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    Intel Core I5-6500
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    16 GB
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    gigabyte GTX 960
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    NZXT H440 Window Black/white
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  1. True, that's what I meant Linus rated! I trust you pick only the best of screwdrivers if you're going to sell it with your name on it! Maybe work with them on this? I mean you've been promoting their screwdriver for ages now . PS. waiting on de swacked to make the store for my order, any ETA for when that will be?
  2. @LinusTech Hi Linus, will it be possible (or will you think about a way) to get a year subscription (once they come back) as an OG at the OG price for a year? Just wondering if it would be possible! Thanks anyway if you think about it!
  3. I want a Linus rated, Linus branded screwdriver! Anybody else? @LinusTech
  4. can't you put the edit here on the forum? that should work right?
  5. I like the left one the most, then the right one and the middle one the least
  6. I'm not expecting early release, but I would still like the option of watching it on the floatplane forum/site! And I don't know what ads and such are in the TL videos and if those would be in FP versions if it isn't early access
  7. just because I'm curious, how many delidded tickets were there
  8. since it isn't realistic to ask for LTX to be more accessible to people from Europe, I would like to see some old build possible to buy, like I heard (I think luke, maybe linus as well) didn't know what to do with the old awesome builds instead of taking them down, there are a lot of people that would wanne buy those awesome builds! I would also like to meet you guys (like it was at LTX 2017) (and if I can come ) Oh and everybody from LMG has to have a load of fun there!!! BTW question, now that Luke isn't LMG staff anymore will he be at LTX? just wondering
  9. I would ofcourse like more FP exclusive vlogs and such, but I do enjoy the extra's if they are there and in the mean while support LMG, I think that's worth 3 bucks a month! Certainly during the holidays I didn't expect a lot of FP exclusives because I noticed (and read a lot of comments of LMG employees) that LMG is very busy this time of year. So I could see how you feel there isn't enough excluse content now, but I would guess that once the holiday season is over there will be more of that (at least I can only hope)
  10. If you have the giveaway page open, at the bottom click on tems & conditions. there you find "winner notifications"
  11. @CPotter How do we know if we won? where do we get a notification? edit: Never mind found it
  12. @CPotter How do we know if we won? where do we get a notification? edit: Never mind found it