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  1. When a platform hosts someone with views they don't like, that person is not compelling the platform to speak. This argument is subversion! It is in human nature to think freely. The abrahamic faiths understand this and so do the pre-christian philosophers. American free speech comes from revolutionary & liberal ideas, based on Christianity and western philosophy. When you claim to know what free speech is, and dismiss it's philosophical foundations, you lose your ethos with me.
  2. Disney must be getting a pass for all the compliance work they do in their films. Maybe it only relates to internet posts/memes.
  3. Some music matches the game. I listen to an album called Die while playing left 4 dead.
  4. If it has not been mentioned. It takes at least 50V DC for tough skin (hands) to conduct and 12V DC for soft skin (under wrists). I believe your headphones run on millivolts
  5. 4790 it is then. If that is not enough to play your games you will have to buy a new motherboard & ram.
  6. I would prioritize a new PSU and a new SSD, but I also think you need to upgrade your CPU to play current titles. MSI says your motherboard can fit a 5th gen i7 so see what you can get second hand. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/series/84979/5th-generation-intel-core-i7-processors.html
  7. I saw those ages ago and forgot about them. What is a good brand? Also what should I look out for?
  8. The cheapest case I can buy from my retailer is junk. There are a lot of affordable mATX cases made for airflow. They perform well and are silent. I have the NR400 and the silverstone RL08. I recommend both. The downside will likely be that you might need to buy extra fans. I had to buy extra fans for my RL08.
  9. not overclocked. Fedora_5.6.11-200.fc31.x86_64_AMD3200G_ASROCK320M_14.6GB_2400Mhz_openssl_results.txt
  10. I find vertical/tower coolers always outperform stock coolers and are quieter.
  11. it will do nothing because you cannot use both on one monitor.
  12. China's weakness is Winnie the Pooh memes. It is illegal for mainland chinese to read this:
  13. I dismiss the "private platform" argument in this way. Sure the law allows them to censor, and in some ways you do want some censorship. I don't want to see ISIS beheading videos or any kind of cruelty. However banning certain words is violating the philosophical idea that is "free speech". The platform is not just a business, it's also an institution. An institution that can have a lot of influence over how you see the world. Everyone draws a line somewhere, but that line does not have to be what the current law defines. We all know about the language control that is a major theme of Orwell's 1984. In the real world it is observed in Robert Lifton's book on totalitarianism where he interviewed people in the '50s that escaped from the mainland China. You can get a summary on wikipedia and I recommend everyone read it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought_Reform_and_the_Psychology_of_Totalism