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    Sound geek
  • Birthday Feb 22, 1998

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    Gaming, PC, Fitness, tech and MTB.
    Totally not sound as you can see....
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    R7 1700
  • Motherboard
    AsRock X370 gaming k4
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX Predator 2666 CL13
  • GPU
    Sapphire nitro+ RX580
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    Corsair C70 (black)
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 pro (250gb) Samsung 840 pro (250gb) Kingston (120gb), Samsung 960 evo (512gb)
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    Corsair AX860i
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    Samsung C49RG, Benq GW2765 and a Samsung 1920x1200
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    kraken X62
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    Glorious TKL with Box pink switches, Razer orbweaver mx blue
  • Mouse
    Zowie EC1-A, Razer deathadder 2013, Glorious model D
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    Headphones: UERM, Buds+, HD580, HD25, ATH-M50, AKG K612 pro (I love sound) This is not all of them. Speakers: Genelec 8040
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    Win 10 pro
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    ThinkPad P50 M2000M

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  1. I am heavily debating if I should jump on this gens graphic cards, not sure if it wil be Nvidia or AMD, but it would be top end performance I would be after.


    My good old 580 really really can't handle my screens resolution in games.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AnnoyedShelf


      oof yeah. I'm on a 2080 and I'm considering the 3090 this gen.  I want to run flight simulator at more than 40 fps.

    3. Moonzy


      definitely a huge jump

      your 1700 might suffer trying to keep up though

    4. Dackzy


      Yeah the 1700 gotta go too, but there I am waiting for zen3.

  2. New bike is finally here, took 4 months from the preorder until now and all the delays because of well the current situation in the world, but so far it has been worth the wait. 29er in size XL or P4 as they call it.
  3. hehe that would be a sight for sore eyes, and thanks.
  4. hey man, I like hot pink, they seem to have a good fit and I ride MTB
  5. Muc-off got a huge sale on their riding gear, so I just had to get some fresh gear
  6. I have always just been the mechanic that torqued bolts on feel for my bikes, but this time around I actually invested in a torque wrench for the new bike. I am also making the switch back to clipless pedals, instead of flats. I have ridden Shimano's SPD clipless system for many years when I was younger, but I don't like it anymore so I hope that I like the crank brothers system, since I am switching back to clipless a fresh pair of clipless shoes are needed too , just so happened that the 5.10 Hellcats were on sale and I got extra discount because I am a student
  7. Totally forgot to post this. I put down a deposite for the Privateer 161 in the raw finish, because I love the raw alu look. I did it about one month ago, so I luckily only have to wait until the end of the next month for it and not until September like if I were to buy it now. The bike in black^
  8. nice bike, I heard it did quite well in the pinkbike test. I personally ride a YT Jeffsy AL base 29er from 2019 where I have upgraded the drivetrain to 12 speed SLX and XT mix and then a Hope fortus rear wheel.
  9. @FloRolf you would be proud of me, I have joined the LTT folding team, granted only with my desktop that has a 1700 and 580, but hey better than nothing :D 

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. FloRolf


      ah okay cool.

    3. minibois


      My previous videocard was an RX 580, which got about 350K PPD, on a good day. That was the pre-C22 days though, so that number may have increased.

      I used to fold on my CPU too (R7 1700), but I forgot what the PPD on that thing looked like..


      But an RX 580 already makes a good amount of points, for a good cause :D

    4. Spotty


      @minibois I saw someone mention earlier today that they were getting up to 500k points with an RX580 on the Core22 units. Core22 gives a pretty good boost across the board.

  10. maybe, idk tbh, I am quite busy with work and uni. I don't have the most experience in this budget for IEMs, but I can see if I can see if I have time to write a review in a week or two. So far I can say that if you like harman target IEMs a lot, then these will be the TWS for you.
  11. I bought some galaxy buds+. I needed some wireless IEMs for exercising. The galaxy buds+ got a good rating for a TWS by crinacle and the battery life was the best, so that's why I went with them over other TWS IEMs. They are fine IEMs, but they don't live up to what I am used to, granted I didn't expect them to live up to my custom IEMs or any headphones I use.
  12. Finally got my Glorious Model D today after having it ordered for a month... It's a nice mouse, but a bit small for me

    1. FloRolf


      You shouldn't tell anyone on the internet that you finally have a Glorious D. You should also not add that it's "a bit small". 

    2. Dackzy
  13. sometimes I wonder why there aren't more big ergo FPS mice sub 100g options. Stuff like the deathadder and EC1 are right on the edge for being too small for me. The new g wolves skoll is a good mouse, but just a tad too small for me, the new Glorious model D might be a option for me, but I fear that it will be too slim.

    1. Den-Fi
    2. Dackzy


      you never fail to annoy, well played

  14. Bought it on cyber Monday, but it first showed up now. It's the CRG9