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  1. Hey, thanks for the great tip. I did and I was replied with a 50% refund of my none discounted order :D I just wanted to send the message to fix it, I didn't ask for a discount lttstore.com
  2. Well, yeah. But unfortunately I really only subscribed for the code because I wanna get the stealth hoodie and hoped to maybe get free shipping or something I'll subscribe on floatplane someday.
  3. I don't quite get your question, am I supposed to know hand size measures? I don't think anyone knows or specify that. If you think your hands are relatively large, or small, get a mouse that fits it. For example, the g305 is a bit small and the g502 is a bit large. Personally I have big hands and I enjoy the g305. Best way is going to a store and trying : )
  4. Hi, I was wondering, how could I tell something to one of the stuff? In the paid YouTube subscription for the main channel, one of the main perks is merch discount, and it's description is: "Once per month, receive a discount code for our merch store Instructions We'll share the discount code in a members-only community post once per month!" Unfortunately, it seems that because of the extremely small number of members, they kinda forgot about doing anything the with members. The only perks you get are the automatic YouTube ones, like the loyalty badges. No Membe
  5. PLEASE DO! It's so much better, and takes exactly a minute. You don't need an adapter, some aluminum foil will do the job. Also, battery life are still crazy and I don't remember the last time I replaced a battery!! It's crazy lightweight and balanced so please do it !
  6. The cheapest/ best value 8K TV! Honestly, I was sure 8K is wayyyyyyyy too expensive for most people, But turns out there are some really cheap 8K TVs.. I found one 8K 55' QLED Samsung TV for less than what I spent to get my 75' IPS 4K TV... I legit though it was a price mistake at first, but it's not. I'd LOVE to see a comparison between the cheapest 8K TVs and some recommendations for entering the world of 8K TVs! We really need it.
  7. idk, I had an rx 470 then 570 for about 4 years, I do remember that I was a little struggling to install drivers but to be fair I was like 11 The Nvidia control panel is annoying as hell for me, every change I do gets the panel stuck for a few seconds and it's really dumb, besides - I also have constant black screens in many game. After some investigation it turns out gsync causes that, and yeah I fixed it but still I don't give a real advantage to either one of them
  8. I had both Nividia and AMD and personally both have problems. Apart from the 5000 series serious driver issues Nividia has problems just like AMD does
  9. I understand... so I'm not asking for the code anymore, I'm asking what did you get from the code and If you would recommend it..
  10. What? I'm not asking for the code, i'm asking what did you get, in order to know if I should pay the monthly youtube membership for the code.. Like - is it a 5% discount or 20%? or is it free shipping maybe?
  11. I have enough, but with shipping it comes to 75$ before tax which is simply too much even if it's the linus hoodie I really want
  12. Oh, ok Do you know by any chance what discounts do they give?
  13. Hi I'm waiting months to buy the stealth hoodie, but it's too expensive with shipping. I simply can't, Hoodies cost like 10$ for me locally. Can someone share with me what discount codes did you get from the monthly youtube membership? If it's free shipping or something significant I'll do for one month so I get the code: ) (Or if someone's wallet is crying could you give the code to me? ) Thanks I'm just really afraid they would stop selling them. I would never forgive myself
  14. I bought the flex 5 14 for 599, it's a 2 in 1 that comes with a pen, ryzen 4500u + 16 gigs of ram (so gaming is great) and it's honestly just a steal. Great battery life and everything. Right now it's not at 599 anymore, but it should return soon Such a good value.. I highly recommend
  15. I think I would go the used route... It really isn't bad. Get on ebay and search for some laptops for around 200. You can probably get something nice, along the lines of a high end laptop from 4 years ago. I got an elitebook 14 inch with i7-4600u with 8 gigs of ram for about 100$.. Yeah, it isn't the newest and might want to repaste it but honestly build quality, speakers, all of those things were much better than you'd find on a 100$ laptop.. which would probably barely turn on haha ofcors it also came with an ssd and everything.. Nice laptop If you have 200$ I would get something