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  1. if you want a 16" screen, looks like you have to get the mac pro. If you need portability then i see no reason to go above the macbook air. I had 256GB ssd in my 2015 macbook air, and i filled that up very fast so i recommend you get larger.
  2. ive been spit shining my monitor for years. Makes sense considering most of the dirt on there is from me sneezing on it.
  3. I would gladly go backwards in tech if it meant doing it again without the suicide nets around the iphone factory. Oh and we had smart phones in the 90s. They were called PDAs. I'm still rocking my 80's smart watch
  4. looks like they are just moving TPM, which has been around for ages. and yes Microsoft does often mean IP protection when it speaks of security. Has been doing this since the days of "don't copy that floppy".
  5. I wish content creators would get into p2p video sharing like we did before youtube. They can embed sponsor ads into their videos like jayz2cents does in an entertaining way. No random weird ads chosen by algorithm thanks.
  6. for a home office/student pc I recommend bluetooth speakers/headphones, mouse, and keyboard. Less clutter, less hum on the speakers at low volume. As a student you are going to be grinding late into the night. I also recommend a gaming laptop for students. I don't know where you live but when i was a student I moved several times and this is easier with a laptop. Also you can do your projects anywhere, and it really pays off in the later years when you have to present projects to have your workstation with you. Get a gaming laptop + backup drive + heaphones + mouse + a second hand TV
  7. Give the warranty route a go. "You can't fail if you don't try" - Homer Simpson, 1990-something.
  8. inverted cases are so rare no one reputable has reviewed them. I wish i tested my thermals in my NR400 before i changed cases, but I know it's def cooler and quieter. It also looks better because my mATX fills it out so there are no empty spaces in the case. It's full intake fan on heatsink action. The NR600 (NR400's big brother) BTW is a great airflow case and was one of the cheapest airflow cases at the time i was shopping (this time last year). The NR400 doesnt leave much room for the GPU on my mATX board but might suit your ITX.
  9. i have3 the silverstone rl08. has inverted motherboard so i have fans directly facing the gpu. Great thermals and airflow.
  10. needs to be price/performance or i will win this with a rpi
  11. Can confirm your girl problems are the first two, not the third. What I've heard in public a few times now is drunk girls yell out "I'd eff your car but not you!"
  12. Can someone please recommend me a text editor for chromeOS that is made for editing code in multiple languages. I used to use Gedit and notepad++ on my old netbook so I want something like this. I'm not liking bugs in crostini and graphics/load performance with crouton. I quite like the ChromeOS so I want to avoid installing linux as much as possible. Thank you.
  13. delays work for me. By the time stocks are up i might actually be able to afford one and dying light 2 might be released.
  14. I wish i hadn't given away my minix book. The intro has a great explanation of what an operating system is, like an abstraction layer, an API that removes the programmer from being bothered by differences in hardware. It's really a failure of Microsoft that industrial and military machines can't work with their latest secure OS. I'm still running my android music player that I made for Android 2.3
  15. But would I buy a mac mini over a top end Intel nuc? probably not. Remember when intel made a NUC with AMD GPUs? I bet those systems are still kicking it more than the new mac mini.