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  1. My roommate has the GMMK Pro and... just make sure it's really what you want. Try to find regular and maybe even bad shots of them. Anything looks good when posed up for r/mk or glamour shots in a youtube video but something about the board in person comes off as unimpressive to me. I think it's how much of just a box it is. If you do go with it though make sure to have a file because I've heard it can be hard to get the durock v2s to fit with the brass plate. Lastly, I'd advise considering a polycarb plate instead as the bit of extra give would probably compliment the linear switches nicely.
  2. I've got a series 5 Apple Watch that I've only ever used for tracking hikes and casual use. It doesn't do an amazing job of getting accurate distance + altitude gain for hikes with a lot of elevation gain but I like it for the heart rate sensor and an idea of calories burned. I've heard it tracks running and non-hiking activities well though, and I certainly don't regret getting it since it was $100 off. I wouldn't pay full price though.
  3. Banned for judging memes by their age
  4. My main computer is a laptop so most nights I just put it to sleep but once or twice a week I shut it down. I use my desktop as a server for various things so I keep that on 24/7.
  5. I'm still a bit bummed about never getting my event founder badge for giving around ~35M points in folding month 2018 but oh well, the past is the past. On to more folding!
  6. I'd probably just use it as a Plex and OwnCloud server.
  7. Lmao okay you might want to be careful with PLA, I've heard that jet fuel stuff can melt steel beams.
  8. Looks fantastic! Great work!
  9. Not that I don't believe you, but a liquid rocket is no small task. Launching a rocket from a weather balloon is also no small task. I'd love to hear more details about your project and I might be able to help you if you have questions. Source for this stuff being hard: I'm on rocket teams developing liquid rockets (not kerosene though, we use liquid methane) and rockets launched from high altitude balloons.
  10. So my friends got a 2007 24" iMac with a dead hard drive. After I open it up and put a new drive in there and swap over the thermal probe, how do I get some version of MacOS on it? Can I download an iso on a different mac, then put it on a flash drive just like a windows or linux iso? Did Apple make it harder than that just cause?
  11. Well, I got the "don't use liquid metal" part right. 1/3 ain't bad.
  12. Lenovo usually uses really high quality thermal paste so the temperature difference may be within margin of error. Bob of All Trades on YouTube made a good video about a Lenovo laptop's thermal paste and performance, and I'd assume they probably use the same paste on all their laptops. Do NOT use liquid metal. If you're careful its fine for benchmarking, but please do not use it on a regular every day machine. You'd have to replace it every so often (probably twice a year or so but don't quote me) and thats assuming it doesn't leak out over time an kill your laptop completely. Also, welcome to