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    Tank, birds and RuneScape.

    Also if you haven't noticed tech.


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    i7 7700hq
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    1*8GB 2400mhz
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    Notebook GTX 1060
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    Clevo P650HP6-G
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    500 GB 850 Evo
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    1080p G Sync
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    Windows 10

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  1. Too much early adopter tax to be worth it sadly ...
  2. Made LTT feel like old school LTT in a way.
  3. By the looks of things I’m probably the only one in this planet that thinks it looks alright and sorta good actually. Don’t get the hate towards the design.
  4. Literally no one: Literally not a single soul or being in the universe: UK ISPs: wOuLd sOMeOnE tHiNK oF thE chIlDrEn????؟؟؟
  5. Probably a combination of my poor typing habits and my frequent travelling. I guess I will bite the bullet for now and try to get my retailer to fix as many issues/upgrades to make it worthwhile since I can't find a display from somewhere I trust/cheaper.
  6. RGB. Always seem wonky when it came to some keys, the clips on the keycaps are super fragile.
  7. Finally got a response from them, and it looks ... expensive. 35 pounds for shipping + 69 for the screen as they can't ship the screen to me so I have to ship the whole thing to them. Also, one of my keys decided to spring out again after breaking its clips and they don't have replacement keys just the entire thing. There has to be some replacement keys somewhere, right? Cannot afford to keep replacing the entire thing as this issue happens way more often than it should ...
  8. I have contacted the seller about this and waiting for a response. I did also found a couple websites that sell them: - https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/model/Clevo/P650HP6-G/ - https://www.screencountry.com/index.php?section=products&model=P650HP6-G&brand=Clevo&series= - https://www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk/shop/CLEVO-P650HP6-G-15.6-LAPTOP-SCREEN__212504.asp Not sure of these however.
  9. Nvidia ... can you name things like a normal company does? Thanks.
  10. @Galm My P650-HP6-G developed a funny white spot in the middle of the screen that is genuinely aggravating. Which places do you recommend for a replacement screen that can ship to the UK.
  11. If another MAX crashes (even if it wasn't Boeing fault) it could screw the company very badly. The same happened with the DC-10 ... The A320 NEO really shocked Boeing.
  12. If he did this no one is going to get the video, this would be way too detailed for LTT! DNS lookups are not as intuitive as they look for us compared to your average joe.