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  1. This is the card you were telling me lol yep, they're comedians now. It looks beautiful thou bro!
  2. I vote for the Luxe! Good quality with more features!
  3. No way.. who could have thought? Oh wait, that's why Linus did it! lol what the hell bro?!
  4. 780, don't care about the price, there's not much difference here.
  5. Very nice post bro! That, was actually interesting to see!
  6. That Monkey's on ACID!! (your new avatar)

  7. That's made by 4 people?! *slowly claps* Ok, I'm impressed.
  8. I am so lazy right now, what is it? An open world game?
  9. Haha be happy, Netherlands is demolishing every team at the world cup.
  10. A year ago we got the 780-770, less than a year ago we got the 780 ti, and we're saying it's too long... Yep, we're spoiled.
  11. You're crying because you don't know who's seeing a thread? K den.