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About Castdeath97

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    KV-2 walker edition now with 8 times more derp
  • Birthday 1997-02-26

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    Bahrain, studying in Newcastle upon tyne UK.
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    Tank, birds and RuneScape.

    Also if you haven't noticed tech.


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    i7 7700hq
  • RAM
    1*8GB 2400mhz
  • GPU
    Notebook 1060
  • Case
    Clevo P650HP6
  • Storage
    500 GB 850 Evo
  • Display(s)
    1080p G Sync
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Did someone piss over his garden or something???
  2. Castdeath97

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    Winodws was already taking too much of my disk with update files already ...
  3. Castdeath97

    Are New Games Losing Their Touch?

    This feeling of yours is probably caused by the fact that a lot of publishers are now prioritising “LiVe sErVICes” and “ENgaGmeNt” but not enjoyment. This is is because of the microtransaction and lootbox market boom, which drove many money grubbing devs to prioritise long grind like multiplayer experiences. However, I think we are still very very fortunate nowadays since the indie scene is strong. Try out indie games and trust me you will be surprised.
  4. Thankfully those exist: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-35302129/drone-catcher-aims-to-down-drones
  5. Castdeath97

    VALVe Updates CS:GO - Battle Royale incoming.

    fy pool day is better than any Battle Royal, fite me.
  6. Castdeath97

    Game Awards 2018 Round Up

    Thought FH4 was alright actually. Had a lot of fun with it. The arcade racing genre has been dying since a while, Microsoft pretty much a monopoly right now. Sims are doing fine, dirt 2 looks exciting.
  7. Castdeath97

    Game Awards 2018 Round Up

    It's good actually, really like the map.
  8. Castdeath97

    Microsoft introduces New Office icons

    Like the icons .. except the word icon, it's nearly identical to the excel one which doesn't make sense.
  9. Sources: 1 2 3 Nintendo's full statement that was sent it out to users of the programme: Good riddance, shouldn't have even started, but good to see Nintendo coming back to their senses.
  10. Castdeath97

    Everyone Was Right About Tesla

    Their newest stuff gives some hope. 508 and 5008 look like a step in the right direction.
  11. These clones are also plaguing the iOS App Store as well and hiding the actual good car games like Assoluto. Probably mostly played by children as their physics are a joke and the gameplay is practically none existent . My guess is that there is some sort of asset in Unity that these """Developers""" keep flipping.
  12. Castdeath97

    Valve discontinues production of Steam Link

    Literally a quarter of my Steam and GOG libraries are untouched.
  13. Castdeath97

    QNAP Launches the Mustang-200

    Can it crash into crowds?
  14. Castdeath97

    Sharp Aquos R2 Compact: Two notches in a phone

    Are we not sure this wasn't just made to piss people off?