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  1. I doubt it, multiple companies are working on getting DDR5 out this year. Plus "too expensive to make sense" isn't even real, motherboard manufacturers love an excuse to jack up prices.
  2. The 11900K and 11700K appeared on PassMark https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-core-i9-11900k-rocket-lake-s-cpu-debuts-on-passmark-with-the-fastest-single-core-performance-in-the-ranking tl;dr 11900k and 11700k beat Zen 3 in single thread performance, 11900k is slightly behind in multithread vs 5800X.
  3. To be fair the 3090 is also a joke for gaming. Almost twice the price of a 3080 for what, 10-15% more performance and an extremely overkill amount of VRAM? IMO this 20GB 3080 and the 3090 are just gimped Titans.
  4. I'm assuming this is intended for miners and workstations? A 20GB 3080 is going to be hopelessly out of date long before 20GB is beneficial for games.
  5. People use PC for more than games FYI. Regardless, Windows scheduler will handle it I think. This isn't Intel's first x86 hybrid design, Lakefield was a test run essentially. It's not weird, we've seen hybrid architectures used in smartphones for ages. If anything it's weird that we didn't see it sooner on x86, laptops will benefit a lot from this. No doubt it'll be less useful for desktops, but it'll still offer better power efficiency when idle or doing lower power tasks like web browsing. Also assuming all the cores can be used simultaneously I could also see it being beneficial
  6. Rocket Lake is such a weird release. In a vacuum it would be a decent release with the IPC increase, but with Alder Lake is rumored to be coming in September I just don't see who's in the market for one of these. I guess if you don't have a PC sure but for literally anyone else you'd be better served waiting as you're looking at an even bigger performance increase plus DDR5, it's just going to a way longer lasting platform.
  7. It's still just a glorified iGPU.. but we're one step closer to Intel joining Nvidia and AMD as a major player in the GPU market. Source https://www.anandtech.com/show/16450/intel-iris-xe-video-cards-now-shipping-to-oems-dg1-lands-in-desktops
  8. What a disaster. Why did they even bother with Rocket Lake? lol
  9. On Ryzen, 3600 CL16 is better than 3200 CL14 because it lets you run the Infinity Fabric clock higher in 1:1 mode, which offsets the minor increase in RAM latency. As for which kit you should get, it comes down to price. I wouldn't pay more than $20 extra. It's nice to have that guarantee that it'll run at 3600 CL16, but honestly 3200 CL14 is a good bin and I'd be shocked if you had any trouble getting it to run at 3600 CL16.
  10. I think x86 will stick around in laptops now that Intel is adopting big.LITTLE. They maybe won’t be quite as power efficient as ARM but it’ll be good enough that OEMs won’t bother with the headache involved with switching.
  11. Not trying to act smart, just saying that the performance impact of having less PCI-E lanes isn't universal.
  12. "A modern GPU needs 16 lanes" No they don't, not for gaming at least. There have been tests run on this, PCI-E 3.0 8x is fine for modern GPUs, there's a small performance drop but it's not even 10% let alone 50%. PCI-E 5.0 x8 would be extreme overkill for GPUs, I'd go to far as to say it'll be extreme overkill for the next decade.
  13. Can't wait to see how these actually perform, it's been a long time since Intel has had any serious IPC gains. I'm also intrigued to see how Alder Lake turns out, on paper its sounds pretty good, supposedly it'll be a massive IPC leap (<=50%?) over Skylake. However I'm expecting it to be plagued with software issues due to it using a big.LITTLE design, this will be a first on Windows I think? Plus it'll likely be expensive as hell as it's apparently using both DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. That insane 1700 pin socket won't help motherboard prices either.
  14. TEAMGROUP is validating one of the first (the first?) consumer grade DD5 modules, it's 16GB and runs 4800MHz @ 1.1v Also If I'm reading this right, XMP might not be a thing anymore and DDR5 just runs out of box at its rated spec? I'm really interested to see how DDR5 actually performs in the real world. As long as Intel doesn't screw up yet again and delay Alder Lake we'll get an answer next year. Sources https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/news/ins.php?index_id=149