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  1. yeah, I know lithography isn't the be all and end all but Apple and AMD now have a smaller process, I think that might be a big killer though I'm not sure if 7 vs 14 nm makes all that difference
  2. I might need to adjust my tin foil hat but I think intel might be using the AMD and apple smokescreen to cook up a killer lineup of CPUs. I know they use the tick tock model but I think within maybe the next 18mo. - 2 years we might see team blue refine a new lithography and architecture and pull out a lead over team red.
  3. I saw an ltt video where he explores this concept and I wondered if anyone here followed on from this idea? I was looking into buying a ROG M.2 enclosure but wondered if anyone had experience with this sort of thing? I was thinking about running a 500gb m.2 in an external enclosure, it would be preferable of it supported the best speeds.
  4. So I bought a 2020 model dell XPS 13 with the following specs: 16GB RAM i7-10710U 13" 1080p (ugh) display The device itself is really sleek and I have no problems with the performance. I run VS studio and MATLAB with no problems. Where we start to have problems is when I run MS teams as part of my meetings with work and the device seems to go insane. I recorded max temps of 80-90 C just idling on a teams call. Moreover, teams seems to absolutely destroy my battery. Overall I'm a bit disappointed that the device it replaced (5yr. old i5 HP) doesn't have the same iss
  5. Dell sucks believe me. I bought an xps using the student offer and they refused to credit the points I earned from it. I won't lie either, the xps13 has horrendous thermals too, runs at 60c on a teams call.
  6. Lord Linus and Prince Alex literally disassembled and custom machined a MacBook air cooler. No chance Linus will be getting anything from apple. Iirc Anthony also said that Linus is too unpredictable as a brand ambassador.
  7. Hot take: the fact that we're seeing basic issues with designs such as the capacitors on the partner cards shows that PC gaming is becoming more and more commercialised and component companies no longer build things to last, I'd argue that was planned obsolescence.
  8. At the minute, jayztwocents is taking a beating from all the people whou couldn't get one. He's right about it though, even though we can't get the card yet someone has to do the benchmarking and stuff otherwise we have no idea how it performs lol
  9. Yeah I've never understood why people need to have the product straight away, I get that it's nice to have the latest and greatest but it's not like the current/last generation isn't good.
  10. I agree, current technology and logistical requirements make it unviable in the consumer market
  11. That makes sense, and with manufacturers constantly demanding new fabrication standards it's no wonder they can't meet the demand. The grade of silicon probably needs to be a large cut above the rest too- I wish more people would realise this...
  12. Okay from my experience dealing with stuff like this: Keep a paper trail: for phone calls get the date, time and name of the rep plus where they work (location) Make sure you split your complaint into 3 parts: set the scene, explain what happened and then explicitly ask for a resolution DO NOT take any BS at all, make sure everything they promise is in writing and hold them to it. If you're promised a resolution, make sure you're firm but fair if it's not met Make your final complaint in writing in both a letter and an email to the appropriate department.
  13. Forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere else but it seems that after all this time, AMDs launch has gone the same way as NVIDIAs with some retailers even going so far as saying they aren't even accepting back orders. Seeing as Twitter is a firestorm right now, I just want to ask the question as a layman- why are launches being bungled so badly?
  14. I have an S10+ and got sick of the cheap plastic screen protectors that seem to be the only ones you can buy (the curved glass makes it impossible for an affordable glass screen protector to fit) so I just risk it without a screen protector. It’s been a year and no major scratches are on my screen. For people with smartphones, do you use a screen protector and if not, how has your experience been?
  15. I'm not "bitching" just asking why people do this? They'll only be stuck with them since sony is going to make mote, obviously. Honestly it's probably a scam.