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    "There are pilots like you in every generation"
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    Programming, planes, tanks, birds and RuneScape.

    Also if you haven't noticed tech.


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    i7 9750H
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    Notebook GTX 1660Ti
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    ASUS Strix G Laptop
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    500 GB PCIE SSD
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    1080p 144HZ IPS
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    Windows 10

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  1. @Galm been hearing a lot about the new AMD Ryzen Notebooks I have been hearing about. Edit: What do you think of them? Edit edit: There is the new Super and 10th intel processors as well ... lots of stuff happened while I was away I guess.
  2. Source: https://pocketnow.com/the-eu-wants-to-bring-back-removable-batteries It's fair to say I have been frustrated to death with having to baby Lithuim batteries to make them last longer to avoid annoying repairs, so this sounds good to me. While back in the old days the occasionally squeaky battery covers were a bit annoying, in my opinion having the easy option to replace the batteries was worth it. One can argue that this might make phones thicker (not that I care) or maybe make it easier to fishy batteries to get used, but I do feel like reducing waste and increasing convenience is well worth it.
  3. How in the world will that get cooled!?!? I trust Clevo with cooling more than other companies ... but HOOOWW??
  4. That was textbook development hell with all the bells and whistles, I think we have reason to believe CD Project Red are not that dumb to let that happen.
  5. I used to love the lighting port and still do ... but it needs to die. Regardless of whether you agree with the concept of governments forcing this ... I think we can agree that apple needs to sod off with that connector, I mean they already use USB-C for their Macs. Also Apple please fix the quality of your cables it’s atrocious, the old Magsafe cables, Lightning, earpods... they all break apart faster than any other cable I own.
  6. @Galm So, I have noticed my P650HP6-G has its G-sync option missing after a screen replacement and a windows reinstall. Is this screen installed by the retailer legit?
  7. Well it’s time to unlink my Facebook and probably disable it for good now rather than procrastinate. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/a34w2j/unlinking_facebook_from_oculus/
  8. Too much early adopter tax to be worth it sadly ...
  9. Made LTT feel like old school LTT in a way.
  10. By the looks of things I’m probably the only one in this planet that thinks it looks alright and sorta good actually. Don’t get the hate towards the design.
  11. Literally no one: Literally not a single soul or being in the universe: UK ISPs: wOuLd sOMeOnE tHiNK oF thE chIlDrEn????؟؟؟
  12. Probably a combination of my poor typing habits and my frequent travelling. I guess I will bite the bullet for now and try to get my retailer to fix as many issues/upgrades to make it worthwhile since I can't find a display from somewhere I trust/cheaper.