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    Engineering student at Purdue University majoring in material science engineering.
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    Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Asrock B350 AM4 mITX
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    Zotac GTX 1060 Mini
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    Fractal Design Node 202
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    480 GB SATA SSD + 500 GB NVME SSD + 2TB SSHD
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    Complimentary one with Node 202
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    Cryorig C7
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    Logitech K380 & TKL Gateron Brown
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    Logitech MX Master & G9X & Corsair Harpoon Wireless
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    ATH-M50RD & HD6XX & 1000XM2

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  1. The drives been dead for years.
  2. So my friends got a 2007 24" iMac with a dead hard drive. After I open it up and put a new drive in there and swap over the thermal probe, how do I get some version of MacOS on it? Can I download an iso on a different mac, then put it on a flash drive just like a windows or linux iso? Did Apple make it harder than that just cause?
  3. Well, I got the "don't use liquid metal" part right. 1/3 ain't bad.
  4. NewHopeTech

    My gaming notebook

    That's a t h i c c laptop
  5. Lenovo usually uses really high quality thermal paste so the temperature difference may be within margin of error. Bob of All Trades on YouTube made a good video about a Lenovo laptop's thermal paste and performance, and I'd assume they probably use the same paste on all their laptops. Do NOT use liquid metal. If you're careful its fine for benchmarking, but please do not use it on a regular every day machine. You'd have to replace it every so often (probably twice a year or so but don't quote me) and thats assuming it doesn't leak out over time an kill your laptop completely. Also, welcome to the forum!
  6. NewHopeTech

    Laptop undervolting experience?

    Thanks! I ended up improving my cinebench R20 score by 20% and my unigine superposition score by 14%.
  7. NewHopeTech

    Laptop undervolting experience?

    Do you recommend using XTU?
  8. NewHopeTech

    R7 1700 for $200cad

    That's a really good deal especially since $200 CAD is like $4 USD.
  9. So I have a Galaxy S8 which is still performing pretty well, but the battery is about 85% of what is used to be, according to AccuBattery. This isn't horrible, but for $30 I can get a brand new battery which will help with keeping the S8 for longer (I'm planning on keeping it until the Oneplus 8 or the S11), so why not make it like-new? Have any of you gotten replacement batteries from the iFixit store, and are they pretty good quality? The ones on Amazon have very spotty reviews, and I'd like to think iFixit isn't selling awful batteries. Thanks!
  10. I've heard good experience online of people undervolting the same laptop I have (Spectre X360 with i7 8550U) and having great results, so I'm going to try and see how I faired in the silicon lottery soon. I might repaste (not liquid metal) but I've heard that will only decrease temps by 3-4 degrees, but with undervolting that could be a significant delta from what I get now. For those of you with undervolting experience, how much did your temperatures drop and was there a noticeable effect in performance? Would undervolting the CPU at all benefit the iGPU performance? Maybe let it boost for longer because of lower temps? Thanks for any advice or experiences you can share!
  11. NewHopeTech

    Help me choose my new laptop

    Make sure to get a dbrand skin for your Razer blade 15 to subtly flex on other students. Aesthetics are proven to provide up to 10% more performance according to some random aliexpress product page probably.
  12. NewHopeTech

    Laptop for engineering school / CAD

    I use an HP Spectre X360 with no dedicated graphics and an i7 8550U for my engineering schoolwork and it works fine. Unless you're made of cash, I'd highly recommend either a laptop with an 8th/9th gen i5 and at least an MX150, preferably a 1050 or better though, or a Ryzen 5/7 laptop. I'd avoid an i7 because it'll just run hotter, and the gpu will make more of a difference than the jump from i5 to i7 (both are 4c/8threads anyways). If the laptop is pretty thin, I might avoid ryzen 7 too, unless the reviews mention it has good cooling. I think it was Austin Evans who found that a specific Ryzen 5 laptop beat a specific Ryzen 7 one because the 7 thermal throttled so hard.
  13. NewHopeTech

    Which Laptop Do I Buy?

    A laptop with integrated intel graphics will not smoothly run even Apex legends on minimum res and settings (I've tried and its a solid ~20ish fps). $400 is a difficult budget to work with but cheaper laptops almost always have upgradeable storage and RAM, so you can buy a low spec tier and upgrade it later, which is nice. Like @Insorior said, try looking for something used, you might be able to find something with a mobile gtx 900 series gpu in it with an i5 for that budget. If you want new and can stretch your budget an extra $60, THIS laptop from Best Buy has a ryzen 5 which will let you play most if not all games as long as you turn settings down. It will beat the ever-living crap out of the Lenovo and Acer laptop you linked when it comes to performance. It won't be close.
  14. Not sure if you're talking about an HP laptop or the Lenovo one in the pic but here are my two cents. If you're budget constrained and/or a student, a ryzen laptop is probably a good idea but if you're a professional/prosumer and i5/i7 with a Nvidia card will perform noticeably better. An i5 with an MX150 will be around the same price as a ryzen laptop and probably outperform it. As to whether you want the HP or Lenovo - I've had an excellent experience with HP support on my spectre but the key switches are pretty heavy, which I like but a lot of people don't. I'd imagine the Lenovo laptop will stand better against time though.