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  1. Seems its permanent now. *Insert me being mildly annoyed after clicking the star to bookmark my page that I have to specify that I want to bookmark and not add to reading list*
  2. jesus christ videos are really made in a huge advance made this thread on september 23, the video came out on october 4th
  3. this site (so https://linustechtips.com/ ) is also not working half the time for some reason
  4. did both cinemassacre now loads, but it loads like this as for Linus media group, doesnt load at all, still same problem
  5. that's weird any idea why i cant access it then? or why i can access youtube and this forum but pretty much nothing else?
  6. you all know about the facebook outage but why cant i access some other sites? for exemple LMG (excuse the contrast, HDR works weirdly when taking screenshots) I was also looking at other websites (mostly randomly) and can't access them either, like https://cinemassacre.com/ (as already mentioned, https://linusmediagroup.com/ ) and others.
  7. TL:DR can someone tell me if the SSDs include M.2 SSDs?
  8. i'm not talking about youtube to mp3 or youtube to flac since most videos are now in opus (like this one) So i wanna know if i can get the .opus or .ogg directly from the youtube video and not convert it to anything. Thanks
  9. its from a CD originally, which was wav, which i converted to flac. That's why Anyway i fixed my problem by converting the file to wav then back to flac, not sure how that fixed it but it worked