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  1. you'll have to make the tough choice between this, or a new character slot in Metal Gear: Survive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its fun. for 10 bucks, fuck yeah. you can actually do a lot of really cool stuff with the combat system. and dont listen to people like huilun02 who obviously havent actually played it(and obviously hasnt played shadow of war either). and just spout random bullshit just because "ea is evil dont buy from them"
  2. Microphone picking up too much noise

    moving the mic in front of the keyboard may help. but thats pretty normal for condenser mics. its all about proper placement
  3. oh well damn you're right. that'll need something like THIS. but honestly do what i suggested before..
  4. that board doesnt have wireless...and nowhere does it mention that it has that feature you will either need to get a usb wireless adapter, or a wireless PCI card.
  5. AMD 970 chipset crackling

    something something lol amd.. for real though, it could be getting ready to catch fire.
  6. The State of Xbox One Modding

    somewhere like /r/Xb1Mods might be a better place, as this sort of talk generally doesnt last long here
  7. Help needed selling my 1070 ftw

    stick it on craigslist, mention it hasnt been used for mining, and slap a $750 price tag on it. itll take a week or two, but somebody will buy it
  8. you can try goo-gone that stuff is awesome, but honestly a new case would probably be better if its really bugging you
  9. What’s the best way to move my pc ?

    Ive actually thrown one across a parking lot just to prove that exact point. if the drive isnt spinning, it can take a little abuse. i still generally suggest not dropping it, but even so, itll be fine.
  10. This. DDU and reinstall drivers
  11. How Hot is Too Hot

    personally i'd still run the fans, but heat isnt something to really even think about until its going past 70c under load
  12. lead in g-fuel!? :o

    it is, but nowhere in the lawsuit does it mention the actual lead content, just that its too high for california. people should understand that this entire lawsuit is fucking stupid. california only allows 0.5µg/day of lead, whereas the fda says that up to 6µg/day is fine. its a ridiculous california law because california is scared that everything on this earth causes cancer.
  13. lead in g-fuel!? :o

    so do apples (the seeds anyways)
  14. Cryptography homework

    do your own homework
  15. thats fair im just expressing my personal opinion. and i do understand yours, i just have a different perspective. im glad we can have open and honest discussions about this kinda stuff though! Edit: but none of them were bad games because of the reasons i listed, they were bad for other reasons. in fact, several of them i would consider good games(although people do disagree with me on that).