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  1. those are all "meh" games Except for Doom, which will be eternally the greatest achievement in tech. Make sure to get the "Brutal doom" mod for it
  2. is it safe to assume the same stores as the ones who sold the previous 3000?
  3. The computers on the shelf are too small/too far away to guess, but im 99% sure the one on the right edge is an Amiga (500 i think?) As for the rest, on the desk, i thing the first one on the left is an atari st, the 3rd one i don't know but i've seen it before, and the last one is on the tip of my tongue but i can't find it. Anyway last 2 are DOS for sure
  4. By when, i know its December 2nd, but at what hour? As for where, i want to know for European countries on what websites i will be able to buy (or try).
  5. wow the thread did die. I have to say, i wonder how it's going to be in 5 years.
  6. i can narrow it down to "i want to be with you tonight, so let's make love" But im not sure thats exactly what they say. Anyway i used https://findmusicbylyrics.com/
  7. the beginning is definitely "I want to be with you tonight" but i cant understand the rest, im looking online for more
  8. Same here, every generation they seem to go up by 20-25 Watts I mean look at 15 years ago, most cards barely used 40 Watts
  9. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT FINAL! it's just for the current results in a pie form) UPDATED: https://www.meta-chart.com/share/untitled-54125
  10. When you say "light", don't forget that the 1060 uses 120Watts But the 3070 uses 220W
  11. that was already answered (by me) and it wasn't the one we were supposed to guess you are supposed to answer the current one, otherwise if everyone adds a quote no one will play, just say quotes
  12. Matters to some. And for lower end cards, it can even be critical. the difference between 20 and 25 fps is minimal at best, but i'd get the 25 as much as i can.