gaming)
  2. I am going to upgrade a PC to the 3600 soon, because I can get a MoBo, CPU and Ram for $350. its a great price over perf part. But I do expect some cheaper non x skus of 5000 to come out later, which should be good Price over perf parts
  3. Also the 16GB SD card has a OS already installed. this one requires no setup or knowledge to get started.
  4. When last gen (1000 to 2000) barely even improved in Price to Perf that kinda makes makes the comparing 3000 to 2000 seem very exaggerated. IMO Nvidia should be able to easily beat AMDs last gen (almost, RX 5000) in Price/Perf then just being around it. I am looking at this from where most people buy GPUs under $500 and are looking for the best bang for there buck. To me its disappointing. GPUs above the price of $500 has gotten so out of control with Price/Perf over the last few years it seems to have gotten people to think thats ok. Just because Nvidia is where they should of
  5. we should see cheaper versions of Zen 3 CPUs early next year. I would wait for what AMD will have GPU wise before getting something because if they improve there performance and price/performance of what the RX 5700 they should be really good GPUs to get.
  6. I think these carts are the most important and shows a very minimal improvement what really matters.
  7. Game Pass Xbox is $10/m, PC is going to $10/m (was $5/m during beta), Ultimate is $15/m Xbox gets you games for xbox consoles PC gets you games for PC Ultimate gets you games for Xbox & PC with xCloud support and Xbox Live for consoles
  8. so your telling me that when a person does a CPU review, they should test 5 different CPUS in 50+ different MB combinations and 20 RAM combinations to show 5000 system configurations in a graph to do a CPU review?
  9. but do you get more FPS from a different MB and Ram (at the same speeds), remember this is a CPU benchmark
  10. if a person actually cares in great detail of Price/Performance they would be getting the cheapest Case, MB, PSU, RAM. and as I said these parts and prices do not massively effect what CPU/GPU you will be buying so the cost is not reinvent in a CPU or GPU comparison. all that you are doing is making the Performance over cost number smaller by adding cost of irrelevant components to the performance equation. If you want to squeeze EVERY cent out of you budget you should evaluate the whole package but a review testing CPUs or GPUs can't possible do it all in 1 review, they can possibly give
  11. you only have to compare system cost in a CPU test setup if the CPUs motherboard does not have a similar cost version for the other CPU, but typically they do. and if I am builind a system there are some cost I can't avoid like motherboard, ram, PSU, Case they stay nearly static no matter what CPU I am buying. so in the end of the day Price to Performance in games comes down to GPU and CPU cost.
  12. Why? Mojang got 2 Bill for 1 game vs 7 Bill for 7+ game franchises. Mojang still got the far better deal.
  13. I thought it was obvious 2 years ago that it was going to be around $500, maybe $600 if MS didn't want to take a lose on the hardware. people keep forgetting that this is effectively a 2021 product that will be in production for 4+ years had has all that time to recoup first years loses. and MS knows that they make most of the money by licensing cost and getting as many people into the ecosystem. The Series S is a Xbox one X replacement, it is in the market to convince uses to not get the one X used/new but to get the Series S to move as much of the user base off the one gen as fas
  14. is that a vram chip on that package?