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  1. Yes, and the move towards USB C would have gotten along a good bit faster if Apple hadn't stubbornly stuck with Lightning all this time just so they can keep making money from their ridiculous and frankly greedy license fee. I've no problem with them moving to Type C, in fact my criticism is largely that they've taken far too long to do it. They've done it far too slowly, have (intentionally) badly timed their move to omit the charger, and have made a big marketing point about how they're working to eliminate easte - whilst employing contradictory policies which actually produce or
  2. It's a fair point, and for me personally it's true, I could just use the Lightning to USB A cables I already have. But then the bundled Lightning to USB C cable is ewaste, and is so for everyone who would need to rely on their USB A cables. Additionally, there will also be a lot of users who don't already have a Lightning to USB A cable; people who are upgrading from a phone with MicroUSB for example, those who are buying a smartphone for the first time, or those whose previous iPhone cable has been lost or damaged (they're not exactly known for being long-lasting, after all). And
  3. Then they shouldn't have spent the better part of the last decade locking people into those proprietary cables in the first place. Their professed goal is certainly a good one. E-waste is a big problem, and cutting down on the e-waste that they as a company generate is a laudable target. But the way they've gone about this just reeks of profit-seeking rather than true e-waste reduction; by including a Lightning to USB C cable instead of USB A they've struck off compatibility with the vast majority of chargers their customers already have, necessitating many to buy new chargers (o
  4. I get why people are a little disappointed with this latest lineup, but to be honest I feel it's the biggest real improvement they've made for years. The new lineup looks great... even if their professed push for environmental conservation is really an only slightly-veiled move to make their products even more profitable. Finally, the main iPhone model has for the first time actually improved in pixel density over the iPhone 4... and it only took them a decade! And it's gone back to that great iPhone 4 design with the flat edges. It seems kind of funny to me that after a full deca
  5. It's been our policy for about 2 years now iirc. Our stance is pretty much that hackintosh discussion is absolutely fine - just not discussion on how or where to acquire a copy of macOS.
  6. As already pointed out (albeit unnecessarily rudely by some), there's already a topic for posting video suggestions for LTT. Please use that thread. Thread locked.
  7. Thread moved to troubleshooting. You can use the built-in Disk Management tool on Windows to change the letter assigned to your drive, which should fix your problem. Open Disk Management, right click on the drive you want to change the letter of, select "Change Drive Letter and Paths...", highlight the letter assigned to the drive (if it's not already selected), click the "Change" button, and then select the letter you want to assign to it and click OK. Some programs can have difficulty recognising when a drive's letter has been changed so it's usually a good idea to re
  8. As pointed out, discussions like this are against our Community Standards, as they're too likely to result in flamewars and arguments. Thread locked.
  9. This topic has already been posted in the Tech News section: "Reddit user discovers msi scalping own 3080s on ebay for massive profits" Please check to see if a topic already exists before you post it. Thread locked.
  10. Thread cleaned a little. Please remember that as per the Community Standards, trolling and flamebait are not allowed. This includes Apple vs. Android arguments; however because this discussion has been pretty civil so far we're willing to let it stay open for now. That being said, the Community Standards still applies. Any personal attacks or insults in this thread will be removed and those who dished them out will be warned, and if things get too heated the thread itself will be closed. Keep it friendly, please.
  11. Bit rude, dude. I'm sure you can catch their meaning. Remember that not everyone on the forum is a native English speaker, or great at writing / typing.
  12. Whether they should or shouldn't be is a discussion in and of itself, but unfortunately the reality is that they are definitely incendiary, in so much as discussions relating to them often quickly descend into outright flamewars and insult-flinging. It's one of those topics that can bring about some of the strongest emotions in people.
  13. Thread cleaned. Please remember that political debates and discussions aren't allowed on the site, as per the Community Standards. This includes incendiary topics such as abortion and birth control.
  14. There does look to be some minor improvements. The original had a filter of some sort that could be pretty overbearing; it would completely crush all detail in darker areas of the game (though wasn't a problem during night-time iirc), and I'm not seeing it in the footage for the remaster. Also looks like there's some minor texture improvements here and there (some visible even in motion which is nice), slightly improved lighting, and possibly an implementation of TAA? The original was always a little frustrating because it didn't work with driver-forced MSAA because the engine used a deferred