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  1. the exception is Into Darkness, but both Reboot and Beyond are generally seen as "good". which i find ironic because i hate all 3 of them but my least painful to watch is Into Darkness It's good, waiting for season 3 (which seems to be the last one since Macfarlane had enough)
  2. No That's not a minority. that's a majority
  3. no offense but i think that's too young for TNG
  4. what movie is this what commercial? 100% agree, if only star trek had a game like KOTOR Gold humor that is, funniest shit i've ever seen. I wonder which one is better, The Room or the Sequel Trilogy
  5. have to disagree here, only season 1 is terrible (and even then has some good episodes). Season 2, with the exception of Shades of Grey, is quite solid. Pulaski still beats Crusher anyday
  6. wow, that is SO unrelated to Star Trek/Orville i wonder how you confused it
  7. but then were you talking about orville, but misremembered the amount of seasons, or where you talking about another show that HAS 6 seasons? Seth Macfarlane WAS in star trek enterprise for 1 or 2 episodes, but that only has 4 seasons.
  8. i think we can all agree, nothing beats All Good Things...
  9. wtf are you talking about, there's only 2 seasons and they are "supposedly" working on a 3rd one
  10. oh it's mandatory to spend that much? anyway, remember how he mentioned he needs a monitor. Or he can get a laptop, which is expensive.
  11. what what? Did prices go so high that 1633$ isn't enough for those?
  12. All Good Things is technically 2 episodes, but i can tell you that it's lengthy enough to be considered as a movie, and it beats ANY of the star trek movies
  13. probably because if you save the files to the root directory (aka windows) then it must do it in a different way (think, more safe)