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  1. Not at the moment. It's been pretty hard trying to get accurate results of machines during quarantine. And most of my time is being taken up elsewhere unfortunately.
  2. The Nitro 5 and Helios 300 are both good. The guide is a bit out of date.
  3. Yeah the post isn't up to date anymore. Intel 10th gen appear to be binned better than we expected. AMD is still more powerful but the laptops so far specced with them have been pretty lame. The Asus G14 has terrible power draw limits for example, the 2060 is limited to like 35W under heavy load or some such nonsense. And there aren't many AMD laptops with above a 2060 yet either which is a shame because the battery life on the 7nm AMD cpus is awesome.
  4. There aren't many gaming laptops with touchscreens true. Some of the only options I can think of are the Microsoft Surface Book and Razer Blade Studio.
  5. That looks like a Helios 300 display which is non GSync. It's not a Helios only panel it's used by plenty of models, but it's not GSync afaik...
  6. If you have a Microcenter they have the PowerSpec 1520. Otherwise there's the Eluk Mech 15. The GP65 could be decent but I don't know all that much about it.
  7. Huh the RGB one was fine for years for me, I'm not aware of majors issues with them.
  8. Is it the RGB keyboard or the white one? Strange. As for the screen that's a normal price.
  9. You may need to contact a reseller. I'm not in the UK so I don't know the market that well. Who ever sells Clevos now over there could be who to contact.
  10. Honestly AW has a terrible overall track record lately, so I just don't have any confidence in what they're putting out. The Dell G7 was outperforming the AW 15 with an i9 in some benches I remember. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/361611133737631755/500137206539878400/3DM11.PNG The problem is the 2080 units though. I'd want to monitor it closely if I owned one. A scary number have killed their units.
  11. It does now... I'm not worried about that machine yet though until we start to see reports of less of them catching on fire or burning themselves out. Any laptop that gets recalled at that price point is really not worth looking at for a while. I edited the post though adding both of that in thanks.
  12. If you could run an Aida cpu + heaven gpu test at the same time that'd be great. I'm on the LTT Discord and SuggestALaptop Discords if you wanted to reach out there. I'd love to see those number!
  13. Front page is live! The old guide is still included as a spoiler so that the first 18 pages of comments make some semblence of sense.