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    I am a person of the Peopling
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    4770K 4.4 Ghz
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    32 GB 2400 ADATA
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    K65 RGB w/ White translucent keycaps
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    Razer naga 2015
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    V-Moda M100
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. There was a twitter poll about who like what brand more or something like that (forget who was in the pole) but the Xbox twitter account replied with "If we win we will release a Xbox Series X mini fridge". and they won and honored there word. Edit:
  2. have you never used it? the easiest was to use it is through a smartphone, its harder to use it on a normal PC. and there payment accepting services for BTC that will allow a merchant to never touch it directly.
  3. it can be validated instantly, its confirmed (locked in) after 10 min. Banks typically take DAYS to confirm transactions, they are just shown and semi validated instantly
  4. No, a transaction is see instantly and can be validated at the same time. it is confirmed by the whole network after its in 1 block (10 min) and the community usually deems it as solid after 3-6 blocks deep (30-60 min) so for a normal store purchases its seen as instant and any big ones it be 1 hour.
  5. I hope this passes so it puts more pressure on the network and forces BTC community to updated it to allow for more transactions per min. which would reduce the transaction fee. the only reason BTC transaction fee is so high is that there is too many per min for it to handle.
  6. I have never seen a cable that hasn't said if its USB 2 or USB 3 compliant
  7. ya but it sucks that due to USB-IF being so open the media likes to grab random bits of info from the spec and go with it. No one needed to know the technical names like USB 3.2 2x2 for 20Gbps, all they need to know is that USB SS 20 is 20Gbps its great that USB C can be used in many other standards but in turn it also confuses people. TB3/4 and DP2 will both use USB C
  8. you seem confused USB-C and USB-A and USB-B are physical standard that are unrelated to speeds USB 1, 2, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4 are protocols that govern speed Also most media like to use the spec names and not the brand names which is where the confusion comes from. The branding is super simple, but some how know one knows it
  9. the account thing is a Facebook issue, best option that PC focused is the HP Reverb G2 has higher res but slow hz (90hz). its a WMR device (supported by steam VR)
  10. too bad the Quest 2 is DOA for me due to the requirement of a Facebook account linked to your Oculus account.
  11. what makes you think its died in the past? there development has been slow, but they seem to be the most public decentralized storage project I know of.
  12. Summary Sia has been developing a decentralized storage network based on blockchain technology, about a year ago they released a web-based front end called siasky.net that makes is easy for anyone to use the Sia network, without the need of owning SiaCoin or using the wallet. SiaSky is a open source front end that can be hosted by anyone (siasky.net is operated by the developers of Sia). Today they added the support for accounts that track upload and download history and the ability's to pay for faster bandwidth and pinned storage. Pinned storage is data that the host of the SiaSky portal
  13. What I mean is until a person makes money and has to spend it on responsibilities they will not fully learn the value of money. I do agree its best to start early and allow kids to make choices like picking out a gift ( one big one or 2 smaller ones). From my personal experience, I might of thought I knew the value of money when I was younger, but until I had a job and had bills did I full understand money and its values. sadly not everyone gets exposed to money in the same way, which is why we have people that save every cent or spend as they get it as 2 examples.
  14. Well getting free money (first 2 bullets) is not a good way to understand value of money. Thats how so many "rich kids" grown into a terrible understanding of money. I do agree kids shouldn't have a burden of money, but they should gradually get exposed to both sides of it (working/responsibilities). As I stated in the other post I made kids dont really get fully exposed to the system until they have there first job and something to pay for like there first car, until then its just concepts they may or may not understand fully.