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  1. So let’s say it wasn’t very poor luck with a doa gpu, if it was a rare bios setting problem, what would that be and how would it be fixed before trying the new gpu when it comes in?
  2. My friend just got the parts for his pc and I went to help assemble it with him and when everything was all good, plugged in, tucked away, and ready to boot... the tv wouldn’t pick up a signal from the pc. We tried two cords in two ports and nothing. I noticed the vga light was on so the gpu itself was the problem. We tried a couple of times and nothing. Finally, his uncle had given him a bunch of old parts he could use if he wanted so we put in an older gpu and it worked. So it’s not the port, so one would assume it’s the gpu itself, right? The lights and fans on the gpu turned on so it was g
  3. My friend is trying to sync his PlayStation warzone with pc now that he just got a pc but we’re cautious if the linking will work. When he first logged into warzone it automatically logged him in through battle net without the option to sign in. If we go to the site and unlink that profile and go into the game again, will it just sign in again and relink. Alternatively is it better to link through the desired Activision account and un link the forced battle net account and then link his battle net on the desired account. I font know which one to do and am a little scared to go ahead and try on
  4. Amd ryzen 5 3600 amd 5700 xt (red devil by power color) 2 sticks of 3200 gskill ram asus tuf gaming x570 WiFi evga gq 750 watt psu
  5. When the pc turns on the dram light goes orange, then the cpu light turns red, then the vga light goes white. The previous lights shut off when the next light turns on.
  6. The pc is all put together and turns on. The fans are spinning, rgb shinning, and everything looks to be in order. Except that it isn’t displaying anything on the tv. It’s saying no signal on two different hdmi ports with two different cables. The keyboard is on and everything and I don’t know what to do to get the tv to recognize it or the pc to send a signal. Help please!!
  7. My friend is trying to get into pc gaming with his first pc but ran it by his uncle in order to order the parts. His uncle who has built PCs before, opted to give my friend some of his old parts. It was just a whole pc, complete with a GTX 660 and god knows what cpu. While he did order a MoBo, cpu, ram, gpu, and ssd; his uncle took it upon himself to not order him the case, psu, or hdd. I’m sure his thinking was to use the stuff he previously owned and as infuriating the hdd and psu are we shrugged it off till it came time to build. We got to the end, the very end, just put the gpu in and ever
  8. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/HephMiner/saved/NCm3ZL Just curious how this build works out overall. Also if there are any compatibility issues and the like.
  9. Since I built the pc yesterday and updated drivers that should be good. How would I change the resolution?
  10. When I open up the launcher it works fine. From the home page I can hit the search button and look for games as well as change from browse to discover. The only thing I can’t do is interact with the menu button in the top left, the three horizontal lines. I’ve never used epic games before so I don’t quite know how to navigate it but I would assume that’s where I would go to see my library of games. It appears but does not show as clickable. I couldn’t find any help on reddit and the support they have isn’t working either. I’ll attach an image for reference but I have no idea what to t
  11. I’m trying to put my first pc together and I want to confirm which header I install the AIO pump into?
  12. Sadly it I the WiFi that is holding me back, and I kinda set up my build a couple months back to work very well with syncing lights through the MSI software so if there’s anything you can recommend in that vein that would be great!
  13. I’m looking to purchase the parts for my first pc and when I checked yesterday it was preorder off of B&H for June 26. Now I check today and see it pushed to July 21. Idk when to expect it to release cause I wanted the older model but now that there’s a better version it’s not worth going back to that one but I also want to have it ready for next school year in case of distance learning. Any ideas?
  14. I have been looking into a way to get into the realm of xlr mics and I think that I have settled on the rode podmic and the focusrite scarlett solo. Through my research I have ran into the problem of this dynamic microphone imputing a very quite connection and needing a large enough db of gain. The scarlett solo says it provides up to 56db but I'm not sure if this is enough. Alternatively there are condenser mics but sense I don't have any control over the sounds outside of my room they are a little out of the question. I just want to know if the gain provided by the scarlett solo would be eno