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  1. well ultrawide is used for the 21:9 aspect ratio not the 32:9. But the industry standards is the "k" ones mean width, and the "p" ones mean height. 4k typically seen as 3840 x nnnn; 2.5k = 2560 x nnnn; 2k = 1920 x nnnn 2160p typically seen as nnnn x 2160; 1440p = nnnn x 1440p; 1080p = nnnn x 1080 but to make things confusing a 1080p Movie shot in 21:9 (like most) is 1920x800 all this has been standard for years
  2. I think you should update it to 5k ultrawide, thats how Dell is marketing it and its resolution it 5k not 4k. 4k would be 3840x1600 while this is 5120 x 2160
  3. Well nothing has no risk be it USD or any other, the issue is level of risk and you look at that based on past trends and its acceptance by people, companies and governments. and based on that I can't see how BTC will hit 0. So how is one that holds risk ok but another isn't ok? Bitpay allows them to choose how they receive it, but its not public info. your right that most probably convert at the time of sale, but that doesn't mean that BTC isn't usable as a currency. About the time part, then why does it matter that it can take a hour to settle a BTC transaction ev
  4. There are payment processing venders that accept BTC and allow for any % of BTC or automatic conversion per transaction, there are a good amount of retailers that accept BTC. Bitpay covers a LOT of major retailers. BTC is not slow it shows on the network nearly instantly and takes around 10 min for a single level of confirmation with a typical 6 levels with in 60 min. Bank transfers take 1-3 days and transactions are typically not locked in place for a month. If you look at the value of BTC there has only been very small windows of overall time when it was a bad time to en
  5. that might be true but you have to admit that not all fiat currencies are stable too, so if you "invested" or got some of that it would be just as risky. there have been currencies that had hyperinflation that has destroyed its value, where was the protection, safty, stability in those? Holding any personal value in ANY currency is risky to some degree. Over the past 10 years BTC has only show short term risk, and hasn't show any signs of long term risk.
  6. This is a very bad mindset for people that invest, if you expected BTC to rise more and sold due to other reasons its fine, but if you sold because you though it peaked you shouldn't feel bad, but look to why it didn't do what you expected. isn't this relative? I had 13 BTC that was worth $150~ at the time (I was not investing), if I expected growth and held I could of had more then $400,000 out of a $150 investment. But you could look at it in the other direction. BTC just swings a lot more then other more established currencies so it is seen as higher risk but also higher reward.
  7. Ya wish there where a option with more 10GbE with the 2.5GbE, but if you dont care about the 2.5 as much the QSW-M408-4C has 8 1GbE + 4 10GbE combo ports that support 10/5/2.5. I think the chip that handles the switching has a max of around 96-100 Gbps, the M408 has a max switching capacity of 96 and the M2108 has 80. As I said i do plan to pick up the QSW-M408-2C some time soon.
  8. Summary QNAP Releases new 2.5GbE + 10GbE Switches to the QSW Line, the QSW-M2108-2C($249) and QSW-M2108-2S ($299). This should be a nice entry for people looking for a 2.5GbE and 10GbE switch for there home. These are added to the other cost effective 1GbE + 10GbE switches part of the past line up. Some past examples are the QSW-308-1C ($139) (308 line) unmanaged switch with 8 1GbE & 2 SFP+ & 1 10GbE Combo port (RJ45/SFP+) and the QSW-M408-4C ($299) (408 line) managed switch with 8 1GbE 4 10GbE Combo port (RJ45/SFP+) (both lines with a few port configuration options)
  9. sooo? the ad still says "upgrade to..." which mean the PC comes with a lower end card but has the options to go up to the 3080ti
  10. They also have a PCIe x1 IPMI card https://www.asrock.com/asrockrack/general/productdetail.asp?Model=PAUL#Specifications
  11. is it really a oof that a card that cost 33% less is about the same? Techspot/hardwareunboxed shows its close
  12. as you pointed out these parts are only really here to be the top in gaming, and if thats not your need you got plenty of great other options. and the way I see it is AMD should be able to price there top class CPUs with a premium they win in every category, how is that not worth the cost. they are priced with in reason of intel while beating them so if someone was going to spend $600 on a 10900k or $380 on a 10700k (Newegg prices) AMD has faster options in the $550/$450/$300 prices (for gaming)
  13. I am going to upgrade a PC to the 3600 soon, because I can get a MoBo, CPU and Ram for $350. its a great price over perf part. But I do expect some cheaper non x skus of 5000 to come out later, which should be good Price over perf parts