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  1. 280mm aio will fit on top and front fine. Here is your case specifications: https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/cases/mid-tower/masterbox-td500-mesh-mesh-white/#specifications
  2. Intel is still hold its ground against AMD on gaming, but with Ryzen 5000 the gap between Intel and AMD for gaming performance is not a lot like 5 to 7 fps. Not a lot of different to not consider AMD offer on the table. Userbenchmarks is not reliable and accurate and bias. Not recommend it. Here is a benchmark video show 5600x go up against i7 10700k
  3. 360mm or 280mm aio can fit on top and front. 280mm aio can fit on top and front with no restriction. 360mm on top will have a restriction height of motherboard of 44mm max height. I suggest 280mm aio for ease of mind. 280mm aio is still good to cooler down 6 cores 5600x. Clearance for cpu air cooler is 165mm/6.49". You can fit a beefy Noctua NH D15 or D15S cooler. According to Noctua case specification, you case is compatible with Noctua NH D15 and D15S. Now we need motherboard and ram to see if this cooler will be compatible.
  4. 9700k is a scam and not worth it. 9900k is not bad if you can find a good deal . Since you have a b450 motherboard that can support Ryzen 5000 series, I suggest you to wait till Ryzen 5000 is in stock. Going from Ryzen 2000 to 5000 is a big jump in performance. If you go with Intel, then you have to spend money on a new cpu and motherboard and you have to reinstall Windows. With AMD and your setup, you just swap the cpu, reapply thermal paste, and reconnect your cooler. 5600x is not bad if you only focus on gaming. 5800x is more better because 8 cores and 16 threads.
  5. i show u what is reference cooler look like since you don't get what is reference blower.
  6. Too hot. Check the fan speed, you might want to ramp it up with msi afterburner or amd software. Reference design look like this.
  7. Thanks. I just ordered through Amazon. This phone will be a backup phone. I will use the $30 gift card and $5 certificate best buy to get myself a 128GB micro sd card.
  8. Max temp for gpu and cpu is 85c. If you have a reference blower design from AMD or NVIDIA then it is normal to get 80C - 85C.
  9. Newegg require to send it back then they will going to ship him the new one.
  10. the camera quality on youtube review show on both of these phones look neck to neck for me. Do you have any problem with the G Power and can the G Power format micro sd card as internal storage? What about sound and call quality?
  11. Yeah. No point of getting RTX 2000 series unless you find a good deal for them. RTX 3060 and 3070 beat those.
  12. Which one should I get? I can't choose between these two phones. Motorola G Fast is cheap and micro sd card can format as internal storage, and 4000mah battery size. Motorola G Power is $30 - $40 more, but 1080p display, 5000mah battery, 4GB RAM + 64GB internal storage. Micro SD card can't be format for internal storage. Looking at Youtube reviews of these two phones, the picture quality is neck to neck for me. I have best buy promotional e gift card $30 + $5 certificate card, and I can pick them up within 1 or 2 hour from my near best buy retail store. Motorola G Power total with tax and